Author: Julian Clary

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448116589

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

View: 8842

This is Julian Clary's story, in his own words - the tale of an awkward schoolboy who became a huge worldwide success on stage and screen. After a sheltered suburban upbringing, Julian was sent to St Benedict's, where beatings from 'holy' men gave him some brutal life lessons, and other 'unholy' boys his first awakenings of sexuality. He had just one true friend and ally, Nick - to his other school peers, Julian's aloof demeanour made him an enigma or simply a figure of ridicule. In school he was just another pained adolescent, but inside Julian was a new Jean Genet or Quentin Crisp bursting to get out. Leaving St Benedict's thankfully behind him, Julian went on to college where he found his true vocation as an entertainer with a peculiar comic brand of smut and glamour. At the same time, he was finding as much sex as he could, sometimes with remarkably less-than-glamorous characters. Periods in community theatre and the singing telegram industry followed before Julian hit the big time with cabaret co-star Fanny the Wonder Dog as The Joan Collins Fan Club. Soon, the world was his oyster. But fame came at a price, as Julian struggled not only with the reality of being a high-profile gay man in the 1980s but also the pain of losing his lover to terminal illness. Far more than just another celebrity autobiography or 'funny book', this is a touching, beautifully written and wryly witty account of a unique progression from shy child to comedy icon.
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Author: Vere Henry Collins

Publisher: N.A


Category: Oxfordshire (England)

Page: 323

View: 5039

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Author: Julian Clary

Publisher: cbt Verlag

ISBN: 3641182956

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 272

View: 7222

Herr und Frau Keck leben in einem hübschen Haus, haben tolle Jobs und sie lachen gern. Eigentlich sind sie nicht weiter auffällig. Bis auf eine Kleinigkeit – sie sind Hyänen. Das ist bisher noch niemandem in ihrer Nachbarschaft aufgefallen, selbst dann nicht, als ihre Kinder Bobby und Betty zur Welt kamen. Doch der grummelige Herr Kamuffel von nebenan scheint etwas zu ahnen, und ein Familienausflug in den nahegelegenen Wildpark droht plötzlich unangenehme Konsequenzen zu haben ...
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A Young Man's 480-Day Global Odyssey

Author: Robert V. Hardy

Publisher: Booksurge Publishing

ISBN: 9781439213988

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 372

View: 5348

As a young traveler who cast his fate to the wind and left home to see the world, one man on the cusp of life seeks answers and learns much more than he bargained for in this travelogue and memoir.
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Author: Jim George

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736960163

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 208

View: 8918

How can a book written 2000 years ago help a teen guy to deal with today’s issues? Though the times have changed, the problems haven’t. Temptation. Peer pressure. Acceptance. Increased responsibilities. Getting along with parents. Friends. And girls. God wants to help—and that’s why He wrote the Bible. You can learn a lot from the people in it, as well as the adventures they experienced. You’ll be surprised how relevant the Bible is! God’s Word can change your life—for real. But that can’t happen until you commit yourself to knowing the Bible. That’s what this book is all about—knowing the Bible, discovering what it says, and making it your personal guide in all you do. Along the way, bestselling author Jim George offers many great ideas for Bible study and practical application. You’ll find this the beginning of an incredible adventure—one you’ll never get tired of!
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Fugitive Life in an American City

Author: Alice Goffman

Publisher: Picador

ISBN: 1250065674

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 2488

A RIVETING, GROUNDBREAKING ACCOUNT OF HOW THE WAR ON CRIME HAS TORN APART INNER-CITY COMMUNITIES Forty years in, the tough on crime turn in American politics has spurred a prison boom of historic proportions that disproportionately affects Black communities. It has also torn at the lives of those on the outside. As arrest quotas and high tech surveillance criminalize entire blocks, a climate of fear and suspicion pervades daily life, not only for young men entangled in the legal system, but for their family members and working neighbors. Alice Goffman spent six years in one Philadelphia neighborhood, documenting the routine stops, searches, raids, and beatings that young men navigate as they come of age. In the course of her research, she became roommates with Mike and Chuck, two friends trying to make ends meet between low wage jobs and the drug trade. Like many in the neighborhood, Mike and Chuck were caught up in a cycle of court cases, probation sentences, and low level warrants, with no clear way out. We observe their girlfriends and mothers enduring raids and interrogations, "clean" residents struggling to go to school and work every day as the cops chase down neighbors in the streets, and others eking out a living by providing clean urine, fake documents, and off the books medical care. This fugitive world is the hidden counterpoint to mass incarceration, the grim underside of our nation's social experiment in punishing Black men and their families. While recognizing the drug trade's damage, On The Run reveals a justice system gone awry: it is an exemplary work of scholarship highlighting the failures of the War on Crime, and a compassionate chronicle of the families caught in the midst of it. "A remarkable feat of reporting . . . The level of detail in this book and Goffman's ability to understand her subjects' motivations are astonishing—and riveting."—The New York Times Book Review
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A Study in Druid Magic & Lore

Author: Douglas Monroe

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780875424965

Category: Fiction

Page: 418

View: 1131

"A complete introductory course in Celtic Druidism, packaged within the framework of 21 authentic and expanded story-lessons."--Cover.
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Author: William Kurfman

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1606931296

Category: Fiction

Page: 232

View: 8029

With astonishing insight and vivid narration, Kurfman writes an inspiring account of a young man's passage into maturity.
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Author: James Joyce

Publisher: Manesse Verlag

ISBN: 3641156017

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 6683

Der beste Einstieg in die Welt des James Joyce Mit dieser in Dublin spielenden, autobiografisch gefärbten Coming-of-Age-Geschichte schrieb sich James Joyce in die Weltliteratur ein. Thematisch steckt in diesem aufsehenerregenden Roman schon ein Großteil dessen, was den berühmten Iren ausmacht: Kunst, Sex, Religion, Rebellion und all die damit einhergehenden Verwicklungen. Ein Junge macht sich auf die Suche nach sich selbst. Anfangs noch ganz im Bannkreis von Konventionen und Autoritäten, entdeckt er nach und nach seine geistigen Fähigkeiten, seine zwiespältige Gefühlswelt und seine Sexualität. Die Hürden seiner Selbstfindung sind vielfältig, muss er sich doch als angehender Künstler von Übervätern emanzipieren. Auch mit der puritanischen Rolle der katholischen Kirche setzt er sich auseinander. Zwischen Moral und Amoral, Anpassung und Auflehnung entwickelt er schließlich den Mut, eigene Wege zu beschreiten. Joyce’ Roman ist ein Spiegelbild der politischen Situation seiner Epoche und ein grandioses Bekenntnis zum freiheitsstiftenden Potenzial der Kunst.
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Author: Julian Clary

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1407022431

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 5928

Hello, I'm Johnny Debonair and this is my book - Murder Most Fab. Buy it. You won't regret it. Everything that has happened so publicly is explained. Of course, I'd prefer it if you remember me as I was at my height, before the past caught up with me so spectacularly - TV's Mr Friday Night with an enviable lifestyle and the nation at my feet. My fame might have looked easy to you at the time, but getting to the top of the celebrity ladder is hard work. It took talent, beauty, commitment and, uniquely in my case, a number of unfortunate deaths. If we were being picky you might describe me as a serial killer, but I really don't see myself that way. It sounds trite to say 'one thing led to another' but it's true. As you'll discover I owe something of my rise and my fall to three individuals: my mother, an eccentric country girl who taught me exhibitionism by hanging naked from the clocktower of Hythe town hall; Catherine, my best friend, then partner in business - a devil in red heels, who, in her clear Essex accent, taught me how to 'look after number one'; and Timothy, who broke my heart and caused me to seek refuge in sex, money and celebrity. But in the end you have to take responsibility for your own actions. No one was forcing me, were they? I hope you, the public, can forgive me and enjoy this sordid tale for what it is - my final entertainment for you.
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Comprising Selections from the Classical Authors of Great Britain and America

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: American prose literature

Page: 320

View: 6357

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A guide to good English

Author: Richard Palmer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136742492

Category: Education

Page: 280

View: 8150

Write in Style is aimed at all for whom clarity and accuracy of expression are important skills. All the main styles and grammaticalrules are covered, their sense axplained and vivid examples given of how not to write. Plenty of sound and meticulous advice is offered in a friendly and enthusiastic toneand a large part of the book covers specific types of writing, from essays and articles to minutes and reportage. The many illustrations, examples and exercises throughout help the reader put into practice the techniques and skillds the book explores.
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A Rite of Passage Into Manhood

Author: Patrick Morley

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 1433669900

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 147

View: 2910

Patrick Morley teaches young men what it means to be a man from a Christian perspective, equipping them for the major choices they will make and teaching how to find God's will for their lives.
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Youth Culture and Masculinity During Holland's Golden Age

Author: Benjamin Roberts

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9089644024

Category: History

Page: 318

View: 5602

Sex and Drugs Before the Rock ’n’ Rollis a fascinating volume that presents an engaging overview of what it was like to be young and male in the Dutch Golden Age. Here, well-known cohorts of Rembrandt are examined for the ways in which they expressed themselves by defying conservative values and norms. This study reveals how these young men rebelled, breaking from previous generations: letting their hair grow long, wearing colorful clothing, drinking excessively, challenging city guards, being promiscuous, smoking, and singing lewd songs. Cogently argued, this study paints a compelling portrait of the youth culture of the Dutch Golden Age, at a time when the rising popularity of print made dissemination of new cultural ideas possible, while rising incomes and liberal attitudes created a generation of men behaving badly.
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