Author: Dave Parker


ISBN: 0557024633


Page: 111

View: 4317

"Big Is Beautiful" is a book of poems that seeks to encourage and uplift the minds and spirits of the plus size women. Too many plus size women are depresses, unhappy, embarrassed and down in the dumps about their bodies and weight. It's time for them to be reminded that they are still Beautiful, Sexy, Fantastic, Attractive and Terrific people! This book addresses different perspectives from men who deny their preference for the full figure lady, to the emotional devastation plus size women experience due to the malicious and cruel intensions of family, friends and society. Get a little taste of some of the daily struggles that plus size women have and the pain that they go through. Read and be challenged to examine the way we have been mistreating and not appreciating some of the most special people in the world.
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Debunking the Myth of Small Business

Author: Robert D. Atkinson,Michael Lind

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262345676

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

View: 4336

Why small business is not the basis of American prosperity, not the foundation of American democracy, and not the champion of job creation. In this provocative book, Robert Atkinson and Michael Lind argue that small business is not, as is widely claimed, the basis of American prosperity. Small business is not responsible for most of the country's job creation and innovation. American democracy does not depend on the existence of brave bands of self-employed citizens. Small businesses are not systematically discriminated against by government policy makers. Rather, Atkinson and Lind argue, small businesses are not the font of jobs, because most small businesses fail. The only kind of small firm that contributes to technological innovation is the technological start-up, and its success depends on scaling up. The idea that self-employed citizens are the foundation of democracy is a relic of Jeffersonian dreams of an agrarian society. And governments, motivated by a confused mix of populist and free market ideology, in fact go out of their way to promote small business. Every modern president has sung the praises of small business, and every modern president, according to Atkinson and Lind, has been wrong. Pointing to the advantages of scale for job creation, productivity, innovation, and virtually all other economic benefits, Atkinson and Lind argue for a “size neutral” policy approach in both the United States and around the world that would encourage growth rather than enshrine an anachronism. If we overthrow the “small is beautiful” ideology, we will be able to recognize large firms as the engines of progress and prosperity that they are.
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Sexy Girls With Big Boobs

Author: Irene A. Walters

Publisher: Irene A. Walters


Category: Photography

Page: 33

View: 8227

This series of eBooks is intended to reinforce the unconventional positive social attitudes toward big women and attempts to help in erasing the stigma attached to them. The photographers here have done an excellent job in depicting the real beauty to be found in big women by showing that they can also possess a sensuality that most people only associate with celebrities. Two models featured in this volume, with 30 full page color photos. All models in this series are 18 years of age or older.
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Author: Kelly Martin

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781493726660

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 184

View: 3007

The seven worst words ever spoken came out of Brittany Gregory's mom's mouth at breakfast, "I signed you up for math tutoring." Sure, she probably needs it (proba-bly nothing, she'll fail without it), but the thought of having to stay in that school longer than she had to every day makes her sick. It's not the school's fault... just the few jerks inside. Brittany's tutor is none other than Matt Taylor, senior quarterback-- all around hottie. At first, she's shy around him because, hello, Matt Taylor! But as he shows more and more unexpected kindness toward her, Brittany softens around him. Unfortunately for Brittany, Matt's former girlfriend, the beautifully wicked Kendra Moses, has tormented Britt since eighth grade about her weight. In an unusual moment of brains, Kendra realizes Brittany's initials spell B.I.G.-- a hilarious (to the cheerleader) irony since Brittany isn't the smallest girl at school. With the Red Ball (Valentine's Dance) approaching, Brittany has to decide if her growing feelings for Matt are real, or if he's secretly been playing a part in Ken-dra's game all along.
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Why the Small Is Numerous But the Big Is Rare in the World

Author: Alex Ely Kossovsky

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692912416


Page: N.A

View: 6343

Why are there more poor people with small bank accounts than rich people with big bank accounts? Why is the small almost always more numerous than the big in the world? Empirical examinations of real-life data overwhelmingly confirm the existence of such uneven size proportions in favor of the small. There are more small planets and stars than big ones in the cosmos. There are more small molecules than big molecules in the chemical world. There are more small families with few children than big families with many children. In geological data, there are more small rivers than big rivers, and there are more harmless small earthquakes than devastating big ones. There are by far many more small creatures than big creatures in the biological world. There are only about two million big whales swimming the oceans, yet there are over 300 billion small birds flying the sky. Tiny little ants are even more abundant, with estimates of over 100 trillions of them walking the earth In number theory as well, there are more small prime numbers than big prime numbers for integers. In census data, there are more villages than towns, more towns than cities, and more cities than metropolises. In history, there were more small wars with low death toll than horrific big wars with high death toll such as WWII. The vast list of topics & disciplines obeying this quantitative law of nature confirms the fact that the phenomenon is nearly universal. This book discusses in detail several real-life case studies; presents three distinct explanations for the phenomenon; and numerically quantifies the small is beautiful phenomenon in order to obtain an exact measure indicating by how much the relatively small is more numerous than the relatively big.
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Japan und Deutschland

Author: Wolfgang Klenner,Hisashi Watanabe

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783631583296

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 286

View: 2558

Sowohl in Japan als auch in Deutschland wurden nachlassende Wettbewerbsstarke und Fuhrungskraft beobachtet. Japan wurde nachgesagt, wegen uberkommener japanspezifischer Strukturen in Wirtschaft und Verwaltung nicht in der Lage zu sein, den Aufgaben einer modernen Volkswirtschaft nachzukommen. Insbesondere sei Japan nicht in der Lage, zukunftstrachtige Bereiche zu entwickeln. In Deutschland werden neben den Lasten der Wiedervereinigung die Dynamik hemmende burokratische Strukturen und das ubermassige Gewicht der -sozialen Komponente- als Problem angesehen. Diese Schrift fokussiert die vor diesem Hintergrund in Japan und Deutschland ergriffenen Massnahmen zur Neupositionierung in der asiatischen Region und in der Europaischen Union. Behandelt werden regionale Integrationsprozesse einschliesslich der werbungsspezifischen Integration und der Finanzmarktintegration, Fragen der Deindustrialisierung, der Gestaltung des Arbeitsmarktes, Strategien zur Rohstoffsicherung und Umstrukturierungsmassnahmen von Unternehmen."
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Author: Charles Clay Doyle,Wolfgang Mieder,Fred R. Shapiro

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300136021

Category: Reference

Page: 294

View: 3038

Collects more than 1,400 English-language proverbs that arose in the 20th and 21st centuries, organized alphabetically by key words and including information on date of origin, history and meaning.
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des nützlichen und unnützen Wissens

Author: David McCandless

Publisher: Albrecht Knaus Verlag

ISBN: 3641091993

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 7656

Sehen und verstehen – was Sie in diesem Buch entdecken, wird Ihnen nicht mehr aus dem Kopf gehen. Noch nie war Wissen so schön anzusehen. Noch nie waren Zusammenhänge so leicht zu durchschauen. Das Visualisierungsgenie David McCand less erschafft aus Zahlen, Daten und Fakten einzigartige und unvergessliche Grafiken und Bilder, die unsere Synapsen zum Schwingen bringen. In welchem Land werden die meisten Bücher gelesen? Welcher Bart passt zu welchem Gesicht? Welche Musikstile beeinflussen sich wie? Welche Moralvorstellungen verbinden sich mit welcher Religion? Was verbraucht mehr Kalorien: Blümchensex oder Lesen? Welche alternativen Heilmethoden haben welche wissenschaftliche Evidenz? David McCandless ist einer der angesagtesten Informationsdesigner und gehört zu einer neuen Generation von Journalisten. Er setzt spannende Fakten ebenso überzeugend ins Bild wie komplizierte Zusammenhänge. Mithilfe von Farben und Formen macht er Wissen sichtbar. So entsteht aus über einhundert originellen Bildern ein Kaleidoskop aus nützlichem und unnützem Wissen, das einfach Spaß macht. Hoher Spaßfaktor! Ein »Lesegenuss« voller Anregungen und Überraschungen, bestens als Geschenk geeignet.
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Author: Annette Hohberg

Publisher: Knaur eBook

ISBN: 3426414228

Category: Fiction

Page: 350

View: 4781

Es ist ein herrlicher Sommer. Klara und Stephan sind Anfang 20, als sie sich in Italien kennenlernen und ineinander verlieben – bis eine unglückliche Verkettung von Umständen sie trennt. Die Jahre vergehen, jeder führt sein eigenes Leben. Durch einen pikanten Zufall begegnen sie sich Jahrzehnte später wieder und entdecken, dass sie noch immer dieselben starken Gefühle füreinander haben. Doch Klara ist verheiratet und hat eine erwachsene Tochter, und Stephan Single, Literaturprofessor und hat seine Affären. Sollen sie das wirklich alles aufgeben und den Sprung ins Ungewisse wagen? Es kommt der Tag, da müssen sie eine Entscheidung treffen ...
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Author: Peter F. Drucker

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412814102

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 344

View: 5667

Peter Drucker’s lively and thoughtful memoirs are now available in paperback with a new introduction by the author. He writes with wit and spirit about people he has encountered in a long and varied life, including Sigmund Freud, Henry Luce, Alfred Sloan, John L. Lewis, and Marshall McLuhan. After beginning with his childhood in Vienna during and after World War I, Drucker moves on to Europe in the 1920s and early 1930s, describing the imminent doom posed by Hitler and the Nazis. He then goes on to describe London during the 1930s, America during the New Deal era, the World War II years, and beyond. According to John Brooks of The New York Times Book Review, “Peter Drucker is at a corner cafe, delightfully regaling anyone who will listen with tales of what must be one of the more varied—and for a practitioner of such a narrow skill as that of management counseling, astonishing—of contemporary professional lives.” Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Washington Post writes, “The famous are here as well as the infamous.… All are the beneficiaries, for better or for worse, of Drucker’s unerring eye for psychological detail, his remorseless curiosity, and his imaginative sympathy.… Drucker’s book appears in a stroke to have restored the art of the memoir and of the essay.” Adventures of a Bystander reflects Drucker’s vitality, infinite curiosity, and interest in people, ideas, and the forces behind them. His book is a personal and informal account of the rich life of an independent man of letters, a life that spans eight decades and two continents. It will be of interest to scholars and professionals in the business world, historians, sociologists, and admirers of Peter Drucker.
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