Author: Valerie Porter

Publisher: Diamond Farm Book Pubns


Category: Nature

Page: 179

View: 3088

Here, Valerie Porter takes a look at the world's goats. Over 350 breeds and types are covered, with an explanation of the characteristics and history of each breed, and an examination of the goat's place in the world.
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One Woman's Quest to Save the World One Goat At A Time

Author: Leanne Lauricella

Publisher: Rock Point Gift & Stationery

ISBN: 1631062859

Category: Humor

Page: 138

View: 7563

Get ready to party—the goats are back in town! Based on the popular Instagram account, Goats of Anarchy takes you on a tour of Leanne’s goat rescue farm, a place where special-needs goats can heal, grow, and butt heads to their hearts’ content. Join Pocket, Ella, Chibs, Lyla, Prospect and Polly--the goat who took the Internet by storm with her adorable duck costume--as they rumble, snuggle, pig out, dress up, and even teach you a few goat yoga moves to loosen your haunches. Whether they’re learning to walk or just romping around the farm, these horned and hooved heartbreakers will have you grinning ear to ear as they chew the scenery—literally! When she left New York City for the wilds of New Jersey in 2011, Leanne Lauricella knew nothing about animal sanctuaries. She started her Instagram account, @goatsofanarchy, shortly after getting her first two goats, Jax and Opie. Today, Leanne’s Instagram has over 280,000 followers, and is the winner of the 2016 People’s Voice Webby Award for Animal-Based Social Media Account.
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Antelopes, Gazelles, Cattle, Goats, Sheep, and Relatives

Author: José R. Castelló

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 1400880653

Category: Nature

Page: 664

View: 3798

Bovids are a diverse group of ruminant mammals that have hooves and unbranched hollow horns. Bovids of the World is the first comprehensive field guide to cover all 279 bovid species, including antelopes, gazelles, cattle, buffaloes, sheep, and goats. From the hartebeest of Africa and the takin of Asia to the muskox of North America, bovids are among the world's most spectacular animals and this stunningly illustrated and easy-to-use field guide is an ideal way to learn more about them. The guide covers all species and subspecies of bovids described to date. It features more than 300 superb full-color plates depicting every kind of bovid, as well as detailed facing-page species accounts that describe key identification features, horn morphology, distribution, subspeciation, habitat, and conservation status in the wild. This book also shows where to observe each species and includes helpful distribution maps. Suitable for anyone with an interest in natural history, Bovids of the World is a remarkable and attractive reference, showcasing the range and beauty of these important mammals. The first comprehensive field guide to all 279 bovid species 337 full-color plates, with more than 1,500 photographs Detailed species accounts describe key identification features, distribution, subspeciation, habitat, behavior, reproduction, and conservation status Fully updated and revised taxonomy, with common and scientific names Easy-to-read distribution maps
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40,000 Miles and the Quest for the Perfect Cheese

Author: Margaret Hathaway,Karl Schatz

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781599216294

Category: Nature

Page: 224

View: 8002

Many people dream of leaving the workaday world for a life of simplicity and freedom, and Margaret Hathaway and her then-boyfriend Karl did just that. In Year of the Goat, the reader can jump in the "goat mobile" with them as they ditch their big-city lifestyle to trek across 43 states in search of greener pastures and the perfect goat cheese. Along the way, the reader is introduced to a vivid cast of characters--including farmers, breeders, cheese makers, and world-class chefs--and learns everything there is to know about goats and getting back to the land. But readers beware: when it comes to goat cheese, it can be love at first bite.
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The Mountain Goat Observed

Author: N.A

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803264212

Category: Nature

Page: 208

View: 710

"In North America there is one large animal that belongs almost entirely to the realm of towering rock and unmelting snow. Pressing hard against the upper limit of life's possibilities, it exists higher and steeper throughout the year than any other big beast on the continent. It is possibly the best and most complete mountaineer that ever existed on any continent. Oreamnos americanus is its scientific name. Its common name is mountain goat." Resourceful, belligerent, and unbelievably sure-footed, the mountain goat is a white-coated survivor from the Ice Age. Oreamnos americanus shares its dizzying alpine world with elk, eagles, bighorn sheep, and grizzlies. This first full-length book on the mountain goat offers a superbly written portrait of its life, habits, and environment. Douglas H. Chadwick tracked mountain goat herds for seven years, and his observations are richly textured and replete with fascinating and dramatic details. We learn of the mountain goats' lives from birth to adulthood, their feeding habits, unique social behavior and courtship rituals, and their long history. Chadwick also makes clear the troubling and escalating impact of the modern world on the mountain goat's wilderness home. This Bison Books edition features a new introduction by the author.
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Author: Luan Starova,Christina E. Kramer

Publisher: University of Wisconsin Pres

ISBN: 029929093X

Category: Fiction

Page: 154

View: 6979

It’s the late 1940s in Skopje, Yugoslavia, in the critical year leading to Tito’s break with Stalin. Pushed to leave mountain villages to become the new proletariat in urban factories, a flood of peasants crowds into Skopje—and with them, all of their goats. Suffering from hunger, Skopje’s citizens welcome the newcomers. But municipal leaders are faced with a dilemma when the central government issues an order calling for the slaughter of the country’s goat population. With food so scarce, will they hide the outlawed animals? Or will they comply with the edict and endure the bite of hunger? The Time of the Goats is the second novel in Luan Starova’s acclaimed multivolume Balkan saga. It follows the main characters from My Father’s Books and the tragicomic events of their lives in Skopje as the narrator’s intellectual father and the head goatherd become friends. As local officials clumsily carry out absurd policies, Starova conveys the bonds of understanding and mutual support that form in Skopje’s poorest neighborhoods. At once historical and allegorical, folkloric and fantastic, The Time of the Goats draws lyrically on Starova’s own childhood.
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Author: Osman Mahgoub, Isam T. Kadim and Edward Webb

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 9781845938505

Category: Electronic books

Page: 361

View: 8284

This book focuses on the most important areas of goat meat production. It is divided into 15 chapters discussing the role of genetics, breeding, reproduction and nutrition in producing good quality, profitable goat meat. The mineral, amino acid and fatty acid composition of goat meat is also addressed, along with a discussion of its nutritive value, aimed at highlighting its health benefits over other red meats. Specific topics are as follows: overview of the global goat meat sector; goat meat production systems; carcass traits of hardy tropical goats; genetics and breeding of meat goats; reproductive efficiency for increased meat production in goats; nutrition of the meat goat; growth, development and growth manipulation in goats; role of objective and subjective evaluation in the production and marketing of goats for meat; tissue distribution in the goat carcass; influences of diets on fatty acid composition of edible tissues of meat goat; mineral composition of goat meat; linear body measurements and carcass characteristics of goats; nutritive value and quality characteristics of goat meat; effect of early nutrition on carcass and meat quality of young goats under milk production systems; and effects of feeding system and diet on the body lipid composition of young goats.
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Author: Barbara Rischkowsky,Dafydd Pilling

Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.

ISBN: 9789251057629

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 511

View: 4041

Sustainable management of the world's livestock genetic diversity is of vital importance to agriculture, food production, rural development and the environment. This publication is the first global assessment of these resources. Drawing on 169 Country Reports, contributions from a number of international organizations and 12 specially commissioned thematic studies, it presents an analysis of the state of agricultural biodiversity in the livestock sector - origins and development, uses and values, distribution and exchange, risk status and threats - and of capacity to manage these resources - institutions, policies and legal frameworks, structured breeding activities and conservation programs. Needs and challenges are assessed in the context of the forces driving change in livestock production systems. Tools and methods to enhance the use and development of animal genetic resources are explored in sections on the state of the art in characterization, genetic improvement, economic evaluation and conservation. As well providing a technical reference document, the country-based preparation of "The State of the World" has led to a process of policy development and a "Global Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources", which once adopted, will provide an agenda for action by the international community.--Publisher's description.
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Author: Young W. Park,George F. W. Haenlein

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470999721

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 472

View: 7602

No one can deny the fact that the cow is the primary dairy animal species to provide humans with nutritious dairy foods through its abundance of lacteal secretion. The goat or other minor dairy species will never be able to compete with the cow in terms of the volume of milk production. Yet, the contribution of milks from other secondary domesticated dairy species to the survival and well-being of mankind around the world is immense and invaluable. Testament to the importance of non-bovine milk is that more people drink the milk of goats than that of any other single species in the world. In developing and under-developed counties, the secondary dairy species play a crucial role in supplying the food and nutritional needs of the people in those regions. Due to the unavailability of cow milk and the low consumption of meat, the milks of minor species such as goat, buffalo, sheep, and camel are critical daily food sources of protein, phosphate and calcium. Furthermore, because of important and inherent hypoallergenic properties, milks of certain species such as goat milk have been recommended as substitutes in diets for those with cow milk allergies. Editors Park and Haenlein have assembled dairy and nutrition experts from around the world to contribute to the Handbook of Milk of Non-Bovine Mammals. Secondary dairy species addressed are the goat, sheep, buffalo, mare, camel, yak, deer (reindeer), sow, llama, alpaca, moose, musk ox, caribou, ass, elk, pinniped, polar bear and human. The book comprehensively covers the most important aspects of milk production including: trends and methods of raw milk production in different regions; compositional, nutritional, therapeutic, physico-chemical, and microbiological characteristics of the milks; processing technology; and types, distribution and consumption of the manufactured products from minor species milks. Of special note is coverage comparing specific human health attributes of milk from the various species, including nutritional, allergenic, immunological, and cultural factors. Because secondary dairy species have such a significant impact on human well-being and survival in many parts of the world, the Handbook of Milk of Non-Bovine Mammals is an essential reference book of leading-edge information for dairy scientists, nutritionists, food chemists, allergy specialists, health professionals, and allied professionals.
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Author: David Mackenzie

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 0571265855

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 374

View: 2138

This is a book every goat-keeper should have. The latest edition has been extensively revised by Ruth Goodwin, a well-known expert, to reflect the changes in the goat-keeping world since publication of the previous edition. She has incorporated her revisions with great skill without losing the character of what is a classic work.
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Raising Goats for Food, Profit, and Fun

Author: Yvonne Zweede-Tucker

Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)

ISBN: 0760340420

Category: Science

Page: 224

View: 4231

DIVLongtime goat rancher Yvonne Zweede-Tucker draws on twenty years of hands-on experience to help you raise your own meat goats. Illustrated throughout with color photography, this instructive handbook includes advice about breeds, feeding, housing, safety, health, kidding, butchering, and selling product. Included is a glossary and a resources appendix. Essential reading for every meat goat owner!/div
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Portraits of Classic Breeds Preened to Perfection

Author: Felicity Stockwell,Andrew Perris

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781782400561

Category: Goats

Page: 112

View: 6260

Beautiful Goats is a photographic ABC of this trusty animal, showcasing the allure of its many breeds, including the Angora, prized for its luxuriant fleece, the diminutive but dominant-looking Pygmy and the extremely rare Bagot. So cosy up under your cashmere blanket and enjoy our line-up of mans trusty servant and friend in this unique goat-to book
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Author: George C. Fthenakis,Paula Menzies

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1455709190

Category: Medical

Page: 264

View: 8878

A comprehensive review of therapeutics and control of sheep and goat diseases for the food animal practitioner! Topics include pharmaceutical control of reproduction in sheep and goats, drug laws and regulations in sheep and goats, treatment and control of peri-parturient metabolic diseases in sheep and goats, treatment and control of mastitis and contagious agalactia, control of important clostridial diseases of sheep, treatment and control of ectoparasites in small ruminants, treatment and control of respiratory disease in sheep, treatment of emergency conditions in sheep and goat, control of brucella ovis infection in sheep, non-pharmaceutical control of endoparasitic infections of sheep, anaesthesia and analgesia in sheep and goats, control of paratuberculosis in sheep and goats, pharmaceutical control of endoparasitic infections in sheep, treatment and control of hoof disorders in sheep and goats, and much more!
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Author: NPCS Board


ISBN: 9381039135


Page: 195

View: 6070

(LIMITED EDITION- ONLY PHOTOSTAT COPY AVAILABLE) Livestock farming is raising animals for food or to sell and is very well planned. Livestock animals play an important role in rural economic development. Some of these animals include cattle or dairy cows, chickens, goats, pigs, sheep, etc. India is the second largest market worldwide and aquaculture contributes 1.5 per cent to the gross domestic product (GDP), Livestock gives us meat, eggs and milk apart from using the skins and hair of some animals for blankets, clothing, and brushes. Manure from these animals will be used to make plants grow better. Poultry farming is raising chickens for meat or eggs and India is the fourth largest market worldwide in poultry. Dairy farms are farms where cows are raised to make milk and milk products like cheese, ice cream, butter and whipping cream. Today, poultry raising and dairy farming are big business. India has a high potential in the sheep industry and also a very diverse genetic resources through which, if scientifically bred the production in sheep industry can be enhanced. India is endowed with livestock resources of vast genetic diversity and accounts for about 11 percent of the world livestock population. The country boasts of 55 per cent of the world buffalo population, 20 per cent of the goat population and 16 per cent of the cattle population in the world. India has the second rank with respect to goat and sheep world population. Indian exports of live animals like sheep and goat over the years continued to dominate with a registered growth of 9.98 per cent over the last three years. The government is making concerted efforts to tap the vast export potential of the country huge livestock population. The aim of this book is to provide some profitable farming & Allied projects for you. You can invest in any farming and allied projects such as: dairy farm to produce milk, poultry processing plant, poultry feed, egg powder, shrimp farming, goat & sheep farming, pig farming, angora rabbit farming, pig meat processing. This book is very useful for one who wants to enter in this field, for businessmen, industrialists and all relevant people.
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The Next Food Revolution

Author: Christopher L. Delgado,Rosegrant, Mark W.,Steinfeld, Henning,Ehui, Simeon K.,Courbois, Claude

Publisher: Intl Food Policy Res Inst

ISBN: 0896296326

Category: Social Science

Page: 72

View: 1689

The livestock revolution; Recent transformation of livestock food demand; Accompanying transformation of livestock supply; Projections of future demand and supply to 2020; Implications of the livestock revolution for world trade and food prices; Nutrition, food security, and poverty alleviation; Environmental sustainability; Public health; Technology needs and prospects; Taking stock and moving forward.
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Exploring the History and Lore of the Windy City

Author: Adam Selzer

Publisher: Museyon

ISBN: 1938450701

Category: History

Page: 272

View: 2719

Discover the fascinating history of Chicago—home to Barack Obama, Al Capone, the Chicago Cubs, politicians, mobsters, and more—told through 24 dramatic true stories. Known as an expert on Chicago's folklore and crime stories, Adam Selzer takes readers through Chicago's history from the 1800s to the present with tales of the politicians, eccentrics, and the famous and infamous who shaped the city. Essays explore historic events from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 to the beginnings of the film era (Chicago was home to film long before Hollywood) and the historical contributions to the birth of rock 'n' roll. Also included are guided walking tours around many of the sites mentioned, illustrated with color photographs and maps.
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Angora, Dairy, and Meat Goats in Temperate and Tropical Countries

Author: N.A

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 9780309031851

Category: Animal nutrition

Page: 91

View: 3871

Each of these popular handbooks contains comprehensive information on the nutritional needs of domestic animals and includes extensive tabular data. All are paperback and 8 1/2 x 11. Some books come with diskettes or Cds that allow users to predict nutrient requirements of specific animals under various conditions and at various life stages.
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Issues and Prospects

Author: A. Kumar

Publisher: Sarup & Sons

ISBN: 9788176252126

Category: Agriculture

Page: 329

View: 675

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Author: Jakob Wilhelm Grimm

Publisher: epubli

ISBN: 3746703336

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: N.A

View: 1086

Wichtiger Hinweis: Die Vorschau als "PDF" verfälscht die Qualität von diesem eBook! Auf Ihrem eBook-Reader wird diese ePub-Datei hervorragend angezeigt. Der Wolf und die sieben jungen Geißlein (oft nur Der Wolf und die sieben Geißlein) ist ein bekanntes Tiermärchen. Es steht in den Kinder- und Hausmärchen der Brüder Grimm an Stelle 5 und ist ab der 5. Auflage beeinflusst durch Die sieben Gaislein in August Stöbers Elsässisches Volksbüchlein (1842, Nr. 242). Ludwig Bechstein übernahm es ebenfalls nach Stöber in sein Deutsches Märchenbuch als Die sieben Geißlein (1845 Nr. 56, 1853 Nr. 47).
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