The Rise and Rise of the Greedocracy

Author: Stuart Sim

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1780237812

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 7141

Hurling our financial markets through tempests of speculation, driving our businesses into practices of simultaneous austerity (for those on the bottom) and lavish expenditure (for those on the top), and flying high as a banner for outspoken bankers, brokers, and politicians alike has been a prevailing ethos: greed is good. In this book, Stuart Sim calls for an end to this madness, exposing the massively damaging effects that greed has had on both public and private life and showing how the actions of a socially irresponsible “greedocracy” have systematically undermined our democratic institutions. Ranging across politics, economic theory, finance, healthcare, the food industry, sports, religion, and the arts, Sim demonstrates how deeply embedded the greed imperative is in human psychology. As he shows, all of us as individuals are capable of greed—usually in small and insignificant ways—but some embrace it to the extreme, and moreover it has thrived as a powerful force in our wider culture and institutions, asserting itself everywhere we go. The food industry encourages us to overeat. The medical industry has increasingly been driven by profits rather than well-being. Corporations hypocritically claim fiscal responsibility, driving down workers’ wages while paying executives—even those who drive the business into the ground—record sums. Looking at larger phenomena such as the increasing wealth gap and exponential population growth, Sim also proffers various ways we can deal with greed in our day-to-day lives. And as he shows, we must deal with it. Insatiable is a wakeup call to recognize the horrible effects that greed is having on our relationships, institutions, cultures, environment—even on our own bodies—and that we must resist it wherever we can.
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Author: Stuart Sim

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 178023550X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 160

View: 3611

There are many reasons to despair over the state of the world today: climate change, war, terrorism, social injustice, and an utter failure by our political systems to fix them. Yet there will always be those frustrating optimists who counter such an outlook by citing developments such as modern medicine, democracy, and the global internet as signs that things are, and always have been, on the up and up. This book locks those people in a separate room, shattering their rose-colored glasses to show the tremendous value in keeping the dark side of human affairs at the forefront of our consciousness. Stuart Sim starts with the proposition that pessimists simply have a more realistic world view. Tracing how pessimism has developed over time and exploring its multifaceted nature, he shows that many thinkers throughout history—including philosophers, theologians, authors, artists, and even scientists—have been pessimists at heart, challenging us to face up to the desperations that define human existence. Spanning cultures and moving across eras, he assembles a grand discourse of pessimism. Ultimately he offers the provocative argument that pessimism should be cultivated and vigorously defended as one of our most useful and ever-relevant dispositions.
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A Foundational Approach

Author: Douglas E. Stevens

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108423329

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 242

View: 5232

Demonstrates the importance of social norms to firms and markets through historical context and theoretical and empirical evidence.
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Is It Too Late to Resurrect the Last, True Competitive Advantage?

Author: Nathan C. Wright

Publisher: Industrial Press

ISBN: 9780831136222

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 4781

Are we facing the death of reliability? Some believe this is the case, particularly when it comes to reliability leadership. Without qualified leaders, there can be no true reliability, and as such, companies are losing out on the one real competitive advantage available to them today. About thirty years ago, organizations would invest time and money in their employees to develop craftspeople. Nowadays, many companies use shortcuts to try to achieve reliability, often fudging numbers to make it appear that they are progressing in the right direction, or using abbreviated training rather than full apprenticeships to produce skilled craftspeople. Unfortunately, they're simply covering up the unreliability that causes them to lose ground and increase costs. The misguided shortcuts used to circumvent hard work and effort are eroding craft skills. There are three components that are the root causes of unreliability, and, if eliminated, will lead to reliability: 1. Improper Lubrication; 2. Contamination; 3. Improper Installation. Dr. Wright goes above the "what" and "why" of reliability found in other resources to offer the "how to" of reliability.
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Author: Brittany Terwilliger

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781944995591

Category: Fiction

Page: 338

View: 8828

A new job opening at Findlay Global Manufacturing, Inc. presents an extraordinary opportunity: a chance to relocate to Europe to launch a new product, the "Tantalus." For Halley Faust, this job is the epitome of the American dream - the chance to go from a lowly Level 1 to a respected and significant Level 2. She will do anything to get it. The only problem is, others want the job too, including Halley's best friend Celeste. Halley soon discovers that the only path to success at Findlay is ruthless guile. But, the harder she chases after her dream, the more it seems to elude her, and soon her vision of success expands and retreats into the ungraspable distance. Ultimately, Halley must decide how much she is willing to sacrifice in pursuit of a life that may very well be a fantasy. The Insatiables details a young woman's climb up the corporate ladder and the irrevocable choices she must make to survive.
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How Privatization Structured Politics in Central and Eastern Europe

Author: Andrew Harrison Schwartz

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 1461645158

Category: History

Page: 380

View: 1965

An in-depth political history of privatization in Central and Eastern Europe, The Politics of Greed demonstrates that the way that assets are privatized matters, both with respect to national economic performance and the successful development of the rule of law. Andrew Harrison Schwartz had unprecedented access to high-level Czech government officials during the Czech Republic's privatization process. This book is the result of the unique insights he gained and the innovative analytical framework he subsequently developed—ownership regime theory—which for the first time places ownership structures at the center of analysis of political transitions. Engaging and important, this book applies ownership regime theory to a broad range of post-communist privatization cases, including those of the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Russia, and Ukraine.
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Author: Stuart Sim

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780748693399


Page: 600

View: 6804

Featuring an international team of specialists on the subject, The Edinburgh Companion to Critical Theoryprovides a comprehensive analysis of the changing role of critical theory in the new century. Taking note of the many new theoretical and socio-political developments in recent years, the volume conclusively demonstrates critical theory's continuing relevance across disciplines ranging from the arts and social sciences through to the hard sciences. Being theoretically informed is not an optional part of study any more, it is a necessary, central part, and The Companionwill bring you up to date with what is happening across the spectrum of critical theory. The volume consists of eleven sections comprising twenty-eight chapters, each covering a particular branch of critical theory from Marxism through to present-day developments such as Cognitive Theory. Every chapter considers the historical development of the theory in question, explaining the main concepts and thinkers involved, before proceeding to assess where it stands in relation to current academic and socio-political concerns and debates. Outlining recent advances in each area, and the emergence of new voices, The Companionoffers readers a welcome opportunity to reorient themselves within the history and role of critical theory in its many forms.
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Author: Stuart Sim

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135052905

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 254

View: 2100

Postmodernism is an important part of the cultural landscape which continues to evolve, yet the ideas and theories surrounding the subject can be diverse and difficult to understand. Fifty Postmodern Thinkers critically examines the work of fifty of the most important theorists within the postmodern movement who have defined and shaped the field, bringing together their key ideas in an accessible format. Drawing on figures from a wide range of subject areas including literature, cultural theory, philosophy, sociology and architecture those covered include: John Barth Umberto Eco Slavoj Zizek Cindy Sherman John Cage Jean-Francois Lyotard Charles Jencks Jacques Derrida Homi K. Bhabha Quentin Tarantino Each entry examines the thinkers’ career, key contributions and theories and refers to their major works. A valuable resource for those studying postmodern ideas at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, this text will appeal across the humanities and social sciences.
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Understanding and Overcoming the Inequality that Limits Our Lives

Author: Sam Pizzigati

Publisher: The Apex Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 659

View: 6592

Should we care that wealth in the United States is unequally distributed - and getting more so every year? Should we worry that America's most wealthy, in just a generation, have more than doubled their share of the nation's wealth? Our nation's highest leaders certainly don't think so. They either ignore, or dismiss, the huge gaps in income and wealth that divide us. But these gaps, author Sam Pizzigati shows in his compelling new book, are undermining nearly every aspect of our lives, from our health to our happiness, from our professions to our pastimes, from our arts to our Earth. Greed and Good both reveals the horrific price we pay for tolerating inequality and dissects the case for greed, the old saws that apologists for inequality regularly trot out to justify the mammoth concentrations of wealth that tower all around us. These concentrations, Greed and Good argues, can and must be cut down to democratic size. And Greed and Good, in clear-headed and fascinating prose, even shows how.
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How Citizens and Leaders Can Combat Graft

Author: Robert I. Rotberg

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780691191577

Category: Political Science

Page: 400

View: 9329

Why leadership is key to ending political and corporate corruption globally Corruption corrodes all facets of the world's political and corporate life, yet until now there was no one book that explained how best to battle it. The Corruption Cure puts some thirty-five countries under an anticorruption microscope to show exactly how to beat back the forces of sleaze and graft. Robert Rotberg defines corruption in its many forms, describes the available remedies, and examines how we identify and measure corruption's presence. He demonstrates how determined past and contemporary leaders changed their wildly corrupt countries--even the Nordics--into paragons of virtue, and how leadership is making a significant difference in stimulating political anticorruption movements in places like India, Croatia, Botswana, and Rwanda. Rotberg looks at corporate corruption and how it can be checked, and also offers an innovative fourteen-step plan for nations that are ready to end corruption. Tougher laws and better prosecutions are not enough. This book enables us to rethink the problem completely--and to solve it once and for all.
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Techniques for Film and Television

Author: Gretchen Davis

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1317599799

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 240

View: 2713

Achieve professional quality hair results with this full-color, comprehensive book from award-winning hair and makeup pros, Gretchen Davis and Yvette Rivas. In The Hair Stylist Handbook: Techniques for Film and Television, you’ll learn how to create that sought-after "complete look" by learning the newest hair techniques that are in demand on film and television sets. Learn how to break into the industry, what products to use to achieve specific effects, how to maintain a look throughout the day, what quick techniques to use to achieve certain textures, and much more. With input from hairstylist Yvette Rivas, this step-by-step guide makes complex techniques clear, allowing you to achieve the most coveted results. In this informative handbook you will find: An extensive chapter on men’s grooming techniques and hair products Specific techniques for dramatic and long lasting hair color Lists of the best hair tools and instructions for how to use them to achieve different looks Information about how production schedules, cast, and crew are all affected and influenced by the hair and makeup team Details on how to run a successful and organized hair and makeup trailer on set Whether you are a professional in the field, or a student looking to break in to the industry, this book will provide you with secrets and information that you cannot find anywhere else.
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Anxious Bodies in Postwar Japanese Art

Author: Namiko Kunimoto

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781517900953

Category: Art

Page: 288

View: 6725

How would artistic practice contribute to political change in post-World War II Japan? How could artists negotiate the imbalanced global dynamics of the art world and also maintain a sense of aesthetic and political authenticity? While the contemporary art world has recently come to embrace some of Japan's most daring postwar artists, the interplay of art and politics remains poorly understood in the Americas and Europe. The Stakes of Exposure fills this gap and explores art, visual culture, and politics in postwar Japan from the 1950s to the 1970s, paying special attention to how anxiety and confusion surrounding Japan's new democracy manifested in representations of gender and nationhood in modern art. Through such pivotal postwar episodes as the Minamata Disaster, the Lucky Dragon Incident, the budding antinuclear movement, and the ANPO protests of the 1960s, The Stakes of Exposure examines a wide range of issues addressed by the period's prominent artists, including Tanaka Atsuko and Shiraga Kazuo (key members of the Gutai Art Association), Katsura Yuki, and Nakamura Hiroshi. Through a close study of their paintings, illustrations, and assemblage and performance art, Namiko Kunimoto reveals that, despite dissimilar aesthetic approaches and divergent political interests, Japanese postwar artists were invested in the entangled issues of gender and nationhood that were redefining Japan and its role in the world. Offering many full-color illustrations of previously unpublished art and photographs, as well as period manga, The Stakes of Exposure shows how contention over Japan's new democracy was expressed, disavowed, and reimagined through representations of the gendered body.
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Corruption in the West

Author: Laurence Cockcroft,Anne-Christine Wegener

Publisher: I. B. Tauris

ISBN: 9781784536084

Category: Philosophy

Page: 264

View: 2268

How corrupt is the West? Europe and North America's formal self-perception is one of high standards in public life. And yet, corruption is receiving ever greater attention in the European, American and Canadian press, with high-profile cases affecting both the corporate and political worlds. This book identifies the driving forces behind such cases, particularly the role of political finance, lobbying, the banking system and organised crime. It analyses the sectors which are particularly prone to corruption, including sport, defence and pharmaceuticals. In the course of their investigation, the authors consider why anti-corruption legislation has not been more effective and why there is an increasing discrepancy between regulation and commercial and cultural practice. Are Europe and the US genuinely serious about fighting corruption and if so what measures will be taken to roll it back?
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Author: Bo Rothstein,Aiysha Varraich

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107163706

Category: Political Science

Page: 190

View: 1036

Corruption is a serious threat to prosperity, democracy and human well-being, with mounting empirical evidence highlighting its detrimental effects on society. Yet defining this threat has resulted in profound disagreement, producing a multidimensional concept. Tackling this important and provocative topic, the authors provide an accessible and systematic analysis of how our understanding of corruption has evolved. They identify gaps in the research and make connections between related concepts such as clientelism, patronage, patrimonialism, particularism and state capture. A fundamental issue discussed is how the opposite of corruption should be defined. By arguing for the possibility of a universal understanding of corruption, and specifically what corruption is not, an innovative solution to this problem is presented. This book provides an accessible overview of corruption, allowing scholars and students alike to see the far reaching place it has within academic research.
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Author: Mara Einstein

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190625899

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 9768

3000. That's the number of marketing messages the average American confronts on a daily basis from TV commercials, magazine and newspaper print ads, radio commercials, pop-up ads on gaming apps, pre-roll ads on YouTube videos, and native advertising on mobile news apps. These commercial messages are so pervasive that we cannot help but be affected by perpetual come-ons to keeping buying. Over the last decade, advertising has become more devious, more digital, and more deceptive, with an increasing number of ads designed to appear to the untrained eye to be editorial content. It's easy to see why. As we have become smarter at avoiding ads, advertisers have become smarter about disguising them. Mara Einstein exposes how our shopping, political, and even dating preferences are unwittingly formed by brand images and the mythologies embedded in them. Advertising: What Everyone Needs to Know(R) helps us combat the effects of manipulative advertising and enables the reader to understand how marketing industries work in the digital age, particularly in their uses and abuses of "Big Data.' Most importantly, it awakens us to advertising's subtle and not-so-subtle impact on our lives--both as individuals and as a global society. What ideas and information are being communicated to us--and to what end?
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Author: Robert Williams

Publisher: Edward Elgar Pub

ISBN: 9781840644890

Category: Social Science

Page: 550

View: 885

A guide to the literature on corruption. The articles included address issues such as: economic development through bureaucratic corruption; corruption as a feature of governmental organization; the corruption of a state; and directions in the study of administrative corruption.
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A Normative Political Theory of the Corporation

Author: Abraham A. Singer

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0190698349

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 312

View: 8712

Contemporary discussions of the corporation tend to divide into one of two camps: On one side are scholars who treat the firm as a purely economic and contractual entity, while another set of scholars look at corporations in purely political terms. Therefore, the corporation is not merely aneconomic endeavor; it is a political institution and must therefore serve social ends and not merely profit. In The Form of the Firm, Abraham Singer contends that both of these approaches overstate their cases dramatically, resulting in two wrongheaded, influential accounts of the corporation. He offers a third way that sees the corporation as being both economic and political. First, it is true thatcorporations exist primarily to increase economic efficiency. However, they do this in ways that distinguish them from the markets in which they operate. Corporations are not natural outgrowths of the free market, but institutions that we have developed to correct market inefficiencies throughmechanisms normally associated with politics. Corporations use social power, norms, and state-sanctioned authority to establish economic cooperation in ways that markets cannot. But, Singer argues that they also have an obligation to uphold the norms of liberal democracy that enable their existenceand smooth-running in the first place. A profound rethinking of what a corporation actually is and how power within it ought to be structured and exercised, The Form of the Firm will reshape our understanding of corporate governance, corporate law, and business ethics.
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Author: Allan C. Hutchinson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108421059

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: N.A

View: 8062

Combining autobiography and scholarship, this volume asks how lawyers and legal theorists' experiences affect their legal practice and research.
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Pen and Colour Sketches

Author: Réné Juta,W. Westhofen

Publisher: Trieste Publishing

ISBN: 9780649088584


Page: 238

View: 7838

Trieste Publishing has a massive catalogue of classic book titles. Our aim is to provide readers with the highest quality reproductions of fiction and non-fiction literature that has stood the test of time. The many thousands of books in our collection have been sourced from libraries and private collections around the world.The titles that Trieste Publishing has chosen to be part of the collection have been scanned to simulate the original. Our readers see the books the same way that their first readers did decades or a hundred or more years ago. Books from that period are often spoiled by imperfections that did not exist in the original. Imperfections could be in the form of blurred text, photographs, or missing pages. It is highly unlikely that this would occur with one of our books. Our extensive quality control ensures that the readers of Trieste Publishing's books will be delighted with their purchase. Our staff has thoroughly reviewed every page of all the books in the collection, repairing, or if necessary, rejecting titles that are not of the highest quality. This process ensures that the reader of one of Trieste Publishing's titles receives a volume that faithfully reproduces the original, and to the maximum degree possible, gives them the experience of owning the original work.We pride ourselves on not only creating a pathway to an extensive reservoir of books of the finest quality, but also providing value to every one of our readers. Generally, Trieste books are purchased singly - on demand, however they may also be purchased in bulk. Readers interested in bulk purchases are invited to contact us directly to enquire about our tailored bulk rates.
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