pages from the diary of Sir John Elwynne

Author: Katrina Trask

Publisher: N.A



Page: 60

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Author: Irène Hardy

Publisher: N.A



Page: 145

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Author: William Wells Newell

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486203549

Category: Games

Page: 289

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Pioneer study of American children's games collected by author throughout eastern half of United States at turn of the century. Features 190 games and play situations, full song texts, many melodies, comparison with similar material from other cultures. Entertaining, basic book in the field.
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Or Divers Remarkable Orders, of the Ladies, at Spring Garden, in Parlament [sic] Assembled. Together with Certain Votes, of the Unlawful Assembly, at Kate's in Covent Garden. Both Sent Abroad to Prevent Misinformation. By Henry Neville

Author: Henry Neville

Publisher: N.A



Page: 23

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Author: Thomas Moore,John Russell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108058981

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 392

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Throughout his professional life, the poet Thomas Moore (1779-1852) was variously celebrated and vilified for both his verse and his politics. Born in Dublin, he remained an ardent Irish patriot until his death. This eight-volume collection of Moore's memoirs, diaries and letters, edited by his friend Lord John Russell (1792-1878) and first published between 1853 and 1856, provides rare insights into a man whose genius was applauded by the Morning Chronicle as 'embracing almost all sides of imaginative literature, of criticism and philosophy'. Opening with a portrait of Moore's most loyal patron in his later years, the Marquis of Lansdowne, Volume 7 contains Moore's diary for the period 1833-44, during which he published Travels of an Irish Gentleman in Search of Religion (1833) and devoted much time to his History of Ireland (1835-46).
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Author: Twan Eng Tan

Publisher: Droemer eBook

ISBN: 342642875X

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

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Die angesehene Richterin Teoh Yun Ling, deren Erinnerungskraft schwindet, will sich noch einmal mit ihrer Vergangenheit auseinandersetzen. Kurz nach dem Krieg arbeitet sie, die einzige Überlebende eines japanischen Internierungslagers, als Anwältin für ein Tribunal, das japanische Kriegsverbrechen ahndet. Auch der Tod ihrer Schwester lässt sie nicht zur Ruhe kommen. Sie will für diese ein Denkmal schaffen. Da ihre Schwester eine Liebhaberin der japanischen Gartenkunst war, geht Yun Ling trotz ihres Hasses auf die Japaner bei dem japanischen Gärtner Aritomo in die Lehre. Aritomo, der einst Gärtner des japanischen Tenno war, verbirgt aber ein dunkles Geheimnis.
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Heeding the Call

Author: Virgilio P. Elizondo

Publisher: Franciscan Media

ISBN: 9780867163230

Category: Religion

Page: 89

View: 3220

Continue the success of the "A Retreat With . . ". series. "Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego" reveals the dignity of the Latin American people. "An unusual and ambitious new series edited by Gloria Hutchinson enables readers to go on a virtual retreat with saints and holy ones in an effort to gain 'self-knowledge, discernment, and maturity in the Spirit.'"--"Publishers Weekly".
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Author: Tonke Dragt

Publisher: Pushkin Press

ISBN: 178269062X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 460

View: 3114

Tiuri returns in The Secrets of the Wild Wood, the thrilling and long-awaited sequel to The Letter for the King! 'There's no place you can lose your way as quickly as in the Wild Wood...' One of the King's knights has gone missing. Sent to explore the mysterious Wild Wood, which no-one dares visit and some say are enchanted, he has vanished in the snow. Tiuri - now Sir Tiuri after carrying out his last perilous mission - has to find him. With his best friend and squire, Piak, he must journey into the heart of a terrifying, secret forest realm, where danger is all around and every path leads you astray. It is a place of lost, overgrown cities and ancient curses; of robbers, princesses and strange Men in Green; of old friends and treacherous new enemies - and a secret plot that threatens to bring down the entire kingdom. This gripping, spellbinding sequel to The Letter for the King sees a hero facing his greatest test, surrounded by darkness in a world where good and evil wear the same face, and the wrong move could cost his life - but where help comes from the unlikeliest of places. Tonke Dragt was born in 1930 in Indonesia. When she was twelve, she was imprisoned in a Japanese camp during the war, where she wrote her very first book using begged and borrowed paper. After the war, she and her family moved to the Netherlands, where she became an art teacher. In 1962 she published her most famous story, The Letter for the King, which won the Children's Book of the Year Award and has been translated into sixteen languages. Its sequel, The Secrets of the Wild Wood, followed in 1965. Dragt was awarded the State Prize for Youth Literature in 1976 and was knighted in 2001.
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Collected Chiefly from Oral Tradition

Author: James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps

Publisher: N.A


Category: Nursery rhymes

Page: 240

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Author: Andrew Eburne,Richard Taylor

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448147484

Category: Gardening

Page: 272

View: 8559

Richard Taylor, author of the best-selling How to Read a Church, joins forces with garden historian Andrew Eburne to produce the ultimate guide to historic and modern gardens. Gardens are amongst the fastest-growing visitor attractions today - in the UK alone 15 million people will visit a garden this year. How to Read an English Garden is the essential book for every garden lover. It provides an account of the different elements of gardens of all ages and explains their meaning and their history: here, you'll find the answer to such questions as: when were tulips introduced into our gardens, and what was 'tulip-mania'? What is a knot-garden, and what was the origin of its design? Who was 'Capability' Brown, and how did he get his name? Why are mazes such a common feature in English garden design? In addition, the book explains how lawns, flowerbeds, trees and ponds came to be a feature not just of grand houses but of gardens everywhere. Among the many subjects covered are: garden design, plant introductions and collectors, kitchen gardens, water gardens, and garden styles from around the world: English, American, Chinese and Moorish to name just a few. Clearly laid out and beautifully illustrated, How to Read an English Garden brings historic and modern gardens to life: a book to accompany garden visitors everywhere, or to be enjoyed and dipped into at home.
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A Week of Years

Author: Rosemary Deen

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252065729

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 182

View: 6963

Naming the Light is about places and people, books and music and travel, gardening and astronomy. Some essays examine Rosemary Deen's experience of finding herself well placed, at home in an old house with rambling gardens in New York's Catskill region. Others travel out to remote worlds, then bring them next door through the author's power of imagination. Deen sees human experience as part of a system alive with continuity between nature and culture - its worms and its cathedrals, its weather and its cantatas - all one, like a giant plant or a richly woven tapestry.
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The Omnibus Edition

Author: Elizabeth Moon

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748113010

Category: Fiction

Page: 912

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In a future age, Gird will be known as the patron saint of warriors. And although he inspired legend, he was once just a man with a cause. Poverty, fear and anger shaped Gird, as he struggled to survive under an oppressive aristocracy of mageborn magic-wielders. His innate hunger for justice and love for 'his' people have taken him from humble beginnings to leadership of a peasant army. Where reason has failed, it seems the only way to end tyranny is rebellion, with perhaps some help from the gods. But Gird's fondness for drink threatens his mission and his life, as his strengths are tempered with weakness. In his passion to achieve his goals, Gird has also overlooked a great danger in his own camp. He knows his follower Luap is the bastard son of a king. But in spite of Luap's oath to seek no throne and to renounce his mage heritage, he cannot forget his past. And this will shape the Fellowship of Gird in a way no one wanted or predicted.
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