Author: Aaron Polliack

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9783718652136

Category: Medical

Page: 187

View: 1712

This issue brings together a collection of over 30 outstanding contributions presented, covering the biology, clinical aspects and therapy of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
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Experiments in Synthetic Psychology

Author: Valentino Braitenberg

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262521123

Category: Psychology

Page: 152

View: 5978

The "vehicles" described in this light-hearted yet wonderfully skillful exercise in fictional science are the inventions of one of the world's eminent brain researchers.
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Author: Erwin Prassler,Gisbert Lawitzky,Andreas Stopp,Gerhard Grunwald,Martin Hägele,Rüdiger Dillmann,Ioannis Iossifidis

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540232117

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 414

View: 3496

"Advances in Human-Robot Interaction" provides a unique collection of recent research in human-robot interaction. It covers the basic important research areas ranging from multi-modal interfaces, interpretation, interaction, learning, or motion coordination to topics such as physical interaction, systems, and architectures. The book addresses key issues of human-robot interaction concerned with perception, modelling, control, planning and cognition, covering a wide spectrum of applications. This includes interaction and communication with robots in manufacturing environments and the collaboration and co-existence with assistive robots in domestic environments. Among the presented examples are a robotic bartender, a new programming paradigm for a cleaning robot, or an approach to interactive teaching of a robot assistant in manufacturing environment. This carefully edited book reports on contributions from leading German academic institutions and industrial companies brought together within MORPHA, a 4 year project on interaction and communication between humans and anthropomorphic robot assistants.
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An Introduction

Author: Paul Knox,Steven Pinch

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317903250

Category: Science

Page: 392

View: 2827

The 6th edition of this highly respected text builds upon the successful structure, engaging writing style and clear presentation of previous editions. Examining urban social geography from a theoretical and historical perspective, it also explores how it has developed into the modern day. Taking account of recent critical work, whilst simultaneously presenting well established approaches to the subject, it ensures students are well-informed about all the issues. The result is a topical book that is clear and accessible for students
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Author: Doreen Crawford,Maryke Morris

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1489931015

Category: Medical

Page: 400

View: 7783

There are many books on the care of the sick infant and some are excellent. Most, however, are written with medicine in mind. This book is written mainly by experienced neonatal nurses, although some chapters have been written by the appropriate specialists. lt is intended primarily for nurses who Iook after sick infants and is not intended to be an exhaustive reference but to address some of the issues and concepts of neonatal care in the 1990s. Nursing models are an important part of neonatal care in the 1990s but this book has not been written within this framework. There are several reasons for this: arguably no current model is ideally suited to neonates and the favouring of one particular model might restriet the book's applicability. Also, as contributors from other disciplines were invited to contribute we were anxious that these chapters did not stand out as oddities. Additionally, much neonatal care overlaps and were a framework to be used in its entirety for each nursing care chapter we feit that there could be some repeti tion; conversely, if a framework was fragmented in some chap ters to cover specific areas of care, we were concemed that the overall effect would have been 'bitty'. We feit that such treat ment of nursing models would have been unjustifiable. In this book, the terms 'infant' and 'baby' are used inter changeably and where the term 'he' is used, the term 'she' is equally appropriate.
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Nursing Perspectives, Fourth Edition

Author: Felissa R. Lashley, PhD, RN, FABMGG,Jerry D. Durham, PhD, RN, FAAN

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826121387

Category: Medical

Page: 664

View: 5046

"This is an excellent reference for those caring for clients with HIV/AIDS. I strongly recommend this book." --Doody's HIV/AIDS is no longer a certain death sentence. Patients fighting the chronic symptoms of HIV/AIDS are now living longer, fuller lives due to recent scientific and pharmaceutical breakthroughs. As a result, the new generation of caregivers must keep pace with cutting-edge, evidence-based practices to better serve patients who may live with HIV/AIDS for several decades. This updated edition is a vital resource for nurses and other health care professionals providing care to HIV-positive persons in the 21st century. The contributors present essential information on the medical assessment and management of symptoms, the prevention of infection, ethical and legal dimensions of care, and much more. With a greater emphasis on the international dimensions of the HIV pandemic and the treatment of minority populations, this book serves as an essential guide for nurses and health care practitioners serving patients with HIV/AIDS. Key topics include: HIV screening, testing, and counseling HIV/AIDS nursing case management within the global community HIV and gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons Children and HIV prevention and management HIV in corrections facilities and the care of incarcerated patients Sex workers and the transmission of HIV
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Essays in Memory of Thomas Beth

Author: Jacques Calmet,Willi Geiselmann,Jörn Müller-Quade

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3540899944

Category: Computers

Page: 191

View: 4870

This Festschrift volume contains the proceedings of the conference Mathematical Methods in Computer Science, MMICS 2008, held December 2008, in Karlsruhe, Germany, in memory of Thomas Beth. The themes of the conference reflect his many interests.
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Plans and Situated Actions

Author: Lucy Suchman

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521675888

Category: Computers

Page: 314

View: 4786

This 2007 book is about how human actions and technological artifacts are intertwined.
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Author: Robert Plutchik,Henry Kellerman

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 1483269515

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 380

View: 9063

Emotions in Early Development reviews important theoretical advances in the understanding of emotions in early development, paying particular attention to issues such as the extent to which infants are born with certain emotions; how one infers the existence of emotion in infants; and the relations between emotion and cognition. The connection between emotions and personality is also discussed, along with the role of parent-child interactions in the appearance and development of emotions. Comprised of 11 chapters, this volume begins with a summary of issues in the development of emotion in infancy, from the function of emotions to the problem of labeling affects in infants as well as the development of smile, stranger anxiety, and the sense of self. The next chapter examines the parent-infant communication system, with emphasis on the two-way, primarily nonverbal, interaction that takes place between mother and infant and the nature of the learning processes that occur in both the infant and the mother. The reader is then introduced to a concept known as social referencing, or the use of emotional information gained from another person to help evaluate situations. Subsequent chapters focus on individual differences in emotional expressions observed in one-year-old infants; Piaget's theory of cognitive development and its implications for a theory of emotions; emotional sequences and consequences; and the relationship between attachment and separation processes in infancy. The final chapter integrates an epigenetic view of emotions with psychoanalytic concepts. This book will be of interest to child psychologists.
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The Environment and Invisible Hazards

Author: Barbara Adam

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134715366

Category: Science

Page: 256

View: 7549

Timescapes of Modernity explores the relationship between time and environmental and socio-cultural concerns. Using examples such as the BSE crisis, the Sea Empress oil pollution and the Chernobyl radiation Barbara Adam argues that environmental hazards are inescapably tied to the successes of the industrial way of life. Global markets and economic growth; large-scale production of food; the speed of transport and communication; the 24 hour society and even democratic politics are among the invisible hazards we face. With this unique 'timescape' perspective the author dislodges assumptions about environmental change, enables a rethinking of environmental problems and provides the potential for new strategies to deal with environmental hazards.
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Author: John Lions

Publisher: Peer to Peer Communications

ISBN: 9781573980135

Category: Computers

Page: 254

View: 3592

For the past 20 years, UNIX insiders have cherished and zealously guarded pirated photocopies of this manuscript, a "hacker trophy" of sorts. Now legal (and legible) copies are available. An international "who's who" of UNIX wizards, including Dennis Ritchie, have contributed essays extolling the merits and importance of this underground classic.
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Author: Klaus Gramann,Stephen H. Fairclough,Thorsten O. Zander,Hasan Ayaz

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 2889452034


Page: N.A

View: 502

This Research Topic is dedicated to Raja Parasuraman who unexpectedly passed on March 22nd 2015. Raja Parasuraman’s pioneering work led the emergence of Neuroergonomics as a new scientific field. He combined his research interests in the field of Neuroergonomics which he defined as the study of the human brain in relation to performance at work and everyday settings. Raja Parasuraman was a pioneer, a truly exceptional researcher and an extraordinary person. He made significant contributions to a number of disciplines, from human factors to cognitive neuroscience. His advice to young researchers was to be passionate in order to develop theory and knowledge that can guide the design of technologies and environments for people. His legacy, the field of Neuroergonomics, will live on in countless faculties and students whom he advised and inspired with unmatched humility throughout the whole of his distinguished career. Raja Parasuraman was an impressive human being, a very kind person, and an absolutely inspiring individual who will be remembered by everyone who had the chance to meet him. About this Research Topic Since the advent of neuroergonomics, significant progress has been made with respect to methodology and tools for the investigation of the brain and behavior at work. This is especially the case for neuroscientific methods where the availability of ambulatory hardware, wearable sensors and advanced data analyses allow for imaging of brain dynamics in humans in applied environments. Methods such as: electroencephalography (EEG), functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), and stimulation approaches like transcranial direct-currrent stimulation (tDCS) have made significant progress in both recording and altering brain activity while allowing full body movements outside laboratory environments. For neuroergonomics, the application of brain imaging in real-world scenarios is highly relevant. Traditionally, brain imaging experiments in human factors research tend to avoid active behavior for fear of artifacts and a contaminated data set that would provide limited insight into brain dynamics in real working environments. To overcome these problems new analyses approaches have to be developed that identify artifacts resulting from hostile recording environments and movement-related non-brain activity stemming from eye-, head, and full-body movements. The application of methodology from the field of Brain-Computer Interfacing (BCI) for neuroergonomics is one approach that has significant potential to enhance ambulatory monitoring and applied testing. Passive BCIs allow for assessing aspects of the user state online, such that systems can automatically adapt to their user. This neuroadaptive technology could lead to highly efficient working environments, to auto-adaptive experimental paradigms and to a continuous tracking of cognitive and affective aspects of the user state. Hence, deployment of portable neuroimaging technologies to real time settings could help assess cognitive and motivational states of personnel assigned to perform critical tasks. This Research Topic gathers submissions that cover new approaches in neuroergonomics. Different article type cover advanced neuroscience methods and neuroergonomics techniques as well as analysis approaches to investigate brain dynamics in working environments. The selection of papers provides insights into new neuroergonomic research approaches that demonstrate significant advances in brain imaging technologies that become more and more mobile, Moreover, a strong trend for new analyses approaches and paradigms investigating real work settings can be seen. Together, this unique collection of latest research papers provides a comprehensive overview on the latest developments in neuroergonomics.
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Author: Steve McHugh

Publisher: 47North

ISBN: 9781503946408


Page: 528

View: 8012

Over a hundred years have passed since a group of violent killers went on the rampage, murdering innocent victims for fun. But even back then, sorcerer Nate Garrett, aka Hellequin, knew there was more to it than simple savage pleasure--souls were being stolen. Nate's discovery of the souls' use, and of those supporting the group's plan, made him question everything he believed. Now the group Nate thought long dead is back. Violent, angry, and hell-bent on revenge, they have Hellequin firmly in their sights. And if he won't come willingly, they'll take those closest to him first. The battle begins again.
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Today's Ultimate Job Search Tool

Author: Tom Jackson

Publisher: Broadway

ISBN: 9780767916233

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 223

View: 5991

An updated edition of the classic career guide instructs readers on how to make the most out of cutting-edge technologies, covering such topics as resume scanning, Internet job searching, creating power letters, and preparing special-needs resumes. Reprint.
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Author: Bhupesh K. Lad,Divya Shrivastava,Makarand S. Kulkarni

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119038952

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 336

View: 4120

This book explores the domain of reliability engineering in the context of machine tools. Failures of machine tools not only jeopardize users' ability to meet their due date commitments but also lead to poor quality of products, slower production, down time losses etc. Poor reliability and improper maintenance of a machine tool greatly increases the life cycle cost to the user. Thus, the application area of the present book, i.e. machine tools, will be equally appealing to machine tool designers, production engineers and maintenance managers. The book will serve as a consolidated volume on various dimensions of machine tool reliability and its implications from manufacturers and users point of view. From the manufacturers' point of view, it discusses various approaches for reliability and maintenance based design of machine tools. In specific, it discusses simultaneous selection of optimal reliability configuration and maintenance schedules, maintenance optimization under various maintenance scenarios and cost based FMEA. From the users' point of view, it explores the role of machine tool reliability in shop floor level decision- making. In specific, it shows how to model the interactions of machine tool reliability with production scheduling, maintenance scheduling and process quality control.
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From the Stone Age to the Eleusinian Mysteries

Author: Mircea Eliade

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022614769X

Category: Religion

Page: 508

View: 9038

"No one has done so much as Mr. Eliade to inform literature students in the West about 'primitive' and Oriental religions. . . . Everyone who cares about the human adventure will find new information and new angles of vision."—Martin E. Marty, New York Times Book Review
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Author: W.I. Thomas

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 5872900651

Category: History

Page: 583

View: 8917

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Author: J. Nelson

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400917422

Category: Science

Page: 316

View: 9367

Feminism, Science, and the Philosophy of Science brings together original essays by both feminist and mainstream philosophers of science that examine issues at the intersections of feminism, science, and the philosophy of science. Contributors explore parallels and tensions between feminist approaches to science and other approaches in the philosophy of science and more general science studies. In so doing, they explore notions at the heart of the philosophy of science, including the nature of objectivity, truth, evidence, cognitive agency, scientific method, and the relationship between science and values.
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Author: Richard J. Huggett

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 364282496X

Category: Science

Page: 270

View: 5806

Discussions of "systems" and the "systems approach" tend to fall into one of two categories: the panegyrical and the disparaging. Scholars who praise the systems approach do so in the belief that it is a powerful and precise method of study. Scholars who try to shoot it down fail to see any advantage in it; indeed, many deem it periIicious. Van Dyne (1980, p. 889) records a facetious comment he once heard, the gist of which ran: "In instances where there are from one to two variables in a study you have a science, where there are from four to seven variables you have an art, and where there are more than seven variables you have a system". This tilt at the systems approach is mild indeed compared with the com ments of an anonymous reviewer of a paper by myself concerned with the systems approach as applied to the soil. The reviewer stated bluntly that he or she had no time for an approach which falsifies and belittles work that has been done and is of no use for future work. My summary of the paper opened with the seemingly innocuous sentence "The notion of the soil as a system is placed on a . formal footing by couching it in terms of dynamical systems theory".
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