The Men Who Dared to Execute Charles I

Author: Charles Spencer

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408851717

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 2103

January, 1649. After seven years of fighting in the bloodiest war in Britain's history, Parliament had overpowered King Charles I and now faced a problem: what to do with a defeated king, a king who refused to surrender? Parliamentarians resolved to do the unthinkable, to disregard the Divine Right of Kings and hold Charles I to account for the appalling suffering and slaughter endured by his people. A tribunal of 135 men was hastily gathered in London, and although Charles refused to acknowledge the power of his subjects to try him, the death sentence was unanimously passed. On an icy winter's day on a scaffold outside Whitehall, in an event unique in English history, the King of England was executed. When the dead king's son, Charles II, was restored to the throne, he set about enacting a deadly wave of retribution against all those – the lawyers, the judges, the officers on the scaffold – responsible for his father's death. Some of the 'regicides' – the killers of the king – pleaded for mercy, while others stoically awaited their sentence. Many went into hiding in England, or fled to Europe or America. Those who were caught and condemned suffered agonising and degrading ends, while others saw out their days in hellish captivity. Bestselling historian Charles Spencer explores this violent clash of ideals through the individuals whose fates were determined by that one, momentous decision. A powerful tale of revenge from the dark heart of royal history and a fascinating insight into the dangers of political and religious allegiance in Stuart England, these are the shocking stories of the men who dared to kill a king.
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Author: Remington Kane

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781548281588


Page: 210

View: 3578

TAKEN! - THE KING OF KILLERS Book 19 of the TAKEN! Series By REMINGTON KANE Jessica goes head to head with a legendary serial killer, the notorious King of Killers, who once bested her famed father. As if hunting one monster wasn't enough, Mr. White must track down an escaped prisoner who will do anything to stay free.
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Or, the 30th of January Commemorated: in the Lives of Thirty One Fanatick Saints, ... To be Continu'd Throughout the Year. Publish'd for the Consolation of the Sanctify'd Tribe of Blood-thirsty Republicans; and for the Information of True Christians, ... By One, who Heartily Wishes the Conversion of the Former, and the Increase and Prosperity of the Latter

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

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Author: Matthew Harffy

Publisher: Head of Zeus Ltd

ISBN: 178497885X

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 7658

Beobrand has land, men and riches. He should be content. And yet he cannot find peace until his enemies are food for the ravens. But before Beobrand can embark on his bloodfeud, King Oswald orders him southward, to escort holy men bearing sacred relics. When Penda of Mercia marches a warhost into the southern kingdoms, Beobrand and his men are thrown into the midst of the conflict. Beobrand soon finds himself fighting for his life and his honour. In the chaos that grips the south, dark secrets are exposed, bringing into question much that Beobrand had believed true. Can he unearth the answers and exact the vengeance he craves? Or will the blood-price prove too high, even for a warrior of his battle-fame and skill?
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Author: Banana Yoshimoto

Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG

ISBN: 3257604254

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 1902

Als Mikage ihre Großmutter verliert, ist sie vollkommen allein in der großen Wohnung. Nur in der Küche, wo sie das Brummen des Kühlschranks in den Schlaf wiegt, kommt sie zur Ruhe. Aus ihrer Einsamkeit holt sie Yuichi. Er schlägt ihr vor, zu ihm und seiner Mutter zu ziehen. Es entwickelt sich eine merkwürdige Wohngemeinschaft. Denn Eriko, die wunderschöne »Mutter« Yuichis, hat eine schillernde Vergangenheit.
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Author: Gary C King

Publisher: John Blake Publishing

ISBN: 1843582090

Category: True Crime

Page: 300

View: 6328

One morning in early November 2007, police in the beautiful Italian city of Perugia made a gruesome discovery. The body of a young English exchange student from the University of Leeds, Meredith Kercher, was found under a blood-soaked duvet in her room in the small cottage she shared with other students. Her throat had been cut...Meredith's flatmate Amanda Knox, an American also studying in Italy, initially gave evidence that implicated Patrick Lumumba, the owner of a local bar, and he was arrested. However Know changed her story - claiming her memory had been affected by smoking cannabis - and another man, local drifter Rudy Guede, was arrested, charged with murder and, after a 'fast track' trial, found guilty. But the story didn't end with Guede's conviction. What was Amanda Knox's role on the night of the murder? Prosecutors suspected that Guede, Knox and her Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito had killed Meredith in a perverted sexual game that went too far. With allegations of inaccurate forensic evidence, police brutality, blackmail and even devil-worship, the trial was destined to be a long and complex affair. Top true-crime author Gary C King presents the whole story behind the real-life courtroom drama that has made headlines around the world.
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Religious Terrorism, White Supremacy, and the Unsolved Murder of Martin Luther King Jr

Author: Stuart Wexler,Larry J. Hancock

Publisher: Counterpoint Press

ISBN: 1582438307

Category: History

Page: 439

View: 9410

Depicts the network of violent extremists and militant racists, including Sam Bowers, J.B. Stoner and the Reverend Wesley Swift who plotted over a number of years to try and assassinate Martin Luther King, Jr.
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The Truth Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King

Author: William F. Pepper

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1510709215

Category: History

Page: 544

View: 8387

From the author of An Act of State comes a myth-shattering exposé that reveals the truth behind the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On April 4th, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stepped out onto the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, and into his killer’s line of fire. James Earl Ray stood accused in the murder that forever changed the course of American history. It has also set into motion a massive cover-up that has withstood a quarter-century of scrutiny. Now, after nearly two decades of investigation, William F. Pepper, Ray’s longtime attorney, exposes the truth of King’s death: his client was a patsy, and J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI, the CIA, army intelligence, the mafia, and the Memphis, Tennessee, police force colluded in a conspiracy to eliminate the man they saw as a dangerous revolutionary. Interviewing scores of new witnesses who have remained silent for decades—including two member of the Special Forces squad who admit to being on sniper duty—Pepper offers tantalizing evidence that calls into question everything we thought we knew about King’s assassination. And Pepper names names, revealing the evil sedition behind the murder of our nation’s greatest civil rights leader.
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Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641229359

Category: Fiction

Page: 752

View: 488

Im Stadtpark von Flint City wird die geschändete Leiche eines elfjährigen Jungen gefunden. Augenzeugenberichte und Tatortspuren deuten unmissverständlich auf einen unbescholtenen Bürger: Terry Maitland, ein allseits beliebter Englischlehrer, zudem Coach der Jugendbaseballmannschaft, verheiratet, zwei kleine Töchter. Detective Ralph Anderson, dessen Sohn von Maitland trainiert wurde, ordnet eine sofortige Festnahme an, die in aller Öffentlichkeit stattfindet. Der Verdächtige kann zwar ein Alibi vorweisen, aber Anderson und der Staatsanwalt verfügen nach der Obduktion über eindeutige DNA-Beweise für das Verbrechen – ein wasserdichter Fall also? Bei den andauernden Ermittlungen kommen weitere schreckliche Einzelheiten zutage, aber auch immer mehr Ungereimtheiten. Hat der nette Maitland wirklich zwei Gesichter und ist zu solch unmenschlichen Schandtaten fähig? Wie erklärt es sich, dass er an zwei Orten zugleich war? Mit der wahren, schrecklichen Antwort rechnet schließlich niemand.
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True Stories of Crime and Detection

Author: Gary C. King

Publisher: Bleak House Books

ISBN: 1490547223

Category: True Crime

Page: 302

View: 4880

Bizarre, compelling, terrifying and authentic true crime stories of murder and mayhem. In these pages you will find a story about a tormented serial killer and how he resorted to cannibalism, a female celebrity's fan who had an obsession to murder her, torture murders, crimes of passion, among many others—chilling crimes that could only be perpetrated by the twisted minds and gruesome obsessions of coldblooded killers, the stuff that horror movies and novels are made of, brought to you from the vault of bestselling true crime author and serial killer expert Gary C. King. There are 15 terrifying, heart-pounding stories in all, guaranteed to keep you awake and your doors locked as only King, the Master of True Crime, can write them!
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The Almost Perfect Murder of Anchorwoman Diane Newton King

Author: Lowell Cauffiel

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1497649668

Category: True Crime

Page: 482

View: 3192

A grisly murder upends life in a charming midwestern hamlet Battle Creek, Michigan, is famous as the birthplace of breakfast cereal, and the nearby suburb of Marshall is as wholesome as shredded wheat. Well-known for its colorful Victorian mansions, this stately slice of nineteenth-century Americana became infamous on a frigid night in February of 1991. Newscaster Diane Newton King was stepping out of her car, her children strapped into the backseat, when a sniper’s bullet cut her down. The police assumed that the killer was her stalker—a crazed fan who had been terrorizing King for weeks. But as their investigation ground to a standstill, the police turned to another suspect—one much closer to home. In this gripping retelling of the crime and its aftermath, journalist Lowell Cauffiel re-creates the atmosphere of terror that marked King’s last days, giving us a story of celebrity, obsession, and what it means to kill.
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containing the affairs of all aages and countries, both in peace and war, from the beginning of the world until the time of the Roman emperors. With an account of Justin, and the time when he flourished, from G. J. Vossius, and a list of the kings and emperors of the several monarchies, with the year of their reigns, from Eusebius, Berosus and Metasthenes. Tr. into English by Rob. Codrington, master of arts

Author: Marcus Junianus Justinus,Robert Codrington,Gerardus Joannes Vossius,Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 304

View: 4195

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Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641053579

Category: Fiction

Page: 1536

View: 8054

Das Böse in Gestalt eines namenlosen Grauens In Derry, Maine, schlummert das Böse in der Kanalisation: Alle 28 Jahre wacht es auf und muss fressen. Jetzt taucht »Es« wieder empor. Sieben Freunde entschließen sich, dem Grauen entgegenzutreten und ein Ende zu setzen. Stephen Kings Meisterwerk über die Mysterien der Kindheit und den Horror des Erwachsenseins. »Ein Meilenstein der amerikanischen Literatur.« Chicago Sun-Times
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Symbolic Transformation in Psychoanalysis and Anthropology

Author: Gananath Obeyesekere

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226615981

Category: Social Science

Page: 354

View: 9122

"The Work of Culture is the product of two decades of field research by Sri Lanka's most distinguished anthropological interpreter, and its combination of textual analysis, ethnographic sensitivity, and methodological catholicity makes it something of a blockbuster."—Arjun Appadurai, Journal of Asian Studies
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The Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic

Author: Tom Holland

Publisher: Klett-Cotta

ISBN: 3608108181

Category: History

Page: 463

View: 7101

Aufstieg und Untergang der Römischen Republik: Mit stilistischer Brillanz und historischem Scharfsinn erzählt Tom Holland die römische Geschichte von ihren etruskischen Anfängen bis zur Ermordung Caesars. »Erzählte Geschichte vom Feinsten. Ein Buch, das mich wirklich gefesselt hat.« Ian McEwan »Eine atemberaubende und glänzend geschriebene Gesamtschau der Machtkämpfe im Rom von Caesar und Cicero.« Uwe Walter »Eine packende, spannende und ungemein unterhaltsame Darstellung der römischen Republik.« Books of the Year, Sunday Times »Tom Holland erzählt den Untergang der römischen Republik neu: ein geistreiches Werk. Hochaktuell.« Independent on Sunday
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Milestone Plays of Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem

Author: Amnon Kabatchnik

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442235489

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 402

View: 3612

This volume examines the key representations of transgression drama produced between 480 B.C. and 1600. Arranged in chronological order, the entries consist of plot summary (often including significant dialogue), performance data (if available), opinions by critics and scholars, and other features. The plays covered in this volume will include the great ancient Greek and Roman tragedies, fifteenth century Passion plays, and dramas by Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare.
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Author: Dan O. Via

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621894827

Category: Religion

Page: 258

View: 2674

This book has two main theses. First, for the biblical/Christian doctrine of sin the root of the human problem is hardness of heart--the corruption of the core self, of the seat of understanding and will. On the other hand, for an important strand of Greek tragedy the root of human harm-doing is the nonculpable blindness and anxiety of finitude that despite the initial nonculpability lead to evil and suffering. The Hardened Heart shows that these two different interpretations of human existence are amenable to a degree of synthesis that leads to this conclusion: hardness of heart and our ordinary finitude together collude to cause sin in its fullness. The second thesis of this volume is that exegetical studies disclose a deconstructive strand in certain biblical texts that represents the finite world that God created as a source of distress and harm-doing in something like the tragic sense. This subdominant deconstructive position challenges the dominant biblical vision, in which the creation came forth from God's creative word as good without qualification.
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Die Königsmörder-Chronik. Erster Tag

Author: Patrick Rothfuss

Publisher: Klett-Cotta

ISBN: 3608101365

Category: Fiction

Page: 876

View: 1753

In »Der Name des Windes« erzählt Patrick Rothfuss die Geschichte von Kvothe, dem berühmtesten Zauberer seiner Zeit. Damit ist ihm ein Roman von so viel Einfallsreichtum und solch sprachlicher Kraft und Authentizität gelungen, dass er die gesamte Fantasyszene aufhorchen lässt. »Vielleicht habt ihr von mir gehört« ... von Kvothe, dem für die Magie begabten Sohn fahrender Spielleute. Das Lager seiner Truppe findet er verwüstet, die Mutter und den Vater tot - »sie haben einfach die falschen Lieder gesungen«. Wer aber sind diese Chandrian, die weißglänzenden, schleichenden Mörder seiner Familie? Um ihnen auf die Spur zu kommen, riskiert Kvothe alles. Er lebt als Straßenjunge in der Hafenstadt Tarbean, bis er auf das Arkanum, die Universität für hohe Magie aufgenommen wird. Vom Namenszauber, der ihn als Kind fast das Leben gekostet hätte, erhofft sich Kvothe die Macht, das Geheimnis der sagenumwobenen Dämonen aufzudecken. Im Mittelpunkt dieses Leseabenteuers steht ein großer Magier und leidenschaftlicher Wissenschaftler, ein Musiker, dessen Lieder die Sänger zum Weinen bringen ... und ein schüchterner Liebhaber. Mit Der Name des Windes legt Patrick Rothfuss den ersten Teil der Königsmörder-Chronik-Trilogie vor, der in den USA bei Kritikern und Fantasylesern begeistert aufgenommen wurde und schon bald einen der vorderen Plätze in der New York Times Bestsellerliste belegte. Der Bestseller-Autor Terry Brooks schreibt: »Der Name des Windes stellt das Debüt eines Autors dar, den wir lieber im Auge behalten sollten.« Das Magazin »The Onion« gibt den Lesern folgenden Rat: »Stellen Sie Der Name des Windes neben "Der Herr der Ringe" ins Regal und erwarten Sie den Tag, an dem beide in einem Atemzug genannt werden, vielleicht als Erste unter Gleichen.« 2007 wurde Patrick Rothfuss für seinen Roman »Der Name des Windes« mit dem Quill Award sowie dem Pulishers Weekly Award für das beste Fantasy-Buch des Jahres ausgezeichnet.
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