Principles and Methods

Author: S. Mandelbrojt

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401031347

Category: Mathematics

Page: 176

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It is not our intention to present a treatise on Dirichlet series. This part of harmonic analysis is so vast, so rich in publications and in 'theorems' that it appears to us inconceivable and, to our mind, void of interest to assemble anything but a restricted (but relatively complete) branch of the theory. We have not tried to give an account of the very important results of G. P6lya which link his notion of maximum density to the analytic continuation of the series, nor the researches to which the names of A. Ostrowski and V. Bernstein are intimately attached. The excellent book of the latter, which was published in the Collection Borel more than thirty years ago, gives an account of them with all the clarity one can wish for. Nevertheless, some scattered results proved by these authors have found their place among the relevant results, partly by their statements, partly as a working tool. We have adopted a more personal point of view, in explaining the methods and the principles (as the title of the book indicates) that originate in our research work and provide a collection of results which we develop here; we have also included others, due to present-day authors, which enable us to form a coherent whole.
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Coproduct — Hausdorff — Young Inequalities

Author: M. Hazewinkel

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1489937951

Category: Mathematics

Page: 963

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Author: Herve Queffelec,Martine Queffelec

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9386279614

Category: Mathematics

Page: 244

View: 6727

This self-contained book will benefit beginners as well as researchers. It is devoted to Diophantine approximation, the analytic theory of Dirichlet series, and some connections between these two domains, which often occur through the Kronecker approximation theorem. Accordingly, the book is divided into seven chapters, the first three of which present tools from commutative harmonic analysis, including a sharp form of the uncertainty principle, ergodic theory and Diophantine approximation to be used in the sequel. A presentation of continued fraction expansions, including the mixing property of the Gauss map, is given. Chapters four and five present the general theory of Dirichlet series, with classes of examples connected to continued fractions, the famous Bohr point of view, and then the use of random Dirichlet series to produce non-trivial extremal examples, including sharp forms of the Bohnenblust-Hille theorem. Chapter six deals with Hardy-Dirichlet spaces, which are new and useful Banach spaces of analytic functions in a half-plane. Finally, chapter seven presents the Bagchi-Voronin universality theorems, for the zeta function, and r-tuples of L functions. The proofs, which mix hilbertian geometry, complex and harmonic analysis, and ergodic theory, are a very good illustration of the material studied earlier.
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Proceedings of the Bretton Woods Workshop on Multiple Dirichlet Series, Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, July 11-14, 2005

Author: Solomon Friedberg

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 0821839632

Category: Mathematics

Page: 303

View: 2983

Multiple Dirichlet series are Dirichlet series in several complex variables. A multiple Dirichlet series is said to be perfect if it satisfies a finite group of functional equations and has meromorphic continuation everywhere. The earliest examples came from Mellin transforms of metaplectic Eisenstein series and have been intensively studied over the last twenty years. More recently, many other examples have been discovered and it appears that all the classical theorems on moments of $L$-functions as well as the conjectures (such as those predicted by random matrix theory) can now be obtained via the theory of multiple Dirichlet series. Furthermore, new results, not obtainable by other methods, are just coming to light. This volume offers an account of some of the major research to date and the opportunities for the future. It includes an exposition of the main results in the theory of multiple Dirichlet series, and papers on moments of zeta- and $L$-functions, on new examples of multiple Dirichlet series, and on developments in the allied fields of automorphic forms and analytic number theory.
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Author: Pavel B. Bochev,Max D. Gunzburger

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387689222

Category: Mathematics

Page: 660

View: 8784

Since their emergence, finite element methods have taken a place as one of the most versatile and powerful methodologies for the approximate numerical solution of Partial Differential Equations. These methods are used in incompressible fluid flow, heat, transfer, and other problems. This book provides researchers and practitioners with a concise guide to the theory and practice of least-square finite element methods, their strengths and weaknesses, established successes, and open problems.
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Books-Subjects, 1970-1974, Set

Author: United States

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9780874717853

Category: Subject catalogs

Page: N.A

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a mathematical comedy of errors and its influence on the development of analysis

Author: A. F. Monna

Publisher: N.A


Category: Mathematics

Page: 138

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Author: Haruzo Hida

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521435697

Category: Mathematics

Page: 386

View: 6601

The theory of p-adic and classic modular forms, and the study of arithmetic and p-adic L-functions has proved to be a fruitful area of mathematics over the last decade. Professor Hida has given courses on these topics in the USA, Japan, and in France, and in this book provides the reader with an elementary but detailed insight into the theory of L-functions. The presentation is self contained and concise, and the subject is approached using only basic tools from complex analysis and cohomology theory. Graduate students wishing to know more about L-functions will find that this book offers a unique introduction to this fascinating branch of mathematics.
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Author: Dumitru Motreanu,Viorica Venera Motreanu,Nikolaos Papageorgiou

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461493234

Category: Mathematics

Page: 459

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This book focuses on nonlinear boundary value problems and the aspects of nonlinear analysis which are necessary to their study. The authors first give a comprehensive introduction to the many different classical methods from nonlinear analysis, variational principles, and Morse theory. They then provide a rigorous and detailed treatment of the relevant areas of nonlinear analysis with new applications to nonlinear boundary value problems for both ordinary and partial differential equations. Recent results on the existence and multiplicity of critical points for both smooth and nonsmooth functional, developments on the degree theory of monotone type operators, nonlinear maximum and comparison principles for p-Laplacian type operators, and new developments on nonlinear Neumann problems involving non-homogeneous differential operators appear for the first time in book form. The presentation is systematic, and an extensive bibliography and a remarks section at the end of each chapter highlight the text. This work will serve as an invaluable reference for researchers working in nonlinear analysis and partial differential equations as well as a useful tool for all those interested in the topics presented.
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