Author: Gene Mustain,Jerry Capeci

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 0091941121

Category: Mafia

Page: 512

View: 9871

Meet the DeMeo gang - the most deadly killers the Mafia has ever known. They were a small-time Brooklyn corner crew who, headed by the notorious Roy DeMeo, became the hitmen of choice for the Gambino family. Killing for profit and pleasure, they were ultimately feared by everyone - even the Mafia bosses they worked for.
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The Life of Little Al D’Arco, the Man Who Brought Down the Mafia

Author: Jerry Capeci,Tom Robbins

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1250037433

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 432

View: 3427

Reminiscent of Wiseguy, Mob Boss is a compelling biography from two prominent mob experts recounting the life and times of the first acting boss of an American Mafia family to turn government witness Alfonso "Little Al" D'Arco, the former acting boss of the Luchese organized crime family, was the highest-ranking mobster to ever turn government witness when he flipped in 1991. His decision to flip prompted many others to make the same choice, including John Gotti's top aide, Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano, and his testimony sent more than fifty mobsters to prison. In Mob Boss, award-winning news reporters Jerry Capeci and Tom Robbins team up for this unparalleled account of D'Arco's life and the New York mob scene that he embraced for four decades. Until the day he switched sides, D'Arco lived and breathed the old-school gangster lessons he learned growing up in Brooklyn and fine-tuned on the mean streets of Little Italy. But when he learned he was marked to be whacked, D'Arco quit the mob. His defection decimated his crime family and opened a window on mob secrets going back a hundred years. After speaking with D'Arco, the authors reveal unprecedented insights, exposing shocking secrets and troublesome truths about a city where a famous pizza parlor doubled as a Mafia center for multi-million-dollar heroin deals, where hit men carried out murders dressed as women, and where kidnapping a celebrity newsman's son was deemed appropriate revenge for the father's satirical novel. Capeci and Robbins spent hundreds of hours in conversation with D'Arco, and exhausted many hours more fleshing out his stories in this riveting narrative that takes readers behind the famous witness testimony for a comprehensive look at the Mafia in New York City.
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Author: Philip Carlo

Publisher: Dorchester Publishing Company Incorporated

ISBN: 9780843956788

Category: Fiction

Page: 321

View: 9481

Investigating the mysterious disappearance of a reporter, a former detective finds himself drawn into the dark underground world of blood-drinking cultists.
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The Rise and Fall

Author: Jerry Capeci,Gene Mustain

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 0091943183

Category: Gangsters

Page: 448

View: 4882

John Gotti: Gangster, killer, celebrity. From the tough streets of Queens to the heights of the American Mafia, John Gotti thought he was invincible. Ruthless, brutal and always immaculately dressed, he was known as the Teflon Don, because no charge the Feds brought against him would stick. Told by organised crime reporters and bestselling authors Jerry Capeci and Gene Mustain using inside sources on both sides of the law, this is the definitive account of how New York's last great Godfather was finally brought to justice.
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the rise and fall of the Gambino crime family

Author: John H. Davis

Publisher: Harpercollins


Category: True Crime

Page: 450

View: 6904

Traces the history of the Gambino crime family, from its beginnings in the 1920s through the recent conviction of John Gotti
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The Shocking Frame-Up of a Mafia Crime Buster

Author: Lin DeVecchio,Charles Brandt

Publisher: Berkley

ISBN: 9780425246092

Category: Law

Page: 513

View: 9479

Recounts the true story of an FBI agent who was framed for crimes he never committed, including suspicion of corruption and four counts of murder, while helping to bring down the Mafia in New York. Reprint.
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Confessions of a Mafia Boss

Author: Philip Carlo

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061835781

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

View: 2963

The boss of New York's infamous Lucchese crime family, Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso's life in the Mafia was preordained from birth. His rare talent for "earning"—concocting ingenious schemes to hijack trucks, rob banks, and bring vast quantities of drugs into New York—fueled his unstoppable rise up the ladder of organized crime. A mafioso responsible for at least fifty murders, Casso lived large, with a beautiful wife and money to burn. When the law finally caught up with him in 1994, Casso became the thing he hated most—an informer. From his blood feud with John Gotti to his dealings with the "Mafia cops," decorated NYPD officers Lou Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, to the Windows case, which marked the beginning of the end for the New York Mob, Gaspipe is Anthony Casso's shocking story—a roller-coaster ride into an exclusive netherworld that reveals the true inner workings of the Mafia, from its inception to the present time.
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The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer

Author: Anthony Bruno

Publisher: Dell

ISBN: 0345540093

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 5552

Soon to be a major motion picture starring Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, with Ray Liotta and Chris Evans He was smart, merciless, and deadly. And it took someone just as tough to bring him down. A mob contract killer known as “The Iceman” for hiding a body in an ice-cream truck freezer, Richard Kuklinski boasted a personal body count of more than a hundred victims. Using guns, knives, poison, ice picks, tire irons, baseball bats, and bombs, the family man from New Jersey killed for fun, for money, to cover up his own crimes, and to satisfy his inner rage. Law enforcement officials knew all about Kuklinski and had a list of his victims, but couldn’t get near him—until undercover agent Dominick Polifrone posed as a mobster and began a deadly game of cat and mouse. In this harrowing true-crime account, Anthony Bruno delves into the mind of a cold-blooded killer, chronicling the Iceman’s grisly crimes and probing the bizarre dynamics of Agent Polifrone’s dangerous liaison with him. For as Polifrone carefully built up a case against Kuklinksi, he knew he was running out of time—because the Iceman was planning to kill him too. “Bruno puts his writing talents to white-knuckle use with a tight focus on a killer with no human feelings.”—Kirkus Reviews “Excellent . . . [re-creates] the tension and stress Polifrone experienced in fulfilling his risky undercover assignment.”—Publishers Weekly From the Trade Paperback edition.
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The Story of the Syndicate Killing Machine

Author: Burton B. Turkus,Sid Feder

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780615643021

Category: Mafia

Page: 538

View: 8214

Murder Inc. by former Brooklyn D.A. Burton B. Turkus and veteran A.P. war correspondent Sid Feder is the riveting true crime classic that rips the lid off the national crime Syndicate"s "killing machine" that took 1,000 lives nationwide during the 1930's and 40's. In a page-turning non-fiction account that reads like a crime thriller, Turkus and Feder take us behind the scenes with the untold story of how Sicilian gangsters Lucky Luciano, Albert Anastasia and Joe Adonis partnered with Jewish gangsters Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel and Louis "Lepke" Buchalter to create a multi-million rackets enterprise that included, gambling, prostitution, union corruption and the lucrative murder-for-hire scheme that operated out of the back of a Brooklyn Candy Store. After he was able to turn, Murder Inc.'s chief killer, Abe "Kid Twist" Reles, Turkus eventually sent Lepke and six other mobsters to the electric chair. This 1951 best seller by Turkus & Feder which has sold more than a million copies worldwide is now available in a new updated edition complete with mug shots and bios of the original gangsters who spilled so much blood from coast to coast. With a new Forward by five-time Emmy winning former ABC News correspondent and investigative reporter Peter Lance, this edition of Murder Inc. will introduce a new generation of true-crime readers to the most lethal underworld enterprise ever exposed.
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The City's Most Notorious Criminal Cases

Author: Bryan Ethier

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811742047

Category: True Crime

Page: 128

View: 8908

• Introduction to crime in the city • Headline cases In New York City, crime is big--big in newspaper headlines, big to politicians who win and lose jobs because of a flux in crime, and big in the lore of the city itself. This book begins with a survey of crime in the Big Apple and then focuses on its landmark cases, including the sixteen-year terrorism of the Mad Bomber, the bystander effect in the fatal stabbing of Kitty Genovese, the Son of Sam serial killings, the assassination of John Lennon, the fall of mob boss Paul Castellano, and the murder of Jennifer Levin by Preppie Killer Robert Chambers Jr.
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Author: Nigel Cawthorne

Publisher: Arcturus Publishing

ISBN: 1848583842

Category: History

Page: N.A

View: 5331

The Mafia began on a small island in the Mediterranean, Sicily. It grew to become a major political force in Italy, while its tentacles penetrated every aspect of life in the United States. Through drugs, it spread its influence to Britain, Canada and Australia. And through the gangster movies of Hollywood, including The Godfather and Goodfellas...
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The Two Families of Michael Palermo; Saints Only Live in Heaven

Author: Richard Cagan,Michael George Sabella

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 1616088575

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 382

View: 6504

A true docudrama of the life of New York City narcotics detective Michael Palermo.
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In the Company of Monsters

Author: Philip Carlo

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1907195440

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

View: 8656

Philip Carlo's successful and acclaimed books reveal the truth about notorious characters such as LA serial killer Richard Ramirez, Mafia contract killer Richard Kuklinski and crime-family boss Anthony Casso. Working closely with the DEA , Carlo also wrote the definitive account of Bonanno Mafia family assassin Tommy 'Karate' Pitera. Carlo's investigative achievements were remarkable, but what wasn't known to his readers was that, while working on The Ice Man, he learned he had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a form of motor neuron disease. Suddenly, after years of penetrating the minds of killers, Carlo was himself being pursued by the grim reaper. But rather than lying down and succumbing to the disease, Carlo continued to work right up until his death in 2010. In The Killer Within, Carlo provides an intimate account of his relationships with Ramirez, Kuklinski and Casso and reveals intriguing information about writing his bestsellers while simultaneously coping with ALS as it slowly began to steal his life away.
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A True Story of Money, Marriage, Sex and Murder

Author: Jerry Bledsoe

Publisher: Diversion Books

ISBN: 1626812896

Category: True Crime

Page: 271

View: 8554

She led an almost perfect life, and committed an almost perfect crime. Barbara Stager appeared to be a devoted mother, loving wife, and dedicated church leader in her Durham, North Carolina, community. When she "accidentally" shot her husband, popular high school coach Russ, the police were inclined to believe her—until they found out ten years earlier her first husband had died in a strangely similar way. Detective Rick Buchanan's relentless investigations into Stager's life revealed a stunning vortex of compulsive lying, obsessive spending, and sexual promiscuity. With every shocking new discovery, more of Barbara's impeccable image unraveled. But the greatest shock—a damning piece of evidence Russ Stager left behind—revealed the nightmare truth about Barbara. New York Times bestselling author Jerry Bledsoe takes us deep into one of the most spellbinding cases of double life, lethal lust, and almost perfect murder. "Mesmerizing... Barbara Stager is yet another prime example of the fragile Southern female who will kill her men as quick as kiss them, and I loved every page about her. Bledsoe is one of a handful of natural-born true-crime writers." —Ann Rule "A profile of evil... fascinating, absorbing and gossipy." —Baltimore Sun "In the art of true-crime reportage, Jerry Bledsoe is the best in the country. Combining a journalist's sense of fact and detail with a storyteller's instinct for pace and plot, BEFORE HE WAKES has he suspense of a novel." —Atlanta Journal-Constitution "Jerry Bledsoe is one of the great chroniclers of true crime... the grand master of Southern madness and murder." —Sharyn McCrumb "Thanks to the fine-toothed-comb reporting of ace crime journalist Bledsoe, there's no mistaking for fiction this seemingly incredible tale of sex, greed, and murder." —Kirkus Reviews "The success of Bledsoe's book lies in his thorough reporting, objective writing, and thoughtful analysis of Barbara Stager's character." —Charlotte Observer "World-class reporting at its best... Barbara Stager is truly the church lady from hell, sweet, pious, loving and lethal." —Edna Buchanan "Fascinating... fast-paced suspense that puts me right in the courtroom and keeps me on the edge of my bench." —Margaret Maron "Jerry Bledsoe is the master of true crime, the conclusion to what Truman Capote began. Three cheers for another stunning success." —Patricia Cornwell
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A Killer with a Heart of Ice

Author: Don Lasseter

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 0786037946

Category: True Crime

Page: 416

View: 5760

A riveting tale of true crime, chronicling the murder of a young California woman by a disturbed killer who couldn’t resist his passion for “souvenirs.” On a June night in 1991, twenty-three-year-old Denise Huber was driving home from a concert when her car blew a tire. She pulled over on the highway, just a few miles from her parents’ home in Newport Beach. The next day, the police found her abandoned car, but Huber had simply vanished. Her disappearance inspired one of the most intensive missing-persons searches in history. All to no avail. The only man who knew what happened to Huber wasn’t planning to let her go—ever. Three years later, in an affluent suburb of Prescott, Arizona, a woman noticed a padlocked truck in the driveway of a house belonging to John Famalaro. Something about the truck seemed suspicious, so she called the police. After prying open its doors, they found the nude, handcuffed corpse of Denise Huber stuffed into a freezer—preserved forever in the throes of death. Inside Famalaro’s home, Huber’s personal belongings were found along with neatly arranged “trophies” of other female prey. But it wasn’t until the trial that the terrifying details of Huber’s final hours were revealed. Now, Cold Storage exposes the dark deeds of a merciless killer consumed by perversity and unfathomable evil.
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The Rise and Fall of Ireland's Most Dangerous Criminal Gang

Author: Paul Williams

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 1844883485

Category: True Crime

Page: 432

View: 8314

Murder Inc. is the latest blockbuster by Ireland's most respected crime writer and journalist, Paul Williams. Murder Inc. is the definitive account of how organized crime exploded in Limerick from the 1990s and in the noughties. It describes the depravity and decadence of the gangs, their deadly rivaliries, and their reigns of terror over the community in which they lived. Finally, Williams traces the faultlines that eventually led to the implosion of the gangs and their defeat. Drawing on his vast inside knowledge of the criminal underworld, an unparalleled range of contacts and eye witness interviews, Paul Williams provides a chilling insight into the mobsters and events that corroded entire neighbourhoods and devastated countless lives.
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A Mafia Killer, His Son, and the Legacy of a Mob Life

Author: Albert DeMeo,Mary Jane Ross

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781854109743

Category: Criminals

Page: 256

View: 5577

Roy DeMeo was one of the Mafia's most cold-blooded killers - personally responsible for up to 200 murders. His grisly methods of disposing of his victims appear to have been an inspiration for similar killings enacted in TV's hugely popular The Sopranos. Albert DeMeo is his son. who led the Gambino family's most fearsome killers and thieves, through the eyes of a son who had never known any other kind of life. Coming of age in an opulent Long Island house where money was abundant but its source was unclear, Al became Roy's confidant, sent to call in loans at age 14 and gradually coming to understand what his father actually did for a living: loan shark, car thief, porn purveyor and, above all, murderer. But when Al was 17, Roy's body was found in the trunk of a car, a gangland slaying that placed Al between federal prosecutors seeking his testimony and a Mob crew determined to keep him quiet. DeMeo's horrific criminal life, and the revelations led his son to a nervous breakdown. How could he have spent his life looking up to, and loving, a vicious killer? Roy's dangerous and doomed life, Al DeMeo embarked on a courageous quest for the truth, reconciliation, and honour. With the implacable narrative drive of a thriller and the power of a painfully honest memoir, For the Sins of My Father presents a startling perspective on the underworld of organized crime, exposing the cruel legacy of a Mafia life.
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Author: Lou Eppolito,Bob Drury

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416523995

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 7178

He was one of the most decorated cops in the history of NYPD. From his "wiseguy" relatives, he learned the meaning of honor and loyalty. From his fellow cops, he learned the meaning of betrayal. MAFIA COP His father, Ralph "Fat the Gangster" Eppolito, was stone-cold Mafia hit-man. Lou Eppolito, however, chose to live by different code; he chose the uniform of NYPD. And he was one of the best -- a good, tough, honest cop down the line. Butu even his sterling record, his headline-making heroism, couldn't protect him when the police brass decided to take him down. Although completely exonerated of charges that he had passed secrets to the mob, Lou didn't stand a chance. They had taken something from him they couldn't give back: his dignity and his pride. Now, here's the powerful story, told in Lou Eppolito's own words, of the bloody Mafia hit that claimed his uncle and cousin...of his middle-of-the-night meeting with "Boss of Bosses" Paul Castellano...of one good cop who survived eight shootouts and saved hundreds of victims, who was persecuted, prosecuted, and ultimately betrayed by his own department. Full of hard drama and gritty truth, Mafia Cop gives a vivid, inside look at life in the Family, on the force, and on the mean streets of New York.
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The FBI's Secret Thirty-Year Relationship with a Mafia Killer

Author: Peter Lance

Publisher: William Morrow

ISBN: 9780061455346

Category: True Crime

Page: 672

View: 9408

From an award-winning investigative reporter: the shocking story of the mob killer who terrorized the streets of New York City for decades . . . while working for the FBI In Deal with the Devil, five-time Emmy Award–winning investigative reporter Peter Lance draws on three decades of once-secret FBI files and exclusive new interviews to disclose the epic saga of Colombo family capo Gregory Scarpa Sr., who spent more than thirty years as a paid Top Echelon FBI informant while wreaking havoc as a drug dealer, loan shark, bank robber, hijacker, high-end securities thief—and killer. A Mafia capo who "stopped counting" after fifty murders—earning nicknames including "the Grim Reaper" and "the Killing Machine"—Greg Scarpa was enlisted by the FBI as early as 1960. His detailed debriefings on Mafia practices and activities went straight to J. Edgar Hoover and revealed the structure of Cosa Nostra long before the celebrated Valachi hearings. In forty-two years of murder and racketeering, Scarpa served only thirty days in jail, thanks to his secret relationship with the Feds. But Scarpa's most deadly reign of terror came in the period from 1980 to 1992, when more than half his homicides occurred—even as Scarpa was serving as a paid informant under Supervisory Special Agent R. Lindley DeVecchio, who ran two organized crime squads in the FBI's New York Office. The celebrated case agent on the 1985–1986 Mafia Commission prosecution, DeVecchio had persuaded Scarpa to return to the fold as an informant, under laws that explicitly forbid organized crime insiders from committing murder or other crimes while receiving compensation from the Bureau. And yet, drawing on secret memos that went to every FBI director from Hoover to Louis Freeh, Lance documents that Scarpa not only continued his violent rampage during these years, but actually launched a new war for control of the Colombo crime family—a conflict that left fourteen dead and dozens injured. Before he died of AIDS, contracted through a tainted blood transfusion, Scarpa committed or ordered twenty-six murders—including the violent rubout of his own brother Sal in 1987 and the drive-by slaying of his nephew Gus Farace, which triggered a five-hundred-agent manhunt—all while serving as an informant for Lin DeVecchio. When DeVecchio himself was indicted on four counts of murder in 2007, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes called the case "the most stunning example of official corruption . . . I have ever seen." Yet the murder charges against DeVecchio were dismissed a short time later—even as a New York State Supreme Court judge described the FBI's association with Scarpa as a "deal with the devil." After the case's abrupt dismissal, Lance started peeling back the layers on what defense attorneys called Scarpa's "unholy alliance" with the FBI. Through exclusive interviews with Scarpa's son Greg Jr. and former Lucchese boss Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso, among others, as well as more than 1,150 pages of confidential briefing memos, many revealed here for the first time, Lance traces links between the Scarpa case, the infamous Mafia Cops case, and more. Written with the same astounding capacity for penetrating criminal networks that marked Lance's previous books, Deal with the Devil is a page-turning work of investigative journalism that reads like a Scorsese film.
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