Author: Jack V. Michaels,William P. Wood

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471609001

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 413

View: 2420

How to accurately estimate, in advance, the cost of producing products or services by means of the design-to-cost method, which systematically constrains design goals according to available funds. This book shows how to use value engineering, cost estimating, and cost control to devise, and adhere to, realistic cost goals. Touches on techniques from management methods to specific engineering approaches, and provides actual case studies of projects and services that have now become affordable through the application of the design-to-cost method.
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Grundlagen, Strategien, Instrumente und Controlling

Author: Hartmut Werner

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 9783409216357

Category: Economics

Page: 306

View: 9819

Das Supply Chain Management gilt in Theorie und Praxis als ein Bereich mit großen Potenzialen zur Rationalisierung. Selten wird jedoch deutlich, wie die Verbesserungsmöglichkeiten konkret auszuschöpfen sind. Das vorliegende Buch nimmt sich dieser Herausforderung an. Dazu findet zunächst eine Beschreibung des Supply Chain Managements in seinen Grundlagen statt. Anschließend werden unterschiedliche Strategien im Supply Chain Management charakterisiert. Darauf aufbauend sind Instrumente zu kennzeichnen, welche einer Umsetzung der zuvor diskutierten Strategien dienen. Schließlich fließen die Ausführungen in eine Untersuchung zum Controlling der Supply Chain. Das Buch ist sehr anwendungsorientiert geschrieben, und es stützt sich auf eine Vielzahl von Beispielen aus der Praxis. Die zweite Auflage ist um eine Vielzahl von neuen Themen erweitert worden. Dazu zählen beispielsweise das SCOR-Modell und moderne Strategien eines Supply Chain Managements wie Customer Relationship Management, Mass Customization, Postponement, Collaborative Business oder E-Supply Chains. Mit Web-EDI, ERP oder APS werden aktuelle Entwicklungen im IT-Bereich aufgezeigt, die nachhaltige Auswirkungen auf die Gestaltung von Supply Chains haben. Schließlich berücksichtigt diese zweite Auflage auch die zur Zeit diskutierte Erweiterung der Balanced Scorecard zur Strategy Map. "Supply Chain Management" wendet sich zum einen an Studenten und Dozenten der Betriebswirtschaftslehre mit den Schwerpunkten Logistik, Beschaffung, Produktion, Marketing, Qualitätsmanagement sowie Controlling. Zum andern ist es für Führungskräfte aus Industrie, Handel und Dienstleistungen in den oben genannten Bereichen interessant.
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Projekte planen, überwachen und steuern

Author: Volker Walter

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3833439750


Page: 290

View: 1885

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Author: N.A

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 332295417X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 387

View: 8112

Bei der Durchführung von F&E-Vorhaben müssen Unternehmungen geeignete Voraussetzungen schaffen, um Chancen auszunutzen und Risiken zu vermeiden. Deshalb wächst die Forderung, F&E-Aktivitäten verstärkt in das Planungs-, Steuerungs- und Kontrollsystem einzubinden.
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A Collaborative Approach to Producibility and Reliability, Second Edition,

Author: John Priest,Jose Sanchez

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780824799359

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 456

View: 7142

"Outlines best practices and demonstrates how to desgin in quality for successful development of hardware and software products. Offers systematic applications failored to particular market environments. Discusses Internet issues, electronic commerce, and supply chain."
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Author: David F. Ciambrone

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781420046885

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 272

View: 8544

Taking a new product from the design stage to large-scale production in a profitable, efficient manner can challenge the processes of even the most advanced companies. Lapses in these processes drive up the cost of new products, and hinder their launch into the marketplace. Effective Transition from Design to Production provides an expeditious roadmap that considers every phase of production. It identifies customer requirements, discusses product concept, and covers master scheduling and risk analysis, as well as design considerations, prototypes, and tooling essentials. Among other things, it also explains how to identify and augment facility requirements, initiate production ramp up, evaluate packaging, and institute defect control. Takes an Integrative Approach that Allows Managers to Understand the Big Picture As the author introduces and explains each stage, he also offers guidance as to when to involve outside parties including potential providers of raw materials and subcontractors who may take part in the production and assembly process. He presents the seven stages of the production process— system design, detailed design, manufacturing planning, production readiness, low rate initial production, and production—in sequential order, examining how each one leads to the other. This allows readers to not only grasp the basic concepts crucial for success at each stage, but also to visualize the big picture so that they can anticipate problems, eliminate inefficiency, and make informed managerial decisions.
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The Holistic Approach

Author: Stephen Armstrong

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521790697

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 325

View: 9045

Practical guide to managing engineering product development, using a holistic approach.
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Author: Rodney D. Stewart,Richard M. Wyskida,James D. Johannes

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471305101

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 717

View: 7020

In today's hypercompetitive global marketplace, accurate cost estimating is crucial to bottom-line results. Nowhere is this more evident than in the design and development of new products and services. Among managing engineers responsible for developing realistic cost estimates for new product designs, the number-one source of information and guidance has been the Cost Estimator's Reference Manual. Comprehensive, authoritative, and practical, the Manual instructs readers in the full range of cost estimating techniques and procedures currently used in the fields of development, testing, manufacturing, production, construction, software, general services, government contracting, engineering services, scientific projects, and proposal preparation. The authors clearly explain how to go about gathering the data essential to preparing a realistic estimate of costs and guide the reader step by step through each procedure. This new Second Edition incorporates a decade of progress in the methods, procedures, and strategies of cost estimating. All the material has been updated and five new chapters have been added to reflect the most recent information on such increasingly important topics as activity-based costing, software estimating, design-to-cost techniques, and cost implications of new concurrent engineering and systems engineering approaches to projects. Indispensable to virtually anyone whose work requires accurate cost estimates, the Cost Estimator's Reference Manual will be especially valuable to engineers, estimators, accountants, and contractors of products, projects, processes, and services to both government and industry. The essential ready-reference for the techniques, methods, and procedures of cost estimating COST ESTIMATOR'S REFERENCE MANUAL Second Edition Indispensable for anyone who depends on accurate cost estimates for engineering projects, the Cost Estimator's Reference Manual guides the user through both the basic and more sophisticated aspects of the estimating process. Authoritative and comprehensive, the Manual seamlessly integrates the many functions--accounting, financial, statistical, and management--of modern cost estimating practice. Its broad coverage includes estimating procedures applied to such areas as: * Production * Software * Development * General services * Testing * Government contracting * Manufacturing * Engineering * Proposal preparation * Scientific projects * Construction This updated and expanded Second Edition incorporates all the most important recent developments in cost estimating, such as activity-based costing, software estimating, design-to-cost techniques, computer-aided estimating tools, concurrent engineering, and life cycle costing. For engineers, estimators, accountants, planners, and others who are involved in the cost aspects of projects, the Cost Estimator's Reference Manual is an invaluable information source that will pay for itself many times over.
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An Holistic and Collaborative Design Approach based on Computational Tools

Author: Xiu-Tian Yan,Benoit Eynard,William J. Ion

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1848002394

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 888

View: 8886

Recent rapid globalisation of manufacturing industries leads to a drive and thirst for rapid advancements in technological development and expertise in the fields of advanced design and manufacturing, especially at their interfaces. This development results in many economical benefits to and improvement of quality of life for many people all over the world. Technically speaking, this rapid development also create many opportunities and challenges for both industrialists and academics, as the design requirements and constraints have completely changed in this global design and manufacture environment. Consequently the way to design, manufacture and realise products have changed as well. The days of designing for a local market and using local suppliers in manufacturing have gone, if enterprises aim to maintain their competitiveness and global expansion leading to further success. In this global context and scenario, both industry and the academia have an urgent need to equip themselves with the latest knowledge, technology and methods developed for engineering design and manufacture. To address this shift in engineering design and manufacture, supported by the European Commission under the Asia Link Programme with a project title FASTAHEAD (A Framework Approach to Strengthening Asian Higher Education in Advanced Design and Manufacture), three key project partners, namely the University of Strathclyde of the United Kingdom, Northwestern Polytechncial University of China, and the Troyes University of Technology of France organised a third international conference.
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