Author: Judith A Rees,Ian Smith,Jennie Watson

Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press

ISBN: 085711168X

Category: Medical

Page: 288

View: 4735

Introduction to Pharmaceutical Calculations is an essential study aid for pharmacy students. The book contains worked examples and sample questions and answers.
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Author: Judith A. Rees,Ian Smith

Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press

ISBN: 9780853696025

Category: Medical

Page: 230

View: 5772

This is a companion self-study aid to Introduction to Pharmaceutical Calculations for practising calculations similar to those that may be presented in pharmacy examinations and in practice.
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Author: Maria Glaucia Teixeira,Joel L. Zatz

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118978528

Category: Medical

Page: 552

View: 1914

Retaining the successful previous editions' programmed instructional format, this book improves and updates an authoritative textbook to keep pace with compounding trends and calculations – addressing real-world calculations pharmacists perform and allowing students to learn at their own pace through examples. Connects well with the current emphasis on self-paced and active learning in pharmacy schools Adds a new chapter dedicated to practical calculations used in contemporary compounding, new appendices, and solutions and answers for all problems Maintains value for teaching pharmacy students the principles while also serving as a reference for review by students in preparation for licensure exams Rearranges chapters and rewrites topics of the previous edition, making its content ideal to be used as the primary textbook in a typical dosage calculations course for any health care professional Reviews of the prior edition: "...a well-structured approach to the topic..." (Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy) and "...a perfectly organized manual that serves as a expert guide..." (Electric Review)
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Author: Nita K. Pandit

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 0781744784

Category: Medical

Page: 400

View: 6441

This unique textbook provides an introductory, yet comprehensive overview of the pharmaceutical sciences. It is the first text of its kind to pursue an interdisciplinary approach in this area of study. Readers are introduced to basic concepts related to the specific disciplines in the pharmaceutical sciences, including pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, and medicinal chemistry. In an easy-to-read writing style, the book provides readers with up-to-date information on pharmacogenomics and includes comprehensive coverage of industrial drug development and regulatory approval processes. Each chapter includes chapter outlines and critical-thinking exercises, as well as numerous tables and graphs. More than 160 illustrations complement the text.
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Author: Howard C. Ansel,Mitchell J. Stoklosa

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9780781762656

Category: Medical

Page: 425

View: 9581

The gold standard textbook in its area for sixty years,Pharmaceutical Calculations is now in its Twelfth Edition. Every chapter has been revised and updated to reflect the basic calculations applicable to the contemporary practice of pharmacy. This edition provides expanded coverage of enteral and parenteral nutrition. New features include "Calculations Capsules"--boxed summaries of the type of calculation presented in each chapter, and "A Case in Point"--practical cases with step-by-step solutions to demonstrate each type of calculation. Review exercises at the end of the book are completely updated. This edition includes answers to all practice and review problems.
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Author: Michael Bonner,David Wright

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1315346869

Category: Medical

Page: 128

View: 8633

Understanding practical pharmaceutical calculations is essential for healthcare professionals. Even simple errors in calculation can have serious - and possibly fatal - consequences. Fully revised and updated, with entirely new chapters and a focus on basic arithmetic, this best-selling practical guide begins by explaining simple units of measurements and expressions of concentration, followed by demonstrations of how straight-forward calculations can be used to estimate individual patient dosages. At the end of each chapter there are self assessment calculations, with fully worked answers - ideal for revision and self-assessment. With the book and free downloads you can always have the guide on hand when you need it most.
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An Introduction for Pharmacy Technicians

Author: Joy Bellis Sakai,Leanora Kasun

Publisher: ASHP

ISBN: 1585283622

Category: Medical

Page: 244

View: 5548

Pharmacy Calculations: An Introduction for Pharmacy Technicians is designed for pharmacy technician students enrolled in a training program, technicians preparing for the certification exam, and for on-site training. As the role for pharmacy technicians continues to evolve and expand, one thing remains constant. The safety of patients is the highest priority for anyone working in pharmacy, whether in hospital, retail, or institutional practices. A thorough understanding of pharmacy math ensures accuracy in computations and safety and quality in practice. This book offers a complete review of the basic mathematics concepts and skills, which provide a foundation for more advanced understanding of pharmacy-related topics. The guide provides students with the pharmacy basics necessary for correctly interpreting prescriptions and drug orders, and for performing dosing calculations that technicians face every day. The chapters are broken down into four units and are organized to complement most pharmacy technician training curricula and to support the ASHP model curriculum: · Review of Mathematics · Systems of Measurement · Preparing for Problem Solving in Pharmacy · Dosing Calculations and Other Pharmacy Problems Key features throughout the book include: · Chapter objectives · Key terms and definitions · Examples of problem scenarios or calculations questions and solutions · “Tech Note!” —provides a highlight of key points within the chapters · “Numbers at Work” —illustrates why key concepts are important to know and skills are critical to master · Practice problems · A test bank · Appendices that include the parts of a prescription, a glossary of terms, conversions, and abbreviations tables. For additional resources related to this book, visit
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Author: Arthur J. Winfield,Judith Rees,Ian Smith

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702041874

Category: Medical

Page: 644

View: 1318

This comprehensive book covers a wide range of subjects relevant to pharmacy practice, including communication skills, managing a business, quality assurance, dispensing, calculations, packaging, storage and labeling of medicines, sterilization, prescriptions, hospital-based services, techniques and treatments, adverse drug reactions, pharmacoeconomics, and medicines management. Features useful appendices on medical abbreviations, pharmaceutical Latin terms, weights and measures, and presentation skills. This is a core text for pharmacy practice and dispensing modules of the pharmacy curriculum Covers key exam material for essential review and test preparation Features a user-friendly design with clear headings, chapter summaries, helpful boxes, and key points Text restructured with 14 new or radically revised chapters. All text revised in light of current pharmaceutical practice. New design using two colours.
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Unlocking Pharmaceutical Calculations

Author: Chris Langley,Yvonne Perrie

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019968071X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 368

View: 3975

Written by leading academics with a wealth of experience in pharmacy education, Maths Skills for Pharmacy combines a unique integrated approach to pharmaceutical and scientific calculations, with innovative learning features designed to encourage self-directed learning.
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Author: Jahangir Moini

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1133131344

Category: Medical

Page: 432

View: 6321

Math is a critical element of pharmaceutical care and a sound knowledge of math concepts is key to succeeding as a pharmacy technician. The second edition of PHARMACEUTICAL CALCULATIONS FOR PHARMACY TECHNICIANS: A WORKTEXT provides an effective, hands-on guide to essential math skills, from simple addition and subtraction to formulas used in dosage calculations and basic business math. This highly practical reference helps students develop strong math skills to perform accurate calculations with confidence and prevent medication errors. In addition to informative content, the text includes abundant examples of medication labels, medical forms, and other images to help students apply professional skills in real-life situations. Now thoroughly updated, this edition is more useful than ever, providing an invaluable resource for students and professional pharmacy technicians alike. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Author: Mansoor A. Kahn,Indra K. Reddy

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 142001479X

Category: Medical

Page: 396

View: 4749

Pharmaceutical and clinical calculations are critical to the delivery of safe, effective, and competent patient care and professional practice. Pharmaceutical and Clinical Calculations, Second Edition addresses this crucial component, while emphasizing contemporary pharmacy practices. Presenting the information in a well-organized and easy-to-understand manner, the authors explain the principles of clinical calculations involving dose and dosing regimens in patients with impaired organ functions, aminoglycoside therapy, pediatric and geriatric dosing, and radiopharmaceuticals with appropriate examples. Each chapter begins with an introduction to the topic, followed by a comprehensive discussion. Key concepts are highlighted throughout the book for easy retrieval. The examples presented in the text reflect the practice environment in community, hospital, and nuclear pharmacy settings, and the clinical problems presented reflect a direct application of underlying theoretical principles and discussions. Pharmaceutical and Clinical Calculations, Second Edition is an essential tool for any practitioner who needs to reinforce their knowledge of the subject and is a valuable study guide for the Pharmacy Board examination.
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Theory and Case Studies

Author: Parastou Donyai

Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press

ISBN: 0853698996

Category: Medical

Page: 229

View: 8113

Social and Cognitive Pharmacy is a practical handbook for learning and teaching sociology and psychology, and applying this to pharmacy practice. It will be of great benefit to students of pharmacy, postgraduate pharmacists and academics.
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Author: Robert L. McCarthy,Kenneth W. Schafermeyer,Kimberly S. Plake

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1449675573

Category: Medical

Page: 648

View: 9310

Introduction to Health Care Delivery: A Primer for Pharmacists, Fifth Edition provides students with a current and comprehensive overview of the U.S. health care delivery system from the perspective of the pharmacy profession. Each thoroughly updated chapter of this best-selling text includes real-world case studies, learning objectives, chapter review questions, questions for further discussion, and updated key topics and terms. New and expanded topics include public health, pharmacoepidemiology, cultural competence, and leadership. Patient-Provider dialogues are also included to help students apply key concepts. Introduction to Health Care Delivery: A Primer for Pharmacists, Fifth Edition will provide students with an understanding of the social, organizational, and economic aspects of health care delivery.
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Author: Paul Rutter

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702050180

Category: Medical

Page: 361

View: 7617

"Evolve learning resources for students and lecturers."
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Author: William Feinberg,Carmen Aceves

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071794093

Category: Medical

Page: 608

View: 3144

216 flash cards help you develop your pharmaceutical and dosing calculations skills LANGE Pharmacy Calculations Flash Cards are a quick, portable, and effective way to master pharmacy math. LANGE Pharmacy Calculations Flash Cards: Emphasize calculations necessary to the practice of pharmacy Walk you through effective problem-solving techniques Review must-know concepts and problem types Include commonly used pharmacy and medical abbreviations Are essential when reviewing for the pharmacy license exam
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Author: David Barlow,David Mountford

Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press

ISBN: 0857110837

Category: Medical

Page: 272

View: 9875

A revision guide on pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry. The book covers all aspects of the chemistry of drugs and includes key points, tips, and self-assessment questions to aid in learning.
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Author: Agarwal

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 1284150739

Category: Medical

Page: 350

View: 4217

Pharmaceutical Calculations is the perfect text for students or professionals aiming to understand or develop the calculations skills that play a significant role in building a competent pharmacist. This text focuses on basic math fundamentals essential for pharmaceutical calculations, followed by calculations that are more specific to compounding and formulation of individual dosage. This helpful approach incorporates solved examples for each individual section followed by practice sets, with an answer key to each problem. At the end of each chapter case studies demonstrate the application of mathematical calculations in compounding actual prescriptions. FEATURES • Practice sets • Solved problems • Case studies in the form of prescriptions
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Author: P. D. Chaithanya Sudha

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 8131799506


Page: 668

View: 4513

Pharmaceutical Analysis is a compulsory subject offered to all the under graduate students of Pharmacy. This book on Pharmaceutical Analysis has been designed considering the syllabi requirements laid down by AICTE and other premier institutes/universities. The book covers both the Titrimetric and Instrumental aspects of Pharmaceutical analysis which is helpful for use in multiple semesters.
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Author: Thorsteinn Loftsson

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0124115624

Category: Medical

Page: 170

View: 2717

Drug Stability for Pharmaceutical Scientists is a clear and easy-to-follow guide on drug degradation in pharmaceutical formulation. This book features valuable content on both aqueous and solid drug solutions, the stability of proteins and peptides, acid-base catalyzed and solvent catalyzed reactions, how drug formulation can influence drug stability, the influence of external factors on reaction rates and much more. Full of examples of real-life formulation problems and step-by-step calculations, this book is the ideal resource for graduate students, as well as scientists in the pharmaceutical and related industries. Illustrates important theoretical concepts with numerous examples, figures, calculations, learning problems and questions for self-study and retention of material Provides answers and explanations to test your knowledge Enables you to better understand key concepts such as rate and order of reaction, reaction equilibrium, complex reaction mechanisms and more Includes an in-depth discussion of both aqueous and solid drug solutions and contains the latest international regulatory requirements on drug stability
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Author: Nadia Bukhari

Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press

ISBN: 0857111752

Category: Medical

Page: 224

View: 5802

Pharmacy Registration Assessment Questions features over 400 closed book and calculation questions for the GPhC Pharmacy Registration Exam.
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