Author: Brenda O'Neill,Elisabeth Gidengil

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135416559

Category: Political Science

Page: 432

View: 9168

The volume brings together a stellar group of contributors who examine the social capital thesis by means of four different approaches: theoretical, historical, comparative, and empirical. In the end, this book will serve to answer two fundamental questions which have hitherto been neglected: What can a gendered analysis tell us about social capital? And what can social capital tell us about women and politics?
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A Dialogue and Construction

Author: Paula Kyrö,Elisabeth Sundin

Publisher: Copenhagen Business School Press DK

ISBN: 9788763002103

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 310

View: 6258

Human resources are the social capital of a firm or business, based on trust as well as on expertise, values, and cultural diversity. This calls for cross-cultural knowledge â?? an understanding of gender issues and individual differences in the social capital of the firm and society. The dialogue between women entrepreneurship and social capital theory/ research strengthens the fragmented voice of women entrepreneurship, providing the landscape for women entrepreneurs as creators of, and created by, social capital. It indicates how women entrepreneurs appear to have a special position in forming, developing, and reorganizing the social capital in the business world. This book explores social capital in the multiple relationships between gender, management, and entrepreneurship. Twenty-six researchers, representing a variety of disciplines from different parts of the world, provide findings on diverse aspects of the dialogue between women entrepreneurship and social capital. As a consequence, the central concepts â?? social capital, entrepreneurship, and gender â?? are given a variety of meanings. Women entrepreneurs and business owners â?? regardless of their cultural context, branch, and education â?? provide interesting ideas to the global debate on equality and social capital.
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Gender, Vulnerability, and Social Capital

Author: Charles Che Fonchingong

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 0761861262

Category: Social Science

Page: 250

View: 1191

For the governments of many developing African nations, providing income security for the older population is difficult, particularly in Cameroon. This book uncovers the complex problem of pension deficits and difficulties providing welfare and other forms of social assistance. A vast majority of older people in Cameroon remain unassisted and battling to survive, with increasingly fragmented family and community oriented forms of support. As the older population increases, fundamental concerns remain: Is care provided only by family members sustainable? How does gender factor into this situation, and who bears the brunt of these problems? Borrowing from social capital theory, this book discusses how older people struggle to find new forms of social protection. This book articulates the view that older people display remarkable courage, resilience, and coping strategies which make them not a burden to society, but rather key players in the development process. It proposes achievable policy options that can make a difference in the lives of Cameroon’s older citizens.
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Author: Barbara Hobson,Jane Lewis,Birte Siim

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781781950340

Category: Social Science

Page: 242

View: 6907

This text challenges mainstream thinking on welfare states, citizenship, family, work and social policy. It analyses the corresponding shifts in political discourse, and the changes in socio-political configurations that mirror changing gender relations.
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Women, Markets, and Social Capital in Early Modern Germany

Author: Sheilagh C. Ogilvie

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780198205548

Category: History

Page: 394

View: 496

What role did women play in the pre-industrial European economy? Was it brought about by biology, culture, social institutions, or individual choices? And what were its consequences - for women, for men, for society at large? Women were key to the changes in the European economy between 1600 and 1800 that paved the way for industrialization. But we still know little about this female 'shadow economy' - and nothing quantitative or systematic. This book tackles these questions in a new way. It uses a unique micro-level database and rich qualitative sources to illuminate women's contribution to a particular pre-industrial economy: the German state of Württemberg, which was in many ways typical of early modern Europe. Markets expanded here between 1600 and 1800, opening opportunities outside the household for both women and men. But they were circumscribed by strong 'social networks' - local communities and rural guilds with state support. Modern political scientists have praised social networks for generating 'social capital' - shared norms and collective sanctions which benefit network insiders, and sometimes the whole society. But this book reveals the dark side of 'social capital': insiders excluded and harmed outsiders, especially women, to the detriment of the economy at large. Early modern European economies differed widely in their restrictions on the role of women. But the monocausal approaches (technological, cultural, institutional) that dominate the existing literature cannot explain these differences. This book proposes an alternative approach driven by the decision individual women themselves made as they negotiated a wide array of constraints and pressures (including technological, cultural, and institutional ones). We are not only brought closer to the 'bitter living' pre-industrial women scraped together , but find out how it came to be so bitter, and how restrictions on women inflicted a bitter living on everyone.
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Author: Margaret Lucy Tyler

Publisher: B. Jain Publishers

ISBN: 9788180560590

Category: Medical

Page: 20

View: 8677

When one thinks of the bewilderment and despire of the uninitiated, engaged in a first tussle with Kent’s stupendous Repertory, one is haunted by the old-time story of the man of great authority from Ethiopia.
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Author: Sydney Calkin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1315522071

Category: Political Science

Page: 190

View: 9571

Human Capital in Gender and Development addresses timely feminist debates about the relationship between feminism, neoliberalism, and international development. The book engages with human capital theory, a labour economics theory associated with the Chicago School that now animates a wide range of political and economic governance. The book argues that human capital theory has been instrumental in constructing an economistic vision of gender equality as a tool for economic growth, and girls and women of the global South as the quintessential entrepreneurs of the post-global financial crisis era. The book’s critique of human capital theory and its role in Gender and Development gives insights into the kinds of development interventions that typify the ‘Gender Equality as Smart Economics’ agenda of the World Bank and other international development institutions. From the World Bank, to NGOs, and private businesses, discourses about the economic benefits of gender equality and women’s empowerment underpin a range of development interventions that aim to unlock the ‘untapped’ potential of the world’s women. Its implications are both conceptual and material, producing more interventionist forms of development governance, increased power by private sector actors in development, and de-politicization of gender equality issues. Human Capital in Gender and Development will be of particular interest to feminist scholars in Politics, International Relations, Development Studies, and Human Geography. It will also be a useful resource for teaching key debates about feminism, neoliberalism, and international development.
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Sex, Status and Social Capital

Author: Kenneth W. Koput,Barbara A. Gutek

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1849809089

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 160

View: 7431

This illuminating monograph introduces a status-equilibrating, social capital explanation for the persistent gender stratification in the field of information technology. The authors analyze why the workforce has become increasingly male-dominated over time by looking at how pre-employment conditions provide different experiences and opportunities for women and men. Employing a large-scale, longitudinal data set, this book forays further into the field than other contemporary studies, where all too often the debate focuses on broad and potentially too-far-reaching differences between men and women that are difficult to prove, making for spirited conversation but little else. The authors collect, analyze and present data on social interactions, sex-role attitudes and behavior, leadership, demographics, program retention, job placement, and career attitudes for five cohorts of undergraduate students spanning their last two years in a management information science program and through the job search process. By testing novel theory against their data, the authors demonstrate how structural factors interact with individual characteristics to determine not only who enters the field, but also how they enter it and whether they are likely to stay. These and other analyses ultimately lead to concrete suggestions for addressing gender stratification in the IT industry.
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Closing the Knowledge Gap

Author: Agnes R. Quisumbing,Ruth Meinzen-Dick,Terri L. Raney,André Croppenstedt,Julia A. Behrman,Amber Peterman

Publisher: Springer Science & Business

ISBN: 940178616X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 444

View: 1721

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) produced a 2011 report on women in agriculture with a clear and urgent message: agriculture underperforms because half of all farmers—women—lack equal access to the resources and opportunities they need to be more productive. This book builds on the report’s conclusions by providing, for a non-specialist audience, a compendium of what we know now about gender gaps in agriculture.
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Author: Matthew Nicholson,Russell Hoye

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0750685867

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 363

View: 8498

Despite the importance of sport as a social, economic and political institution, research into sport and social capital has not been extensive. Sport and Social Capital is the first book to examine this increasingly high profile area in detail. It explores the ways in which sport contributes to the creation, development, maintenance and, in some cases, diminution of social capital. Written by an internationally renowned author team who are leading figures in this area of study, this engaging and far-reaching text brings leading research from around the world into one comprehensively edited volume. Themes covered in the book include: education, gender, policy, community, youth sport, diversity and many more. It is essential reading for sport management, sport development and sport sociology students around the globe and offers fascinating and invaluable insight to interested stakeholders from industry, community and government. * A progressive text written by the top authors in the field and comprehensively edited into a unified volume * An analysis of the importance of sport and its relationship to social capital within local, national and international communities * Comprehensive coverage of themes such as, education, policy, community, youth sport, diversity and many more * Contributions from the UK, Australia, Canada, USA and Norway
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An International Research Program

Author: Nan Lin,Bonnie H. Erickson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199565988

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 468

View: 5918

The volume brings together some of the leading scholars around the world working on social capital to study how individuals and groups access and use their social relations and social connections to do better in society in order to achieve their goals.
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Author: N.A

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 1784416894

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 216

View: 8795

This volume examines the complex nature and interplay of gender, careers and inequalities in the fields of medicine and medical education through interdisciplinary, comparative and critical perspectives. Scholars will bring insights from across disciplines of social sciences, including sociology, medical anthropology, psychology, and HRM.
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Author: Fiona Kay,Richard Johnston

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 077484003X

Category: Political Science

Page: 368

View: 7041

Social capital is arguably the most critical idea to emerge in the social sciences in the last two decades. Emphasizing the importance of social networks, communication, and the symbolic and material exchanges that strengthen communities, social capital has been the subject of an expansive body of literature. Social Capital, Diversity, and the Welfare State represents a landmark consideration of the diverse meanings, causal foundations, and positive and negative consequences of social capital, with a particular focus on its role in mitigating or enhancing social inequalities. The chapters, written by economists, political scientists, and sociologists, address a range of empirical and theoretical issues. This book is cutting-edge addition to the field that offers fresh insights into the conceptualization, operation, sources, and consequences of social capital in Canadian society.
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Testing the Sen Hypothesis

Author: Professor of Economic and Social History Jan Luiten van Zanden

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 135181561X


Page: N.A

View: 571

How has 'agency' - or the ability to define and act upon one's goals - contributed to global long-term economic development during the last 150 years? This book asserts that autonomous decision making, and female agency in particular, increases the potential of a society to generate economic growth and improve its institutions. Inspired by Amartya Sen's capabilities approach and looking at this in comparison to contemporary economic theory, the collection of chapters tackles the issue of agency from the micro level of household and family formation and asks how this applies to gender at regional and state level. It brings to the fore new empirical data from across the globe to test the links between family systems, female agency, human capital formation, political institutions and economic development and puts these into broader historical context. It will appeal to scholars researching social policy, gender studies, economic history, development studies and philosophy, as well anyone with interests in the long-term societal development of the world economy and issues of global inequality.
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Concepts, Research, Policy

Author: Sylvia H. Chant

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1849805164

Category: Social Science

Page: 736

View: 2128

. . . possibly the most comprehensive contribution to a detailed and thorough analysis of gendered dimensions of international poverty contexts, causes, and consequences ever brought together into one volume. Gender and Development I recommend this book to be a staple of reference libraries. British Politics and Policy With international attention focused on halving poverty by 2015, the appearance of The International Handbook of Gender and Poverty is both timely and essential. Sylvia Chant is to be congratulated for producing a state-of-the-art compendium of everything you need to know about the often hidden, gendered, dimensions of poverty. Edited and written by leading scholars and policy advisers, the Handbook comprehensively covers the key themes that are vital to understanding poverty as a gendered process, combining policy lessons with theoretical insight. Richly illustrated with examples from across the world, this book will not only be welcomed by all those dedicated to the study of poverty, but, by casting new light on its causes, will also help to develop appropriate measures to tackle it. Professor Maxine Molyneux, Institute for the Study of the Americas, University of London, UK While each of the articles in this impressive collection makes an original contribution to the conceptual, empirical and policy analysis of gender and poverty, together they provide a comprehensive overview of the field and an essential resource for all sections of the development community. Professor Sylvia Chant is to be congratulated for bringing together some of the leading thinkers in the field from across the world. This is not only an unprecedented feat of international co-operation but feminist collaboration at its best. Professor Naila Kabeer, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK These diverse, thoughtful essays go far beyond a mere summary of international scholarship. They outline a fascinating and provocative agenda for future policy-relevant research. This book will help redefine and revitalise the field of gender and development. Professor Nancy Folbre, Department of Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA In the interests of contextualising (and nuancing) the multiple interrelations between gender and poverty, Sylvia Chant has gathered writings on diverse aspects of the subject from a range of disciplinary and professional perspectives, achieving extensive thematic as well as geographical coverage. This benchmark volume presents women s and men s experiences of gendered poverty with respect to a vast spectrum of intersecting issues including local to global economic transformations, family, age, race , migration, assets, paid and unpaid work, health, sexuality, human rights, and conflict and violence. The Handbook also provides up-to-the-minute reflections on how to theorise, measure and represent the connections between gender and poverty, and to contemplate how gendered poverty is affected and potentially redressed by policy and grassroots interventions. An unprecedented and ambitious blend of conceptual, methodological, empirical and practical offerings from a host of established as well as upcoming scholars and professionals from across the globe lends the volume a distinctive and critical edge. Notwithstanding the broad scope of The International Handbook of Gender and Poverty, one theme in common to most of its 100-plus chapters is the need to en-gender analysis and initiatives to combat poverty and inequality at local, national and international levels. As such, the volume will inspire its readers not only to reflect deeply on poverty and gender injustice, but also to consider what to do about it. This book will be essential reading for all with academic, professional or personal interests in gender, poverty, inequality, development, and social, political and economic change in the contemporary world.
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An Encyclopedia

Author: Barbara J. Bank

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313041962

Category: Education

Page: 892

View: 7417

Educators explore the intersection of gender and education. Their entries deal with educational theories, research, curricula, practices, personnel, and policies, but also with variations in the gendering of education across historical and cultural contexts. The various contributors discuss gender as a social construction. The latest research on boys and masculinities, as well as girls and feminism, is included.
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Author: Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Publisher: James Lorimer & Company

ISBN: 9781550287158

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 152

View: 9255

Acknowledgements 1. Introduction 2. Knitted warmth and the wealth of nations 3. Co-operation and social cohesion in the modern economy 4. Social Cohesion and human development 5. Inequality 6. Problems of scaling-up 7. Policies for cohesion 8. A new vision of social cohesion Bibliography Index
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The Long Road to Reintegration

Author: Angela J. Hattery,Earl Smith

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739143905

Category: Social Science

Page: 166

View: 2591

'If you do the crime you gotta do the time.' This adage reflects the overall attitude most Americans have about crime and the criminal justice system. Implicit in this adage is the notion that once 'the time' is done, the individual is free to re-enter society and resume a normal life. In Prisoner Re-entry and Social Capital, authors Earl Smith and Angela J. Hattery challenge this myth. Prisoner Re-entry and Social Capital takes as its starting point interviews with twenty-five men and women during the summer of 2008 about their experiences with re-entering the 'free world' after a period of incarceration. By analyzing the experiences of these men and women, Smith and Hattery look in depth at the factors that inhibit successful re-entry and illustrate some successes and failures. The book examines individual characteristics that inhibit successful re-entry such as addiction and sex offender status as well as the unique challenges faced by women. Uniquely, Smith and Hattery focus on the role that social capital plays as one of the most important factors that shapes the re-entry experience. Today, one of the most pressing issues facing scholars, those who work in the criminal justice system, and the citizenry as a whole is the extraordinarily high rate of recidivism. These interviews and analyses provide a deeper and more precise understanding of the biases faced by re-entry felons in the labor market and work to address the key barriers to re-entry in hopes to aid in their elimination.
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A Study of the United States, China and Taiwan

Author: Nan Lin,Yang-chih Fu,Chih-jou Jay Chen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135012334

Category: Social Science

Page: 430

View: 4739

This volume is a collection of original studies based on one of the first research programs on comparative analysis of social capital. Data are drawn from national representative samples of the United States, China and Taiwan. The three societies selected for study allow the examination of how political-economic regimes (command versus market) and cultural factors (family centrality versus diverse social ties) affect the characteristics of social ties and social networks from which resources are accessed and mobilized.
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Author: John Field

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415257530

Category: Social Science

Page: 165

View: 5466

This is an indispensable introduction to the topic which explains the theoretical underpinning of the subject, the empirical work that has been done to explore its operation and the effect that it has had on policy making."--Jacket.
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