The Menstruant in Medieval Jewish Mysticism

Author: Sharon Faye Koren

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 1584659823

Category: History

Page: 286

View: 5932

A fascinating analysis of why there are no female mystics in medieval Judaism
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Curse of the Fallen

Author: Jennifer Beswatherick

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1609765834

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

View: 2517

A ritualistic killer is on the loose in Chicago and Detective Asher Grear is determined to catch him before any more bodies pile up. Unfortunately, Arianna Sloan has caught not only the handsome detective's eye, but the killer's as well. Swearing to protect Arianna, Asher forms an instantaneous and electric bond with her that defies all reason and, in fact, may go against the very laws that govern Asher's life. In the throes of desire, how does one say no to forbidden love? A story of murder, mayhem and star-crossed lovers, Forsaken: Curse of the Fallen offers the reader an extraordinarily entertaining and intriguing experience. Exploring the joy and anguish of an impossible love, Forsaken follows Arianna and Asher as they fight for not only their relationship, but their lives and quite possibly their souls. Will they be able to trap the killer? What peril will Arianna be in? Can Asher save her?
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Author: Ross Howell Jr.

Publisher: NewSouth Books

ISBN: 1588383172

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 6596

In April 1912 in Hampton, Virginia, white eighteen-year-old reporter Charles Mears covers his first murder case, a trial that roiled racial tensions. An uneducated African American girl, Virginia Christian, was tried for killing her white employer. "Virgie" died in the electric chair one day after her seventeenth birthday, the only female juvenile executed in Virginia history. Charlie tells the story of the trial and its aftermath. Woven into his narrative are actual court records, letters, newspaper stories, and personal accounts, reflecting the arc of history in characters large and small, in events local and global. Charlie falls in love with Harriet, a girl orphaned by the murder; meets Virgie's blind attorney George Fields, a former slave; and encounters physician Walter Plecker, a state official who pursues racial purity laws later emulated in Nazi Germany. There is much to admire in the pages of Forsaken, especially the vivid sense of time and place, Hampton Roads after the Civil War and Reconstruction. The novel's premise is ambitious, its events striking and tragic, and fiction and nonfiction are deftly blended in this powerful read on the themes of injustice, corruption, and racial conflict set in the poisonous epoch known as Jim Crow.
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Author: Jacqueline Wales

Publisher: Half Angel Press

ISBN: 0976290715


Page: 574

View: 7111

A woman of middle years dying of cancer, and an old woman who has lived her life keeping secrets, make a journey from Scotland to Los Angeles to share their story with a young girl given up for adoption twenty-four years earlier.
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Author: Oliver Bowden

Publisher: Panini

ISBN: 3833226870

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 3360

"ICH BIN EIN EXPERTE IM UMGANG MIT DEM SCHWERT. ICH BIN GESCHULT IM HANDWERK DES TODES. TÖTEN BEREITET MIR KEINE FREUDE - ICH BIN NUR SEHR GUT DARIN." 1735 - London. Haytham Kenway wuchs auf mit dem Schwert in der Hand. Als das Anwesen seiner Eltern angegriffen wird, sein Vater hingeschlachtet und seine Schwester entführt wird, verteidigt Haytham sein Heim auf die einzige Weise, die er gelernt hat: Er tötet. Seiner Familie beraubt, begibt sich der Junge in die Obhut eines geheimnisvollen Lehrmeisters, der ihn in die Kunst des effektiven Tötens einführt. Zerfressen von Rachedurst begibt sich Haytham auf einen Kreuzzug der Vergeltung. Verschwörung und Verrat werden zu seinen ständigen Begleitern, als er in den jahrhundertealten Krieg zwischen Templern und Assassinen gerät.
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Author: Michael McBride

Publisher: Pinnacle

ISBN: 0786041617

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 7275

“McBride writes with the perfect mixture of suspense and horror that keeps the reader on edge.” —Examiner IT HAS SURVIVED At a research station in Antarctica, scientists discovered a strange and ancient organism. They thought they could study it, classify it, control it. They couldn’t. IT HAS THRIVED Six months ago, a secret paramilitary team called Unit 51 was sent to the station. They thought the creature was dead, the nightmare was over. It wasn’t. IT HAS EVOLVED In a Mexican temple, archeologists uncover the remains of a half-human hybrid. They believe it is related to the creature in Antarctica, a dark thing of legend that is still alive—and still evolving. They believe it needs a new host to feed, to mutate, to multiply. They’re right. And they’re next. And the human race might just be headed for extinction . . . “Highly recommended for fans of creature horror and the thrillers of Michael Crichton.” —The Horror Review “Thriller powerhouse McBride begins his Unit 51 series . . . neatly executes a sudden shift of mood and tone toward frantic horror when the story flips into a race to escape from savage human-alien hybrid predators in a confined space, evoking feelings of shock and terror.” —Publishers Weekly on Subhuman
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Author: Gina Detwiler

Publisher: Vinspire Publishing, LLC


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 9756

He was forsaken but not forgotten. Nine months have passed since Grace Fortune saw the boy she loves, Jared Lorn, die before her eyes. But Grace’s suspicions have her wondering if Jared really dead. Along with her friends, she sets out to find answers, and the investigation leads to an unexpected place: Silo City, an abandoned silo complex that houses as many dark secrets as it does forsaken people. Very much alive, Jared’s on a mission to save the girl he loves by collaborating with the enemy—a young, brash rock star named Lester Crow who fronts the punk metal band Blood Moon. Jared’s “deal with the devil” will take him on a cross-country journey into the heartland of darkness. The music of Blood Moon is a weapon against God, and Jared must wield this weapon while trying desperately to preserve his mind and soul from its power. Jared and Grace are desperate to be reunited, but first, they must defeat the demonic forces arrayed against them. And pray that Jared, a Nephilim forsaken in God’s eyes, has a chance at a future.
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The Persecution of Christians in Today's Middle East

Author: Daniel Williams

Publisher: OR Books

ISBN: 1682190358

Category: Political Science

Page: 216

View: 5220

“Daniel Williams has given us a vivid portrait of what he rightly calls 'not only a human tragedy but a historic cataclysm.' His compelling blend of historical perspective and on-the-ground reporting in Christian communities across the Middle East gives authority to his practical proposals. This book should be required reading for policymakers in Western capitals.” —Jackson Diehl, deputy editorial page editor, The Washington Post “Veteran Mideast correspondent Dan Williams provides a gripping account of the ongoing persecution and destruction of the Middle East’s ancient Christian communities, while Western leaders continue to look the other way. Forsaken is required reading for anyone who cares about the survival of Christianity in the region of its birth or the fate of Christians forced to flee.” —Trudy Rubin, Worldview columnist, The Philadelphia Inquirer Across the Middle East, Christian communities today find themselves the victims of widening repression: massacres, expulsions, and brutally enforced restrictions on the right to worship have all become commonplace. Such persecution has now reached the point where, in the region that was once its birthplace, Christianity’s very existence is under threat. Radical armed groups such as al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) justify their offensive against the “infidels” with reference to new interpretations of jihad, the Islamic tradition of holy war, that have burgeoned in the region since the US-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq at the beginning of the century. The impact on Christian communities is visible for all to see. In Iraq, the Christian population has withered from well over one million to just 300,000. In Syria, where the word “Christian” was first coined more than two millennia ago, at least half a million Christians, one third of the total, have fled their homes. In Egypt, where the Coptic Church, with its seven million adherents, is as old as the Church of Rome, Christians are emigrating in waves after being squeezed between those who blame them for the 2013 ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood government and a new military dictatorship that is heedless of their civil rights. In this compact, fast-paced survey, Dan Williams pulls together extensive, first-hand reportage, salient historical antecedents, and intelligent political analysis to trace the contours of an unfolding tragedy. The situation of the Christian communities, he notes, has always been a barometer of turbulence in the Middle East. On this reading, storms clouds are today gathering fast.
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Author: Christine Pope

Publisher: Dark Valentine Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 340

View: 8492

More than a year ago, a djinn-created plague nearly wiped out all of humanity… Ever since, Madison Reynolds has been hiding. Leaving her underground sanctuary means risking her life at the hands of vengeful elementals hellbent on killing off the world's few remaining survivors. But when her curiosity and need for exploration get the best of her, she crosses paths with Qadim al-Syan, the new steward of Albuquerque. Despite her better judgment — and her fear of the djinn — she finds herself drawn into his orbit. She knows she must resist her ever-growing attraction for this otherworldly being, who’s unlike any man she’s ever met. But the pull just might be too great. Will succumbing to her desire mark her for certain death? djinn, genie, post-apocalyptic, apocalypse, soul mate, angel, demon
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Author: Jana Oliver

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0330545043

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 448

View: 2333

Riley has always wanted to be a Demon Trapper like her father, and she's already following in his footsteps as one of the best. But it's tough being the only girl in an all-guy world, especially when three of those guys start making her life more complicated: Simon, the angelic apprentice who has heaven on his side; Beck, the tough trapper who thinks he's God's gift, and Ori, the strikingly sexy stranger who keeps turning up to save her ass. One thing’s for sure – if she doesn’t keep her wits about her there’ll be hell to pay . . .
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An American Tragedy in Stalin's Russia

Author: Tim Tzouliadis

Publisher: Penguin Books

ISBN: 9780143115427

Category: History

Page: 436

View: 1865

Traces the lesser-known tale of a group of depression-era Americans who emigrated to Stalinist Russia in search of better opportunities, documenting how they and countless other Americans were arrested, incarcerated within labor camps, or executed over the course of a few years. Reprint.
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Author: Willow Winters,B.B. Hamel

Publisher: Willow Winters Publishing LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 246

View: 2913

From USA Today bestselling author Willow Winters and B. B. Hamel comes a darker emotionally-gripping, standalone, romantic suspense. I should have known that one day I’d be at the mercy of a monster. And all I am is the daughter of his enemy. I was stolen and gifted to him - a dominating, brutal and a cold hearted killer. My pleas fall on deaf ears as I stay trapped and held hostage to his will. He could do anything he wanted with me. And I know what it is he’s looking for. He can’t hide the desire in his gaze. The flicker of heat between us is something I can’t deny either.And as the days grow colder, I’m finding it harder to resist. With each gentle touch and act of kindness that lures me closer to him, I’m finding it impossible to remember why I should fight this. “A powerfully written and deeply emotional read. Where innocence meets darkness and a light finds a way to shine through.” - Dare to Love Romance Book Reviews
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Author: James David Jordan

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 0805447490

Category: Fiction

Page: 387

View: 5047

When Simon Mason, the world's best-known televangelist, receives threats from Muslim terrorists, he hires Taylor Pasbury, a beautiful former Secret Service agent, to take charge of his security. When the terrorists strike, making a demand of the pastor that would shake the most steadfast saint, Taylor draws on all of her hard-knock toughness and training as she fights to save Simon and his daughter.
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Assassin's Creed

Author: Oliver Bowden

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0718193695

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 1265

Assassin's Creed: Forsaken is the latest thrilling novelisation by Oliver Bowden based on the phenomenally successful game series. 'I am an expert swordsman. And I am skilled in the business of death. I take no pleasure in my skill. Simply, I am good at it.' 1735 - London. Haytham Kenway has been taught to use a sword from the age he was able to hold one. When his family's house is attacked - his father murdered and his sister taken by armed men - Haytham defends his home the only way he can: he kills. With no family, he is taken in by a mysterious tutor who trains him to become a deadly killer. Consumed by his thirst for revenge Haytham begins a quest for retribution, trusting no one and questioning everything he has ever known. Conspiracy and betrayal surround him as he is drawn into the centuries old battle between the Assassins and the Templars. The world of the Assassin's has become far more lethal than ever before. Assassin's Creed: Forsaken is based on the phenomenally successful gaming series. Fans of the game will love these stories. Other titles in the series include Assassin's Creed: Renaissance, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Assassin's Creed: The Secret Crusade, and Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Oliver Bowden is the pen-name of an acclaimed novelist.
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Case Studies of the Internally Displaced

Author: Roberta Cohen,Francis M. Deng

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 9780815714989

Category: Political Science

Page: 528

View: 8729

The coerced displacement of people within the borders of their own countries by armed conflicts, internal strife, and systematic violations of human rights has become a pervasive feature of the post Cold War era. The plight of the displaced poses a challenge that is not only humanitarian but a threat to the security and stability of countries, regions, and, through a chain effect, the international system. This book contains case studies of ten countries that have suffered severe problems of internal displacement: Burundi, Rwanda, Liberia, and the Sudan in Africa; the former Yugoslavia and the Caucasus in Europe; Tajikistan and Sri Lanka in Asia; and Colombia and Peru in the Americas. The contributors are Thomas Greene, Randolph C. Kent, Jennifer McLean, Larry Minear, Liliana Obregón, Amir Pasic, Hiram A. Ruiz, Colin Scott, H.L. Seneviratne, Maria Stavropoulou, and Thomas G. Weiss. Additionally, the contributors and editors offer recommendations for further action.
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Author: L. A. Banks

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 9781429901406

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 8925

The Chairman of the Vampire Council is dead, and Lilith, the consort of the Unnamed One, and the Unnamed One himself are out for revenge against Damali Richards, the Vampire Huntress, and her lover, Carlos Rivera. A ruthless and carefully planned strategy---one that not even Damali will anticipate---has been developed. There is only one entity who can best Damali, send Carlos packing, and put the Guardian team at mortal risk. This powerful being was once banished into a forsaken land and possesses everything that would bring a Neteru to his or her knees. This time the fight is not so clear-cut, and it is not only Damali's soul in the balance but her body and heart as well.
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The Global Brutalization of Women

Author: Andrea Parrot,Nina Cummings

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742545793

Category: Political Science

Page: 253

View: 8863

Forsaken Females describes the varied types of violence women experience throughout the life course, from female infanticide and genital mutilation to sexual slavery and trafficking. From a truly global perspective, the book illuminates the diverse ideologies and cultural conditions that condone and perpetuate such brutality against women. In their own compelling words, women describe their personal experiences, victimization, and horrors. This book also addresses the physical, emotional, and economic impact of such violence, and each chapter concludes with examples of promising policies and practices developed to address and reduce violence against women. Book jacket.
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Author: Niki Hanisa

Publisher: Alaf 21

ISBN: 9831245075

Category: English fiction

Page: 354

View: 1146

JAY, BEN AND MAC - They are slayers who devoted their life to eradicate demons from walking among us. They train all their lives defending themselves against these dark entities but it seems not enough as they witnessed their mothers’ deaths. The aftermath crumbles the once strong bond, splitting them onto two different life paths. Forces of darkness are not fi nished with them however. The slayers are forced to rebuild their shattered life, take up the mantle once more and in doing so, hoping to become a family again, stronger than before and kill the one evil who has doomed their life from the start.
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