Author: Havaldar

Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 0070083258

Category: Business, Marketing

Page: 536

View: 6494

This Business marketing text is unique in its emphasis on the complexity of the buying process, strategic relationships between business buyers and sellers, and their mutual dependence. The additions and changes shows, in a realistic way, the emerging trends in business marketing practices. In particular, the following new features have been included in the third edition.This book focuses on the needs and interests of an Indian reader. Its emphasis is on global thinking, but its plan is to act locally. The organisation of the book is based on the current marketing thinking and new ideas to meet the new challenges.
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An Introduction to the Legal Systems of Europe and Latin America

Author: John Henry Merryman,Rogelio Pérez-Perdomo

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804768331

Category: Law

Page: 192

View: 5016

Designed for the general reader and students of law, this is a concise history and analysis of the civil law tradition, which is dominant in most of Europe, all of Latin America, and many parts of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. This new edition deals with recent significant events—such as the fall of the Soviet empire and the resulting precipitous decline of the socialist legal tradition—and their significance for the civil law tradition. The book also incorporates the findings of recent important literature on the legal cultures of civil law countries.
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Author: Henry Latimer,Barry R. Davidson,Ervin A. Gonzalez,Stephen H. Grimes,Luke S. Brown

Publisher: LexisNexis

ISBN: 1422486060

Category: Law

Page: 1584

View: 4963

Experience the new standard in practice guides. The LexisNexis Practice Guide on Florida Civil Procedure : Discovery is part of a 5-volume series that gives you step-by-step guidance on procedural issues and quickly points you to LexisNexis resources that help you build your case. This volume concentrates on the many issues related to discovery and gives complete and current coverage on relevant topics, including such areas as: • Discovery Strategy and Planning • Preservation of Evidence • Discovery of Electronic Information • Physical and Mental Examinations • Exchanging Expert Witness Information For a complete list, see the full Table of Contents With its concise writing style, streamlined chapter format, abundance of checklists and forms, thousands of references to leading and related cases, cross references to relevant analytical content, and extensive and authoritative guidance from a consultative board of experienced Florida practitioners and judges, you'll find more of everything that makes a practice guide valuable and easy for you to use.
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Author: National Association of Legal Assistants

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1305176197

Category: Law

Page: 480

View: 6162

Succeed on the job--and in your course--and prepare for the Certified Paralegal examination with the NALA Manual. More than 100 leading authorities with a wide range of experience in legal disciplines and management have contributed to this comprehensive manual since it was introduced in 1976. Covering all the skills required of paralegals today, the updated manual includes a collection of successful solutions to actual assignments accomplished by working paralegals nationwide.These proven techniques and procedures can be used as starting points from which you can make changes, adaptations, and modifications when you encounter similar situations on the job. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Author: Klaus-Jürgen Bathe

Publisher: DrMaster Publications

ISBN: 9783540668060

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1253

View: 4854

Dieses Lehr- und Handbuch behandelt sowohl die elementaren Konzepte als auch die fortgeschrittenen und zukunftsweisenden linearen und nichtlinearen FE-Methoden in Statik, Dynamik, Festkörper- und Fluidmechanik. Es wird sowohl der physikalische als auch der mathematische Hintergrund der Prozeduren ausführlich und verständlich beschrieben. Das Werk enthält eine Vielzahl von ausgearbeiteten Beispielen, Rechnerübungen und Programmlisten. Als Übersetzung eines erfolgreichen amerikanischen Lehrbuchs hat es sich in zwei Auflagen auch bei den deutschsprachigen Ingenieuren etabliert. Die umfangreichen Änderungen gegenüber der Vorauflage innerhalb aller Kapitel - vor allem aber der fortgeschrittenen - spiegeln die rasche Entwicklung innerhalb des letzten Jahrzehnts auf diesem Gebiet wieder. TOC:Eine Einführung in den Gebrauch von Finite-Elemente-Verfahren.-Vektoren, Matrizen und Tensoren.-Einige Grundbegriffe ingenieurwissenschaftlicher Berechnungen.-Formulierung der Methode der finiten Elemente.-Formulierung und Berechnung von isoparametrischen Finite-Elemente-Matrizen.-Nichtlineare Finite-Elemente-Berechnungen in der Festkörper- und Strukturmechanik.-Finite-Elemente-Berechnungen von Wärmeübertragungs- und Feldproblemen.-Lösung von Gleichgewichtsbeziehungen in statischen Berechnungen.-Lösung von Bewegungsgleichungen in kinetischen Berechnungen.-Vorbemerkungen zur Lösung von Eigenproblemen.-Lösungsverfahren für Eigenprobleme.-Implementierung der Finite-Elemente-Methode.
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Author: Alan Uzelac

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 331903443X

Category: Law

Page: 263

View: 7299

This book is a collection of papers that address a fundamental question: What is the role of civil justice and civil procedure in the various national traditions in the contemporary world? The book presents striking differences among a range of countries and legal traditions, but also points to common trends and open issues. It brings together prominent experts, professionals and scholars from both civil and common law jurisdictions. It represents all main legal traditions ranging from Europe (Germanic and Romanic countries, Scandinavia, ex-Socialist countries) and Russia to the Americas (North and South) and China (Mainland and Hong Kong). While addressing the main issue – the goals of civil justice – the book discusses the most topical concerns regarding the functioning and efficiency of national systems of civil justice. These include concerns such as finding the appropriate balance between accurate fact-finding and the right to a fair trial within a reasonable time, the processing of hard cases and the function of civil justice as a specific public service. In the mosaic of contrasts and oppositions special place is devoted to the continuing battle between the individualistic/liberal approach and the collectivist/paternalistic approach – the battle in which, seemingly, paternalistic tendencies regain momentum in a number of contemporary justice systems.
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Author: David I. Levine,William R. Slomanson,C. Keith Wingate

Publisher: West Group

ISBN: 9780314149992

Category: Law

Page: 968

View: 6893

The law school casebook addresses procedures unique to California practice that are not generally presented in the first-year course in civil procedure. Contains information on selecting the proper court, pleading and joinder, and discovery.
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Author: Walter W. Heiser

Publisher: LexisNexis

ISBN: 1579116582

Category: Law

Page: 1510

View: 9811

Written for upper-level law students who intend to practice law in California, this book emphasizes those aspects of California civil procedure that deviate from the federal system. California Civil Procedure aims to serve several functions. First, upon completion of a course using this casebook, students are prepared to more competently conduct civil litigation in the California courts upon graduation. Furthermore, this book represents the procedural advantages and disadvantages of litigating in California state courts as opposed to federal courts so new lawyers can make an informed choice between filing an action in one system or the other. This book also provides students with a brief summary of the federal or general position on each major topic as a basis of comparison and as a review of first-year civil procedure.
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die Beteiligung von Laien in der amerikanischen und deutschen zivilen Gerichtsbarkeit

Author: Andreas Müller

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated


Category: Law

Page: 328

View: 8387

Vor dem Hintergrund der Harmonisierung von Rechtsvorschriften innerhalb der Europaischen Union, insbesondere auch der Bildung eines einheitlichen Gerichtsapparates als wichtiger Saule fur ein politisches Zusammenwachsen der verschiedenen Staaten, befasst sich diese Arbeit mit der Beteiligung von Laien im amerikanischen Zivilprozess und vergleicht diese mit dem deutschen Laienrichtersystem. Die Beteiligung von Laien in Verfahren der zivilen Gerichtsbarkeit ist in den USA und in Deutschland allerdings sehr unterschiedlich ausgestaltet. Hat es daher Vorteile, Laien in einem zivilen Gerichtssystem zu beteiligen und sollte eine solche Laienbeteiligung vorzugsweise nach amerikanischem oder nach deutschem Muster gestaltet werden? Die Arbeit beantwortet diese Frage letztendlich nicht, sondern versucht, anhand der Beschreibung des amerikanischen Modells Antworten zu geben."
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überraschende Antworten auf alltägliche Lebensfragen ; [warum wohnen Drogenhändler bei ihren Müttern? Führt mehr Polizei zu weniger Kriminalität? Sind Swimmingpools gefährlicher als Revolver? Macht gute Erziehung glücklich?]

Author: Steven D. Levitt,Stephen J. Dubner

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783442154517


Page: 411

View: 2471

Sind Swimmingpools gefährlicher als Revolver? Warum betrügen Lehrer? Der preisgekrönte Wirtschaftswissenschaftler Steven D. Levitt kombiniert Statistiken, deren Zusammenführung und Gegenüberstellung auf den ersten Blick absurd erscheint, durch seine Analysetechnik aber zu zahlreichen Aha-Effekten führt. Ein äußerst unterhaltsamer Streifzug durch die Mysterien des Alltags, der uns schmunzeln lässt und stets über eindimensionales Denken hinausführt.
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Books in English Published Throughout the World and in Print Through 1993

Author: Nicholas Triffin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780878020416

Category: Law

Page: N.A

View: 5644

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