A stunning epic novel of secrets, betrayal and passion

Author: Judith Lennox

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0755383516

Category: Fiction

Page: 608

View: 6513

Secrets shape the ebb and flow of our lives... Two sisters face battles in life and love amongst the ever-present threat of war in Judith Lennox's unforgettable historical novel, Catching the Tide. Perfect for fans of Santa Montefiore and Kate Morton. 1933. Tessa and Frederica Nicolson enjoy one last idyllic summer at the beautiful Villa Millefiore, overlooking Florence. Four years later, Italy is a distant memory and Tessa is revelling in the glamour and excitement of modelling in London, until a passionate affair with married author Milo Rycroft leads to tragic consequences. Tessa returns to Florence, and, missing her sister desperately, Freddie, too, travels to Italy, where she is swept up in adventure, danger and romance, and makes a chance encounter that will change her life. With the outbreak of World War Two, Tessa and Freddie must fight for their own survival and happiness, while they wonder whether they will ever see each other again... What readers are saying about Catching the Tide: 'Ideal escapism' 'This beautifully written book has an overarching theme of love and loss, and expertly captures the hedonistic atmosphere of pre-war WW2 London and Europe' 'Wonderful story, I couldn't put the book down!'
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Author: Judith Lennox

Publisher: Piper Verlag

ISBN: 3492950361

Category: Fiction

Page: 560

View: 4276

Italien in den frühen 1930ern: In der Villa Millefiore bei Fiesole erleben die englischen Schwestern Tessa und Freddie Nicolson eine ungetrübte Jugend. Nach dem unsteten Künstlerdasein und dem frühen Tod des Vaters hat die Mutter mit ihren beiden Töchtern hier eine Heimat gefunden - und in der gut situierten Familie Zanetti enge Freunde. Als die 17-jährige Tessa sich zum ersten Mal verliebt und eine leidenschaftliche Beziehung mit Guido Zanetti eingeht, werden die Mädchen nach England ins Internat geschickt. Jahre vergehen, in denen die beiden Frauen ihren Weg machen: Freddie fasst als Redakteurin bei einer Zeitschrift in London Fuß, die anziehend schöne Tessa kann sich als Mannequin ein ausgelasseneres Leben leisten. Anders als ihre Schwester weiß Tessa, dass sie eines Tages nach Italien zurückkehren will. Sie scheut sich jahrelang vor einer festen Bindung und droht darüber alles zu verlieren, was sie liebt. Als Italien sich im Zweiten Weltkrieg Deutschland anschließt, wird Tessas lange erträumte Rückkehr zu einem gefährlichen Unterfangen. Und auch Freddie begräbt ihre Sehnsüchte viel zu lang ...
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Finding Vision in a World of Chaos

Author: Carl Townsend

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595163084

Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 6234

Catching the Wind invites you to see what God is doing in your life to win you to Himself. You will explore the incredible story of how God seeks to capture you as His Beloved. You will find Carl a master story-teller, weaving personal narratives, biblical insights, and the insights of others in an amazing story of how to find Vision and Place in a world of Chaos. The book is written to lead you in a dialog process, guiding you through stories and questions to find the deepest longings of your own heart and focusing these into a personal vision and the identify God has for you.
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A Seventeenth Century Historical Novel

Author: Peter R. Hawkins

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477120874

Category: Fiction

Page: 340

View: 5830

An historical novel based around two main characters, Gumshu and Grundwell, who are born into humble beginnings and then rise to become heads of highly successful business empires in the coal and woollen industries. Set in and around the Forest of Dean in the English county of Gloucestershire in the early 1600s, the story also gets a strong maritime fl avour through the introduction of the two as evolving ship owners whose vessels ply the southern coasts of England, Wales, Ireland, and beyond. The opening chapters recount the secretive and bizarre circumstances surrounding their birth; the emergence of the two from childhood through to the time of their marriages to Maisey and Sophie, together with a traumatic incident that triggers personal revelations, with the most shocking of consequences. The commercial progression and fi nancial successes in the middle of the novel are interspaced with adventure, drama, passion, humour, love, and poignant intimate moments for the two men, their families, and the peripheral characters that emerge with the development of the story. The ensuing chapters narrate a near-catastrophic fi nancial collapse of one of the businesses, the Spinning Wheel, whilst the coal business of Hawk Mines goes from strength to strength under Gumshu and his eldest daughter’s stewardship, supervised by the sensual but intuitive Maisey. The slightly mythical closure of the book introduces younger characters that take the story forward, whilst at the same time disclosing a highly emotional discovery to the two central characters.
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Salmon, Tailor, Bream, Flathead, Kingfish, Leatherjacket, Luderick, Drummer, Mulloway, Snapper, Trevally, Whiting

Author: Gary Brown

Publisher: Australian Fishing Network

ISBN: 9781865131795

Category: Marine fishes

Page: 144

View: 8004

fishing, angling.
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The Uncharted Realms Book 3

Author: Jeffe Kennedy

Publisher: Jeffe Kennedy

ISBN: 1945367202

Category: Fiction

Page: 402

View: 7441

Free from the hand of a tyrant, the Twelve Kingdoms have thrown all that touch them into chaos. New allies appear--and enemies encroach--from all sides. To survive, they must adapt to this new reality without a moment of doubt... Growing up in a country where magic was common as dust, Zynda never had to worry about her enchantments upsetting the balance of nature. But the land beyond the borders of the thirteenth kingdom calls to her. It may be foreign and ugly, but the strangeness is laced with an excitement she has never known. Outside her homeland, Zynda's shapeshifting and sorcery are a potent advantage to nations grasping for dominance--and the thrill of power lures her even as she recognizes the threat she poses to these magic-buffeted realms. A ruthless enemy stalks them, promising destruction if she does not fight with all her strength--but if she upsets the equilibrium of the land, all will pay, the common people most of all. And a man of this outside world fascinates her, a mossback with no scrap of magic in him. He knows nothing of the fears and temptations pulling at her. But in his steady embrace she learns she must choose well--for the consequences may reach farther than she ever imagined...
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Author: Myla Goldberg

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780989752701


Page: 50

View: 8605

From the bestselling author of BEE SEASON, a memorable book for children. Every night, when the moon comes out, an old woman sits and fishes with rod, reel and...a mouse? Whoever heard of such silliness? No one else would fish in the dark! But the Fisherwoman knows what she's doing, and everyone else will soon find out. A book that explores the unlikely friendship between a salty old woman and the sweetest man in the night sky, CATCHING THE MOON shows the unexpected pleasures to be found when people come together.
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Author: Barrie Jervis

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1472902629

Category: Transportation

Page: N.A

View: 3527

Reeds Marine Insurance is aimed at all those who have little or no experience of marine or any other form of insurance working within the maritime transport field. Ideal for cargo operators, port managers, ship brokers, and shipping transport managers, it will also be invaluable for students on maritime law, sea transport and shipping courses and for those studying marine insurance as part of a maritime management course. It is designed to take the reader from the basics through to a competent level of understanding on the subject. It includes the main principles underlying marine insurance the 1983, 1995 and 2003 hull clauses fully explained together with war risks insurance a complete outline of the cover given by P and I clubs, set out in an easy to read format an in-depth look at cargo insurance and the standard clauses the principles of General Average includes legal precedents.
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Author: Christina Stead

Publisher: Victory Books

ISBN: 0522855547

Category: Domestic fiction

Page: 551

View: 1283

The Man Who Loved Children is Christina Stead's masterpiece about family life. Set in Washington during the 1930s, Sam and Henny Pollit are a warring husband and wife. Their tempestuous marriage, aggravated by too little money, lies at the centre of Stead's satirical and brilliantly observed novel about the relations between husbands and wives, and parents and children. Sam, a scientist, uses words as weapons of attack and control on his children and is prone to illusions of power and influence that fail to extend beyond his family. His wife Henny, who hails from a wealthy Baltimore family, is disastrously impractical and enmeshed in her own fantasies of romance and vengeance. Much of the care of their six children is left to Louisa, Sam's 14-year-old daughter from his first marriage. Within this psychological battleground, Louisa must attempt to make a life of her own. First published in 1940, The Man Who Loved Children was hailed for its satiric energy. Now its originality is again lauded by novelist, Jonathan Franzen, in his illuminating new introduction.
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Author: Keith McGinn

Publisher: Neil Wilson Publishing

ISBN: 1906476411

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 144

View: 9119

For any fan of the exploits of Para Handy and the motley crew of the Vital Spark, this memoir is not to be missed. Keith McGinn's capers on the puffers off Scotland's West Coast are funnier than Neil Munro's tales at times, but they are also sadder too. The thing is, all of these stories are true. McGinn worked on those puffers, man and boy, for nearly 40 years and this is his story. He was there. Neil Munro's tales are classics and part of Scottish comic folklore, but they are a hundred years old. There have been faux tales published in recent times that have attempted to recreate Munro, but this is the real McCoy ... or rather, the real McGinn. There have also been various books and histories of the puffer trade but what has been lacking in them is the real story of the men who worked on these famous little Scottish ships. The story from their perspective is not known to many. They were men who could tell the tale of what it was really like to deliberately beach the boats, to discharge a coal by shovel and 'bucket', to sail the Minches in the dead of winter and occasionally repair to the pub for some relaxation. The puffer trade came to a sad end in 1994 but from 1966 untill then Keith McGinn saw the trade through to its demise. He began as a deckhand on one of the traditional 66-ft 'classics' and ended his career as a master on a 600-tonne coaster all the while taking the necessities of life to the remote Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Keith McGinn does not glamourise this life but his story is full of tales of good humour and the special camaraderie of the puffermen. Nor does he minimise the tragedies and dangers of a life at sea in some of the most treacherous waters in the world. This is a tale well told, and well illustrated with rarely seen pictures of the puffers at work, by someone who has a gift for telling it the way it really was.
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Author: Robin Fitzgerald

Publisher: Robin Fitzgerald

ISBN: 1477117016

Category: Fiction

Page: 174

View: 605

The places described here are real, as are the Legends told in this tale of many cultures. It´s more than just a sailing adventure where a spirited young couple share insights of the heart. Visit time periods of the past to reveal what we are hearing, seeing, and feeling today. Find some answers to the ´strange sounds´ and the giant green spiral over Norway, by learning of the Kwakuitl Peoples´ winter ceremonials that hold the secrets of our beginnings, and what we need to know about the present day. There is a ´shift´ coming, but to understand it you have to savour this book. Let it tell the story at a pace that anyone can absorb.
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Author: Otto Gabriel,Klaus Lange,Erdmann Dahm,Thomas Wendt

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470995637

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 536

View: 7564

In the sixteen years since the last edition of Von Brant’s classic work was published, fishing and fisheries have undergone vast changes. Not only has there been great progress in the development of new tools, materials and techniques, but the industry has seen an increasing need to address controversial issues such as declining fish stocks, enormous quantities of bycatch and discard and the impact of towed fishing gear on the environment. Fully revised and updated to reflect such changes, the fourth edition of this widely read and popular book offers: A unique, comprehensive survey of the evolution of fishing methods throughout the world Approximately 750 illustrations showing the extensive range of methods, techniques and equipment used in fishing across the globe Fishing gear classified according to the FAO system Additional chapters: Fishing Effects on Fish Stocks and Environment and Fishery and Gear Research All researchers, fisheries scientists, fisheries students, administrators and libraries in universities and research establishments where fish and fisheries are studied and taught will find this book a valuable addition to their shelves. Commercial and sports fishermen will also find Fish Catching Methods of the World a fascinating and vital reference.
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Author: Basil Hall

Publisher: Applewood Books

ISBN: 1429001348

Category: Travel

Page: 468

View: 1512

A British navy officer travels extensively, from New England to the deep South and a bit into the Mid-West, offering thoughts on American manners, morals, political views and situations, and so forth. vol. 3 of 3
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True Story of the First Human-Powered Circumnavigation of the Earth

Author: Jason Lewis

Publisher: BillyFish Books LLC

ISBN: 0984915540

Category: Travel

Page: 256

View: 4942

“This tightly written tale rollicks along at a great pace.”—FINANCIAL TIMES When adventurer Jason Lewis regained consciousness beside a busy Colorado highway, lower limbs shattered by a hit-and-run driver, he knew he was lucky to be alive. But would he ever walk again, let alone finish crossing North America by inline skates? So begins part two of The Expedition, a stirring saga of hope, determination, and the kindness of strangers as Jason, taken in by the people of Pueblo, spent nine months in rehabilitation, legs pieced together with metal rods, before returning to the spot he was run over and continuing on. Inspired by the journey, others sought to join, including a middle-aged mother-cum-schoolteacher yearning to see the world. For the expedition wasn’t just a line on a map. The real expedition was the seed buried deep in the heart of anyone who has ever dreamed of knowing what lies beyond their valley, and of embarking upon a grand adventure to find out… * * ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year and winner of the National Indie Excellence Award * * “Magnificent!”—THE DAILY MAIL “An adventure of two lifetimes.”—SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE “The Expedition speaks powerfully of a reality most people need to hear. It takes noble thinking on behalf of the planet, a love for life, and a soul full of dreams to accomplish a truly great journey.”—LES STROUD, Survivorman “A catalogue of hair-raising adventures.”—PRESS ASSOCIATION “The perfect blend of action, tragedy, humor and suspense. In the first chapter alone. A must read.”—ADVENTURE CYCLIST “We need the Lewises of this life. It is good to know that such people exist, have always existed, doubtless always will exist. It does our hearts good to hear about them.”—THE LONDON TIMES “An unputdownable page turner. It’s a 21st Century Odyssey full of grit and terrifying escapes told with wonderful humor at a breakneck pace.”—SIR CHRIS BONINGTON, mountaineer
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Author: Mary Jo Putney

Publisher: Zebra Books

ISBN: 1420127195

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 3042

"Putney's endearing characters and warm-hearted stories never fail to inspire and delight." --Sabrina Jeffries "No one writes historical romance better." --Cathy Maxwell Marry in haste, repent at leisure. James, Lord Kirkland, owns a shipping fleet, half a London gaming house, and is a ruthlessly effective spymaster. He is seldom self-indulgent. . .except when it comes to the gentle, indomitable beauty who was once his wife. Laurel Herbert gave James her heart as an innocent young girl--until she saw him perform an act of shocking violence before her very eyes. That night she left her husband, and he let her go without a word of protest. Now, ten years later, a chance encounter turns passionate, with consequences that cannot be ignored. But as they try to rebuild what was broken, they must face common enemies and a very uncommon love. . .. "Of all Putney's heroes, the Lost Lords are the most irresistible--bad boys who are so very good." --RT Book Reviews
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Harnessing Energy from Water Currents

Author: Victor M. Lyatkher

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118721039

Category: Science

Page: 272

View: 1671

As the global supply of conventional energy sources, such asfossil fuels, dwindles and becomes more and more expensive,unconventional and renewable sources of energy, such as powergeneration from water sources, is becoming more and moreimportant. Hydropower has been around for decades, but thisbook suggests new methods that are more cost-effective and lessintrusive to the environment for creating power sources fromrivers, the tides, and other sources of water. The energy available from water currents is potentially muchgreater than society’s needs. Presenting a detaileddiscussion of the costs, risks, and challenges of building powerplants that run on hydropower, this highly technicalexplanation of tidal power plants offers engineers practicalapplications of highly efficient and cost-effective powersystems. Not just useful to engineers working in the field,this treatise is a valuable textbook for students and researchersworking in tidal power.
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Author: Carole Clavier,Evelyne de Leeuw

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191632627

Category: Medical

Page: 256

View: 3302

Scholars and governments recognize the importance of policy development and implementation for population health, but there is a lack of systematic theoretical and conceptual development in the health field to address the issue. Health Promotion and the Policy Process is the first book to take an in-depth look at the theoretical advances in the political sciences, including discussing the significance of political economy and sociology, which so far have made little progress in health promotion development. The book argues that focusing on how public policies work makes it possible to move beyond the more behavioural 'health education' approach, and make the transition from political statements to political strategies. The authors draw from a wide array of theories on the policy process in the fields of political science and political sociology to illuminate health promotion strategies and objectives. For example they discuss how Kingdon's Multiple Streams Model, Sabatier's Advocacy-Coalition Framework and policy network theories can contribute to greater health equity, healthy public policies and community development. Through practical and critical tools, research, and experience-based discussion, Health Promotion and the Policy Process discusses how theories can be used to influence, evaluate, orient or implement health promotion interventions and policies. This book will be essential reading for health promoters who want to make a difference by influencing social determinants of health at the policy level including students, public health professionals, researchers, practitioners, decision makers and those concerned with applied policy research.
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