The Battle for Children and Custody

Author: Phyllis Chesler

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 1569769095

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 512

View: 9487

Updated and revised with seven new chapters, a new introduction, and a new resources section, this landmark book is invaluable for women facing a custody battle. It was the first to break the myth that mothers receive preferential treatment over fathers in custody disputes. Although mothers generally retain custody when fathers choose not to fight for it, fathers who seek custody often win--not because the mother is unfit or the father has been the primary caregiver but because, as Phyllis Chesler argues, women are held to a much higher standard of parenting. Incorporating findings from years of research, hundreds of interviews, and international surveys about child-custody arrangements, Chesler argues for new guidelines to resolve custody disputes and to prevent the continued oppression of mothers in custody situations. This book provides a philosophical and psychological perspective as well as practical advice from one of the country's leading matrimonial lawyers. Both an indictment of a discriminatory system and a call to action over motherhood under siege, "Mothers on Trial" is essential reading for anyone concerned either personally or professionally with custody rights and the well-being of the children involved.
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The Battle for Children and Custody

Author: Phyllis Chesler

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 9781556529993

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 488

View: 6851

A renowned psychologist examines the historical, cultural, and psychological bases for a mother's custody of her child and the emotional consequences on mother and child when custody is awarded to the father.
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The Battle for Children and Custody

Author: Phyllis Chesler

Publisher: Harvest Books


Category: Law

Page: 558

View: 4239

A renowned psychologist examines the historical, cultural, and psychological bases for a mother's custody of her child and the emotional consequences on mother and child when custody is awarded to the father
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The Abuse of Women and Children by Divorce Lawyers and Judges

Author: Karen Winner

Publisher: ReganBooks


Category: Law

Page: 329

View: 3223

An expose of the judicial system's abuse of women during divorce proceedings demonstrates how women are defrauded and manipulated by their own attorneys and discriminated against by judges
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Raising a Child with an Uncooperative Ex: A Hands-on, Practical Guide to Communicating with a Difficult Ex-Spouse

Author: Julie A. Ross, M.A.,Judy Corcoran

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 0312584202

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 294

View: 1330

Offers advice and communication techniques for dealing with common problems commonly faced by divorced couples who share custody of a child.
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Why Mothers are Running from the Family Courts--and what Can be Done about it

Author: Amy Neustein,Michael Lesher

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 9781584654629

Category: Social Science

Page: 284

View: 6613

A powerful expose of the family court system's prejudice against mothers trying to protect their sexually abused children.
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Author: Lenore E. Walker,Dorothy M. Cummings,Nicholas A. Cummings

Publisher: Ithaca Press (GB)

ISBN: 9780983912163

Category: Domestic relations courts

Page: 266

View: 6670

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The Trafficking of Children and Parents Through U.S. Family Courts

Author: Keith Harmon Snow

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780981611488

Category: Domestic relations

Page: 318

View: 9975

"Keith Harmon Snow's meticulously documented investigation into sex-trafficking of children by American judges is not to be missed. This scandal is one of the most important censored stories in our country today. I might not believe what Mr. Snow has written if I had not independently investigated two dozen cases not discussed in his article, and found ample evidence of the precise dynamics he lays out for us here. Anyone who says they care about child welfare needs to learn what is happening in family courts and take action until it is stopped. Once you start reading this expose, you won't be able to put it down." -Lundy Bancroft Author of Why Does He Do That? History's largest-selling book on domestic violence"
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Towards Empowering Protective Parents

Author: Leora N. Rosen

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781514274170


Page: 286

View: 8123

In the 1980s as improvements in outreach and education on child sexual abuse brought an increase in reported cases, many mothers who believed their children's allegations of incest, and who attempted to protect them from the alleged perpetrator, found themselves at odds with the historically patriarchal family court system. These mothers were disbelieved, discredited, and frequently punished with loss of custody and even visitation. Later, they were joined by domestic violence survivors, empowered to leave their abusers by the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), but who found that they too were losing custody of their children in family court. Many advocacy groups have sprung up to address the problem, and there is a growing literature about the harmful contributions not only of judges, but also custody evaluators, mediators, guardians ad litem, child protective service workers and other court auxiliaries. Yet the only change over the past 30 years has been the increased sophistication and efficiency of the mechanisms developed by family courts to punish protective mothers. The question has arisen as to why the battered women's movement has not been more vocal in supporting protective mothers and has not devoted more of its resources towards assisting them. There are several possibilities. First, from the beginning, the battered women's movement has had an ambivalent attitude towards children, and although this has softened over time, it still remains a factor. Second, despite awareness that battering has many facets besides physical violence, and that coercive control is at its core, the battered women's movement still tends to view battering as predominantly physical violence. Related to this is the fact that the focus of VAWA is on criminal justice solutions to battering, whereas coercive control -- considered by experts to represent the essence of battering -- includes acts that may not be defined as crimes. Third, even among battered women's advocates who have tried to increase public and professional awareness of coercive control concerning adults, very few have considered children as its potential targets, especially in the case of incest, which is still viewed by most people simply as child sexual abuse, best dealt with by child protective service agencies. Finally, since the battered women's movement is firmly located under the banner of law and order, it is hard pressed to admit that family courts, which represent the law, are being used as instruments of coercive control, and may be engaging in tortious and even illegal acts, not to mention civil rights violations. Beyond the Hostage Child tracks the historical forces that have shaped the protective parents movement, provides the latest scientific research relevant to the subject, and summarize ideas for change that have been proposed by key advocates and professionals. In particular, the book pays close attention to the role of the unregulated divorce industry that exploits vulnerable families for profit, and also discusses the influence of federally funded fatherhood programs that promote access of unwed or divorced fathers to their children with scant attention to the dangers of domestic violence in all its forms. Most importantly, the book addresses the civil rights violations that routinely occur in family court and attempts to explain why the U.S. Supreme Court has failed to recognize these violations in two landmark decisions. Finally, Beyond the Hostage Child advocates for recognition of the protective parents movement as distinct from the battered women's movement and calls for the establishment of an Office on Domestic Violence Against Children within the Department of Justice. This office would set standards for best practices and policies, educate, and coordinate activities with other federal as well as state agencies, collect data, support civil rights actions, and even manage grants to states for improved practices.
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A Tour Through the Predatory World of Judges, Lawyers, Psychologists, and Social Workers, in the Subculture of Divorce

Author: Robert Seidenberg,William Dawes

Publisher: J E S Books Incorporated

ISBN: 9780965706209

Category: Social Science

Page: 215

View: 2648

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Author: Ellen Cole,Esther D Rothblum,Phyllis Chesler

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317764323

Category: Social Science

Page: 566

View: 4410

Feminist Foremothers in Women’s Studies, Psychology, and Mental Health is by and about the more recent wave of feminist foremothers; those who were awakened in the 1960s and ’70s to the realization that something was terribly wrong. These are the women who created the fields of feminist therapy, feminist psychology, and women’s mental health as they exist today. The 48 women share their life stories in the hope that they will inspire and encourage readers to take their own risks and their own journeys to the outer edges of human possibility. Authors write about what led up to their achievements, what their accomplishments were, and how their lives were consequently changed. They describe their personal stages of development in becoming feminists, from unawareness to activism to action. Some women focus on the painful barriers to success, fame, and social change; others focus on the surprise they experience at how well they, and the women’s movement, have done. Some well-known feminist foremothers featured include: Phyllis Chesler Gloria Steinem Kate Millett Starhawk Judy Chicago Zsuszanna Emese Budapest Andrea Dworkin Jean Baker Miller Carol Gilligan In Feminist Foremothers in Women’s Studies, Psychology, and Mental Health, many of the women see in hindsight how prior projects and ideas and even dreams were the forerunners to their most important work. They note the importance of sisterhood and the presence of other women and the loneliness and isolation experienced when they don’t exist. They note the validation they have received from grassroots feminists in contrast to disbelief from professionals. Although these women have been and continue to be looked up to as foremothers, they realize how little recognition they’ve been given from society-at-large and how much better off their male counterparts are. Some foremothers write about the feeling of being different, not meshing with the culture of the time and about challenging the system as an outsider, not an insider. These are women who had few mentors, who had to forge their own way, “hit the ground running.” Their stories will challenge readers to press on, to continue the work these foremothers so courageously started. Throughout the pages of Feminist Foremothers in Women’s Studies, Psychology, and Mental Health runs a sense of excitement and vibrancy of lives lived well, of being there during the early years of the women’s movement, of making sacrifices, of taking risks and living to see enormous changes result. Throughout these pages, too, sounds a call not to take these changes for granted but to recognize that feminists, rather than arguing over picayune issues or splitting politically correct hairs, are battling for the very soul of the world.
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Understanding the Laws of Child Custody and Child Support

Author: Webster Watnik

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 0964940434

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 584

View: 5810

Discusses a variety of issues concerning child custody, including court structures, living arrangements, recommendations on avoiding court battles, and advice on working with lawyers.
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Protect Yourself and Your Kids from a Toxic Divorce, False Accusations, and Parental Alienation

Author: Amy J. L. Baker,J. Michael Bone,Brian Ludmer

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

ISBN: 1626250758

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 232

View: 6812

Is your ex-spouse trying to gain custody of your kids? Has he or she launched a campaign to make you look like a bad parent, both in the eyes of your children and the law? You aren’t alone. Unfortunately, high-conflict custody battles are all-too-common in today’s world. So how can you arm yourself with the mental and legal resources needed to survive this difficult time and keep your kids safe? In The High-Conflict Custody Battle, a team of legal and psychology experts present a practical guidebook for people like you who are engaged in a high-conflict custody battle. If you are dealing with an overtly hostile, inflammatory, deceitful, or manipulative ex-spouse, you will learn how to find and work with an attorney and prepare for a custody evaluation. The book also provides helpful tips you can use to defend yourself against false accusations, and gives a realistic portrayal of what to expect during a legal fight. Going through a divorce is hard, but going through a custody battle can feel like war. Don’t go in unprepared. With this book as your guide, you will be able to navigate this difficult process and learn powerful skills that will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your kids, fight unfair accusations, and uphold your rights as a parent.
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A Custody Battle, a Gruesome Crime, and the Mother Who Paid the Ultimate Price

Author: Diane Fanning

Publisher: Berkley

ISBN: 0425278484

Category: Custody of children

Page: 402

View: 3144

The U.S. national bestselling author of Under the Cover of Night (Berkley, 2014) recounts the gruesome death of mother Laura Jean Ackerson, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend and his wife. Both accused each other of killing Laura, then dismembering and disposing of her remains in Texas. This is the story of that gruesome crime, the events leading up to it and the trial that followed.
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Author: Francesca Amato-Banfield

Publisher: Babypie Publishing

ISBN: 9781945446399

Category: Law

Page: 162

View: 6372

"Punished 4 Protecting" tells of Francesca Amato-Banfield's harrowing experience within the broken family court system. After eight months, she finally received justice, and is now an advocate for families seeking to protect their rights and their children. If you are struggling with injustices wrought by our courts, please allow this book to be a resource to guide you through the process. In this book, you will: -Create a Strategy to Help You and Your Family Get Justice -Learn How to Empower Yourself When Your Back Is Against the Wall -Read How Francesca Won Her Son Back After Eight Months of Injustice -Discover There Are Many Other Families Like Yours Who Deserve Justice -Find Inspiration Through Your Trust in God to Help You Through Any Crisis "'Punished 4 Protecting' is for every parent who has struggled with the politics and failure of the family court system. You are not alone. Francesca's story is proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel!" -Shannon Burnett-Gronich, Publicity Expert, Author, and Mother of Three Children "You and your family will benefit from the tools and strategies used in this book regarding the chaos and agony of family court." -Lin Van Gelder, Retired Business Professional "Each new generation of protective mothers is shocked when they first go to family court and find it is biased in favor of abusive fathers and willing to jeopardize children. Francesca has one of these unspeakably cruel cases and has responded by shining a large spotlight on the widespread failures so other mothers won't be shocked." -Barry Goldstein Author, Domestic Violence Expert, Public Speaker and Research Director of the "Stop Abuse" Campaign
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A Call for Safety and Accountability

Author: Peter G. Jaffe,Nancy K. D. Lemon,Samantha E. Poisson,Samantha Poisson

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761918264

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 194

View: 2197

Child Custody and Domestic Violence: A Call for Safety and Accountability focuses on the complexity of the challenges facing judges, lawyers, legislators, and mental health professionals in developing safe and effective strategies for resolving custody disputes. Jaffe, Lemon, and Poisson integrate the most recent clinical and legal issues in the field in considering the prevalence of divorce and domestic violence as well as the relevance of domestic violence in custody disputes. The authors outline the essential differences between custody disputes with and without allegations and findings of domestic violence, and the different analysis and distinct interventions by judges, policymakers, and mental health professionals necessary in domestic violence cases.
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Author: Constantine Sedikides,John Schopler,Chester A. Insko,Chester Insko

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1134797656

Category: Psychology

Page: 482

View: 7329

Social psychology has maintained a keen interest over the years in issues related to intergroup behavior, such as ingroup favoritism and discrimination. The field has also been preoccupied with ways to reduce prejudice and discrimination. Intergroup contact has been offered as the main mechanism for prejudice and discrimination reduction. In the last 15 years, the social cognitive perspective has been applied to the study of intergroup relations. Theoretical advances have been made regarding such issues as the representation of information about ingroup and outgroup members, the structural properties of stereotypes, the relation between cognitive representation and judgment, and the ways in which cognition, effect, and motivation interactively influence the perception, judgment, and memory of ingroup and outgroup members. The first volume in this new series, this book seeks to bring the above two traditions together. Focusing on the interplay between cognition and behavior in intergroup settings, it addresses four general questions: * How does intergroup cognition (perceptions, judgments, and memories) influence intergroup behavior (ingroup favoritism and discrimination)? * How does intergroup behavior subsequently change intergroup cognition? * What is the mediational role of effect, motivational processes, and social context? * How effective can change in intergroup cognition be in altering intergroup behavior? This volume focuses not on a specific theory but rather on an approach. This approach is the interface between intergroup cognition and intergroup behavior. The various contributors are leading investigators in these areas and share the belief that the field has reached a level of maturity where it can start asking the hard questions regarding the complex and multifaceted ways in which intergroup cognition and behavior are related. The investigators do not just summarize their work. Instead, they connect aspects of their work to the theme of the volume and integrate their work with existing approaches in the relevant literature.
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Confronting Welfare's Fatherhood Custody Program

Author: Doreen Ludwig

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781515256212


Page: 300

View: 9866

What happens when a mother divorces her abusive husband? "Motherless America: Confronting Welfare's Fatherhood Custody Program" six memoir chapters answer the question in a raw tale of corruption and cover-up. Three protagonists, a lawyer, a psychologist and a judge, collude to eliminate mother from the children's lives by calling her mentally ill, jailing, depriving her of financial resources and the ability to educate and improve herself. Under dire circumstances, Doreen plows forward, learns the law, only to discover and investigate the government program that funds father's abuse. Six memoir chapters humanize by using real life to demonstrate problems, showing how policy affects lives. It is not common knowledge that our government finances a family court industry that mandates abusive fathers over protecting women and children. Motherless America shines a light on a government program designed to give fathers control of children by way of family court. Six memoir chapters with four research chapters that inform readers of the nature of abuse and how it is processed by the family court industry; who invented the government program to make sure men control the family even after divorce; occupations that administer the program; and government funding and program design. The book concludes with a chapter that lists problems and offers solutions.
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Global Women's Issues and Knowledge

Author: Cheris Kramarae,Dale Spender

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135963150

Category: Reference

Page: 2050

View: 6907

For a full list of entries and contributors, sample entries, and more, visit the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women website. Featuring comprehensive global coverage of women's issues and concerns, from violence and sexuality to feminist theory, the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women brings the field into the new millennium. In over 900 signed A-Z entries from US and Europe, Asia, the Americas, Oceania, and the Middle East, the women who pioneered the field from its inception collaborate with the new scholars who are shaping the future of women's studies to create the new standard work for anyone who needs information on women-related subjects.
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