Easyread Comfort Edition

Author: Jennie Hall

Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com

ISBN: 1425008712

Category: History

Page: 156

View: 7982

Hall has captured the true spirit of the ancient age through her vibrant portrayal of voyage in this book. It includes historical explorations of unknown Islands. These adventurous tales, including the discovery of America (named Vinland) by the Norse, are a gripping chronicle of the human desire for exploration and a tantalizing glimpse of what would many centuries later become the New World.
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Author: Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque,Reinaldo Farias Paiva de Lucena,Luiz Vital Fernandes Cruz da Cunha,Rômulo Romeu Nóbrega Alves

Publisher: Humana Press

ISBN: 9781493989188

Category: Science

Page: 342

View: 1350

Ethnobiology and ethnoecology have become very popular in recent years. Particularly in the last 20 years, many manuals of methods have published the most classical approaches to the subject. There have been, however, many advances in research as a result of interaction with different disciplines, but also due to more recent results, new original and interesting questions. This handbook provides the current state of the art methods and techniques in ethnobiology and ethnoecology, and related fields. This new volume, besides bringing new and original aspects of what is found in the literature, fills some of the gaps in volume one by including the most systematic and extensive treatment of methods and techniques in qualitative research. Along with the various methods covered in the individual chapters, the handbook also includes an extensive bibliography that details the current literature in the field.
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A Portuguese Indiaman at the Mouth of the Tagus River

Author: Filipe Vieira de Castro

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 1603445994

Category: History

Page: 300

View: 7573

An account of the history and evacuation of the Portuguese merchant ship, Nossa Senhora dos Martires, sunk at the mouth of the Tagus River in 1606.
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Author: Samantha Hepburn

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107663237

Category: Law

Page: 450

View: 8563

This text is an ideal starting point to understand the regulatory regimes and policy challenges relevant to Australia's mining sector.
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A Fraternal Biography in Letters

Author: Ronald A. Bosco,Joel Myerson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195349856

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 456

View: 6026

The Emerson Brothers: A Fraternal Biography in Letters is a narrative and epistolary biography drawn from the unpublished lifelong correspondence exchanged among four brothers: Charles Chauncy, Edward Bliss, Ralph Waldo, and William Emerson. This is an extensive correspondence, for not counting Waldo's previously published letters, there are 768 letters exchanged among the brothers and an additional 483 unpublished letters from the brothers to their aunt Mary Moody Emerson, mother Ruth Haskins Emerson, and Charles' fianc?e Elizabeth Hoar, among others. While lesser figures might have faltered under the burden of having been born an Emerson, with social, political, and ecclesiastic roots extending back to the first century of New England settlement, the brothers' letters reveal that all were invigorated by a shared sense of origin and aspired to make a significant reputation for themselves. Across six richly developed chapters, the signal events and friendships that shaped the Emerson brothers' lives are strung together to reveal a remarkable family culture. For the first time, The Emerson Brothers treats the illustrious history of the Emerson family in America as a foreshadowing of expectations the brothers inherited; defines the extent of Waldo's debt to William for his encounter with German Biblical Criticism; develops Charles' and Edward's incredibly promising but ultimately tragic lives; examines the profound emotional and intellectual impact of Aunt Mary on the younger Emersons; considers the three-year courtship between Charles and Elizabeth Hoar in the context of Waldo's own marriages; and studies the brothers' preoccupation with financial security for "the family" (revealing, too, that finances were at least as powerful a motivation behind Waldo's 1832 resignation from Boston's Second Church as were the death of his first wife and his religious doubts). This biography approaches Waldo's inner life in a way that makes him a figure to imagine personally by portraying him in relation to his brothers who are his intellectual equals. It offers an imaginative social and cultural history of one of our oldest and most gifted families, unique players in a period often considered to be the "American Renaissance."
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Their Culture, Environment, and Use

Author: Craig R. Elevitch

Publisher: PAR

ISBN: 0970254458

Category: Gardening

Page: 800

View: 4278

"This book is for the person who lives in the tropics or subtropics and is interested in native plants, who wants to know about plants that are useful, who loves to watch plants grow, and who is willing to work with them. Such a person might ask questions like, Where will they grow? How do I grow them? Are they good to eat? How are they used? What are their names? These questions and more are answered here."--Préf.
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Author: Steven Béla Várdy,T. Hunt Tooley,Agnes Huszar Vardy

Publisher: East European Monographs


Category: Armenian massacres, 1915-1923

Page: 860

View: 2262

This volume is the result of the conference on Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth-Century Europe held a Duquesne University in 2000. It encompasses an array of case studies, behaviours, origins and patterns, such topics as ethnic cleansing in World War II and its aftermath.
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Teaching Science Online and at a Distance

Author: Dietmar Karl Kennepohl,Lawton Shaw

Publisher: Athabasca University Press

ISBN: 1897425473

Category: Education

Page: 282

View: 1264

The aim of this collection is to inform science educators about current practices in online and distance education: distance-delivered methods for laboratory coursework, the requisite administrative and institutional aspects of online and distance teaching, as well as the relevant educational theory. Delivery of university-level courses through online and distance education can overcome barriers such as geographical location, lecture and lab scheduling, or their job and family commitments, distance delivery offers practical alternatives to traditional on-campus education. The growing recognition and acceptance of distance education, coupled with the rapidly increasing demand for accessibility and flexible delivery of courses, has made distance education a viable and popular option to for many people in meeting their science-educational goals.
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Improving the situation of low-income workers. Empowerment of people experiencing extreme poverty

Author: N.A

Publisher: Council of Europe

ISBN: 9287168423

Category: Law

Page: 117

View: 4798

Poverty has become a challenge for European societies. Employment is often considered to be a key route out of poverty, whereas unemployment is seen as a major cause of poverty and social exclusion. Employment does not prevent poverty among the working population, however, and low-income employment has become an important policy issue in Europe. Empowerment of those experiencing extreme poverty in their daily life is one strategy to combat this phenomenon. Empowerment provides individuals living in poverty with the tools which enhance their ability to deal with the situation. This publication is designed to assist policy makers and service providers at national and local levels to develop effective strategies to improve the situation of low-income workers and to empower people experiencing extreme poverty in Europe. it is an important contribution To The implementation of the Council of Europe's Revised Social Cohesion Strategy, As well as To The European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, launched by the European Union in 2010.
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Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry

Author: Frank Kempken,Christian Jung

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642023910

Category: Science

Page: 675

View: 2949

Conceived with the aim of sorting fact from fiction over genetically modified (GM) crops, this book brings together the knowledge of 30 specialists in the field of transgenic plants. It covers the generation and detection of these plants as well as the genetic traits conferred on transgenic plants. In addition, the book looks at a wide variety of crops, ornamental plants and tree species that are subject to genetic modifications, assessing the risks involved in genetic modification as well as the potential economic benefits of the technology in specific cases. The book’s structure, with fully cross-referenced chapters, gives readers a quick access to specific topics, whether that is comprehensive data on particular species of ornamentals, or coverage of the socioeconomic implications of GM technology. With an increasing demand for bioenergy, and the necessary higher yields relying on wider genetic variation, this book supplies all the technical details required to move forward to a new era in agriculture.
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Author: Jane Austen

Publisher: Alma Books

ISBN: 0714548669

Category: Fiction

Page: 225

View: 4260

Comprising one finished novel, Lady Susan, which was published posthumously, and two unfinished fragments, Sanditon and The Watsons, this collection - full of melodrama and burlesque, and exploring a range of literary styles and social classes - spans the entirety of Jane Austen's writing life.The epistolary novel Lady Susan is the darkly humorous tale of the amatory schemes and machinations of an ambitious and unprincipled coquette. The Watsons is the tale of the refined and well-educated Emma Watson, forced by the second marriage of her aunt to return to the house of her impecunious father and face the marital plots and intrigues of her sisters. Begun in the last few months of Jane Austen's life, Sanditon, set in a fast-growing former fishing village, swiftly becoming a fashionable resort, pokes fun at the inhabitants of the new coastal town, with all their hypochondria, witlessness and self-obsession.
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Education, Technology and Social Change

Author: Keri Facer

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136728228

Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 7866

In the twenty-first century, educators around the world are being told that they need to transform education systems to adapt young people for the challenges of a global digital knowledge economy. Too rarely, however, do we ask whether this future vision is robust, achievable or even desirable, whether alternative futures might be in development, and what other possible futures might demand of education. Drawing on ten years of research into educational innovation and socio-technical change, working with educators, researchers, digital industries, students and policy-makers, this book questions taken-for-granted assumptions about the future of education. Arguing that we have been working with too narrow a vision of the future, Keri Facer makes a case for recognizing the challenges that the next two decades may bring, including: the emergence of new relationships between humans and technology the opportunities and challenges of aging populations the development of new forms of knowledge and democracy the challenges of climate warming and environmental disruption the potential for radical economic and social inequalities. This book describes the potential for these developments to impact critical aspects of education – including adult-child relationships, social justice, curriculum design, community relationships and learning ecologies. Packed with examples from around the world and utilising vital research undertaken by the author while Research Director at the UK’s Futurelab, the book helps to bring into focus the risks and opportunities for schools, students and societies over the coming two decades. It makes a powerful case for rethinking the relationship between education and social and technological change, and presents a set of key strategies for creating schools better able to meet the emerging needs of their students and communities. An important contribution to the debates surrounding educational futures, this book is compelling reading for all of those, including educators, researchers, policy-makers and students, who are asking the question 'how can education help us to build desirable futures for everyone in the context of social and technological change?'
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Author: Ed Gogek

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781630512309

Category: Psychology

Page: 332

View: 4080

Marijuana subtly damages the teenage brain, causing lifelong problems. Yet four million teens in Canada and the United States use the drug, a half million of them daily. For those who have heard only the pro-legalization side, this book presents the case against marijuana on an equal footing. In it, you will learn: - The scientific research refuting all the pro-marijuana talking points - Why marijuana is not safe for adolescents, especially those behind the wheel - How the news media helped to create an epidemic of teenage use - Why the promise of tax revenue is a mirage - Why legalization would be an economic burden on society - The misleading language used by pro-legalization partisans - Why marijuana laws that prohibit use are good for the public health Ed Gogek, MD, an addiction psychiatrist for 30 years, has treated more than 10,000 addicts and alcoholics in jails, prisons, homeless clinics, mental health centers and substance abuse treatment programs. His opinion pieces on addiction and mental health have appeared in the New York Times and over a dozen major U.S. newspapers. He received his medical training in Canada and the United States. ""Dr. Gogek has a unique ability to master the complex and hotly contested material to make it understandable. His book has a strong message that our nation, including both Left and Right, needs today when most discussions of drug policy are filled with dangerous misinformation."" Robert L. DuPont, MD First Director of National Institute of Drug Abuse Second White House Drug Chief ""This book is a must-read for anyone who cares about accuracy and fairness in news coverage." " Christine Tatum, Former National President, Society of Professional Journalists ""Gogek lists all the pro-legalization arguments in detail, and refutes them exceptionally well."" Library Journal Marijuana Debunked - Published by Chiron Publications - www.ChironPublications.com and www.innerQuestBooks.com
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Author: Maria M. Delgado,Stephen M. Hart,Randal Johnson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118552881

Category: History

Page: 560

View: 3733

A Companion to Latin American Cinema offers a wide-ranging collection of newly commissioned essays and interviews that explore the ways in which Latin American cinema has established itself on the international film scene in the twenty-first century. Features contributions from international critics, historians, and scholars, along with interviews with acclaimed Latin American film directors Includes essays on the Latin American film industry, as well as the interactions between TV and documentary production with feature film culture Covers several up-and-coming regions of film activity such as nations in Central America Offers novel insights into Latin American cinema based on new methodologies, such as the quantitative approach, and essays contributed by practitioners as well as theorists
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Author: Jon Scieszka

Publisher: Viking Childrens Books


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 73

View: 9433

At the beginning of summer vacation Joe, Sam, and Fred find themselves trapped inside their summer reading list, involved in a battle between good and evil characters from well-known children's books.
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Author: Stan Jones,Brenna B. Jones,Joel Spector

Publisher: Navpress Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781600060137

Category: Religion

Page: 41

View: 3895

Describes the anatomy of boys and girls and discusses pregnancy and childbirth from a Christian point of view.
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All Vegan and Mostly Raw Recipes for People Who Love to Eat

Author: Laura Miller

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1250066905

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

View: 2565

Whether you already love vegan food or need some convincing, YouTube star Laura Miller offers more than a hundred entirely vegan and mostly raw recipes for all people who want to eat deliciously. Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. is the debut cookbook from YouTube's Tastemade star Laura Miller. A soon to be modern classic, Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. will engage your taste buds with strengthening breakfasts (avocado grapefruit bowls; ginger maple granola), easy weeknight dinners (golden gazpacho; sweet potato curry), crowd-pleasing party food (mango and coconut jicama tacos; spicy mango chile wraps), irresistible drinks & desserts (lavender cheesecake; chile truffles), and many more nutritious, satisfying dishes that are as beautiful and fun to make as they are healthful. Eschewing a strict or dogmatic approach to raw veganism, Laura's self-deprecating humor, candor about issues of food and body-image, and infectious enthusiasm make her the ideal guide and travel companion for people who want to fall back in love with produce or simply celebrate the joy of real, good food.
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Author: MadeIn (Firm)

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781906072636

Category: Conceptual art

Page: 56

View: 4529

Established in 2009, MadeIn Company is an artists' collective founded by Shanghai-based artist, Xu Zhen (b.1977). Exploring notions of identity, authorship, ethics and commerce, MadeIn's practice embraces a wide range of formal and conceptual strategies. 9 March - 12 May 2012.
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A Novel

Author: Tanwi Nandini Islam

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101600608

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 4649

Named a finalist for the Center for Fiction First Novel Prize, the Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize, and the Edmund White Debut Fiction Award “A Brooklyn-by-way-of-Bangladesh Royal Tenenbaums.”—The Denver Post A vibrant debut novel, set in Brooklyn and Bangladesh, follows three young women and one family struggling to make peace with secrets and their past For as long as she can remember, Ella has longed to feel at home. Orphaned as a child after her parents’ murder, and afflicted with hallucinations at dusk, she’s always felt more at ease in nature than with people. She traveled from Bangladesh to Brooklyn to live with the Saleems: her uncle Anwar, aunt Hashi, and their beautiful daughter, Charu, her complete opposite. One summer, when Ella returns home from college, she discovers Charu’s friend Maya—an Islamic cleric’s runaway daughter—asleep in her bedroom. As the girls have a summer of clandestine adventure and sexual awakenings, Anwar—owner of a popular botanical apothecary—has his own secrets, threatening his thirty-year marriage. But when tragedy strikes, the Saleems find themselves blamed. To keep his family from unraveling, Anwar takes them on a fated trip to Bangladesh, to reckon with the past, their extended family, and each other. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Salvadorean women in struggle for national liberation

Author: Claribel Alegría

Publisher: Womens PressLtd


Category: Social Science

Page: 145

View: 1357

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