The Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial

Author: Mandy Wiener,Barry Bateman

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1466846313

Category: True Crime

Page: 576

View: 6019

At 08:03 on the morning of Valentine's Day 2013, news broke that Oscar Pistorius, the Paralympic superstar known as the "Blade Runner," had shot and killed his girlfriend at his luxury home in Pretoria, South Africa. Within minutes, the story reverberated around the world as banners flashed across television screens broadcasting global news networks. At first glance, it appeared to be a heart-wrenching, tragic accident. The athlete had mistaken beautiful Reeva Steenkamp for an intruder. But as the morning unfolded, a second version of events began to reveal itself, indicating that the country's celebrated icon, its "Golden Boy," may have murdered his model girlfriend in a fit of rage. In this vivid and insightful narrative, South African journalists Mandy Wiener and Barry Bateman reveal the true story of Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp, from that horrific night to the announcement of the shocking verdict. Drawing on evidence from the trial as well as on-the-ground interviews with family and friends of Oscar and Reeva, this is the authoritative account of one of the most high-profile trials of the 21st century, from the night of the killings to the controversial verdict. .
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Author: Barry Bateman,Mandy Wiener

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781447267867


Page: 300

View: 3377

Oscar Pistorius was the golden boy of South African sport, and an inspiration to millions around the world - until the tragic shooting that left his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp dead, and Pistorius on trial for murder. Behind The Door will be written by South African journalists Mandy Wiener and Barry Bateman. Published once the trial is concluded, it will explore the characters involved, relate the courtroom interactions and unpack the forensic and circumstantial evidence. But more than that, this book seeks to go beyond the facts of the case in search of the wider context behind this shocking tragedy: the back-story of the police investigation, the nature of the South African criminal justice system, the culture of violence in South Africa and the need of society to create flawed heroes who are destined to fail.
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Author: Mickey Spillane

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101174471

Category: Fiction

Page: 263

View: 2008

A judge’s harsh condemnation of Mike Hammer’s take-no-prisoners methods sends him on an introspective walk across a secluded bridge, ending in a way that could only happen to Hammer. When a terrified woman on the run from a gunman leaps off the side of the bridge, Hammer ends the would-be assassin’s life, but it’s too late for the dame. Now he’s got two bodies on his hands—and to find out why he’ll have to embroil himself in the darkest machinations of Cold War subterfuge.
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Author: Elie Wiesel

Publisher: Hill and Wang

ISBN: 1466805366

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 144

View: 6974

A New Translation From The French By Marion Wiesel Night is Elie Wiesel's masterpiece, a candid, horrific, and deeply poignant autobiographical account of his survival as a teenager in the Nazi death camps. This new translation by Marion Wiesel, Elie's wife and frequent translator, presents this seminal memoir in the language and spirit truest to the author's original intent. And in a substantive new preface, Elie reflects on the enduring importance of Night and his lifelong, passionate dedication to ensuring that the world never forgets man's capacity for inhumanity to man. Night offers much more than a litany of the daily terrors, everyday perversions, and rampant sadism at Auschwitz and Buchenwald; it also eloquently addresses many of the philosophical as well as personal questions implicit in any serious consideration of what the Holocaust was, what it meant, and what its legacy is and will be.
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Author: Virna DePaul

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 0373277768

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 1784

"How can you accuse my father of murder?" Her mother's killer is on death row...or so Lily thought. Now the case is being reopened-by Detective John Tyler, the man who broke her teenage heart the night of the murder. Only she can help him find the truth. For Lily Cantrell, suffering amnesia and hiding a secret, John's investigation unleashes tormenting dreams, grave doubts and conflicting emotions about the crush she never got over. As much as she wants John, how can she forgive the man who treated her so cruelly? Or trust a man who might betray her? What Lily does know is their reawakening passion is bound to be dangerous...but not nearly as dangerous as the madman bent on killing her.
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Author: Paul Freed

Publisher: Baker's Plays

ISBN: 9780874409352

Category: Drama

Page: 83

View: 4972

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Author: David Hickock

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1450215157

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 168

View: 1233

Dave Hickock never pulled the trigger of a gun or held a knife to murder another person, but he was sentenced to a lifetime of shame, ostracism, guilt, and psychological anguish because of the actions of one man—his brother. On November 15, 1959, Richard Hickock drove to a bus station in Kansas City and picked up Perry Smith, a prison buddy. Together, they drove to Emporia, Kansas, and purchased rubber gloves, nylon cord, and black stockings. Before day's end, four innocent members of the Clutter family in a town across the state of Kansas would have their throats slashed and Richard and his buddy would be arrested and charged with one of the most brutal and infamous murders ever. As the brother of a cold-blooded killer, Dave's life would never be the same. In this compelling narrative told to Linda LeBert-Corbello, Dave shares his journey from the depths of a family tragedy to how he eventually found the kind of inner-peace that accompanies acceptance of the truth and forgiveness. I do not just want to forget and live happily ever after. I want to be forgiven. —David Hickock
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Maybe This Is What Life Is All About

Author: Robert Ball

Publisher: Vantage Press, Inc

ISBN: 9780533154807

Category: Self-Help

Page: 158

View: 3265

Having someone who cares to "be with" us is arguably the deepest of all human needs. In times of crisis and loss, the reality of this need is inescapable, often overwhelming; and yet, it's equally as true in our day-to-day routines. Amazingly, the pledge to "be with" us is also the ultimate and most consistent promise of the God revealed in both the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. Biblically speaking, "being with" is what God is all about, as well as the Divine purpose for all human beings. "Being With: Maybe This is What Life is All About," Robert R. Ball's new book, explores the foundations, implications, and benefits of becoming "being with" people living in "being with" relationships.
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Author: Anthony Urzia

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469187027

Category: Poetry

Page: 117

View: 4767

A warrior at heart, composed in the mind, a pendulum on a clock, a child on a swing. Dear Anthony, I am trying so hard to focus on things and get on with my life and I am trying to cover up the tears. I know you wouldnt want me to feel this way , because you are at peace now and you are not suffering anymore. But its not easy for me as your mum; your early departure from this world has left me devastated. I only wish that I could see you one more time to say GOODBYE. You left on your own without anyone beside you. Im so grateful for the years that we got to spent together; I couldnt ask for a better son, you were kind, polite, thoughtful, caring and loving. Anthony thank you for all the beautiful memories you left me and for your written words - YOUR POETRY- Your legacy will live on in the powerful poetry you wrote. Anthony I love you and miss you very much in my heart you will stay forever. May your beautiful soul rest in peace now. I know you are in HEAVEN surrounded by Angels. With love from, Mum
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A Woman's Point of View

Author: Maude Annesley

Publisher: N.A


Category: Paris (France)

Page: 293

View: 9793

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Author: Umberto Eco

Publisher: Everyman's Library Classics &

ISBN: 0307264890

Category: Fiction

Page: 560

View: 6904

In 1327, finding his sensitive mission at an Italian abbey further complicated by seven bizarre deaths, Brother William of Baskerville turns detective, penetrating the cunning labyrinth of the abbey and deciphering coded manuscripts for clues.
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Author: Maya Banks

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101477403

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 2839

A man who shoots first and asks questions later falls for the ultimate moving target in this sexy, action-packed KGI novel. The Kelly Group International (KGI): A super-elite, top secret, family-run business. Qualifications: High intelligence, rock-hard body, military background. Mission: Hostage/kidnap victim recovery. Intelligence gathering. Handling jobs the U.S. government can’t... Most people would take an all-expenses-paid trip to the beach in a heartbeat, but Garrett Kelly only accepts the job keeping tabs on Sarah Daniels—who’s in hiding after witnessing a murder committed by her half-brother—for the chance to take down a person enemy of KGI. A disciplined soldier like Garrett is trained for so much more than a babysitting gig, but he soon realizes that there’s more to Sarah than what’s in her file. Garrett is considering seduction as a tactical maneuver, but when he glimpses Sarah’s dark past, he feels an urgent desire to keep her safe—even after she disappears on him. Garrett doesn’t know exactly who, or what, Sarah’s running from. Whatever it is, she’s running for her life...
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Author: Elizabeth Jelin

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9780816642830

Category: History

Page: 163

View: 1864

Hearing the news from South America at the turn of the millennium can be like traveling in time: here are the trials of Pinochet, the searches for "the disappeared" in Argentina, the investigation of the death of former president Goulart in Brazil, the Peace Commission in Uruguay, the Archive of Terror in Paraguay, a Truth Commission in Peru. As societies struggle to come to terms with the past and with the vexing questions posed by ineradicable memories, this wise book offers guidance. Combining a concrete sense of present urgency and a theoretical understanding of social, political, and historical realities, State Repression and the Labors of Memory fashions tools for thinking about and analyzing the presences, silences, and meanings of the past. With unflappable good judgment and fairness, Elizabeth Jelin clarifies the often muddled debates about the nature of memory, the politics of struggles over memories of historical injustice, the relation of historiography to memory, the issue of truth in testimony and traumatic remembrance, the role of women in Latin American attempts to cope with the legacies of military dictatorships, and problems of second-generation memory and its transmission and appropriation. Jelin's work engages European and North American theory in its exploration of the various ways in which conflicts over memory shape individual and collective identities, as well as social and political cleavages. In doing so, her book exposes the enduring consequences of repression for social processes in Latin America, and at the same time enriches our general understanding of the fundamentally conflicted and contingent nature of memory. A timely exploration of the nature ofmemory and its political uses.
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Author: Mia Ross

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1488018138

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 3818

Her Country Boy Big-city veterinarian Heather Fitzgerald didn't plan on having kids…until her niece is orphaned one tragic night. Soon she's trading in her ambitious life for a small-town animal rescue. Heather didn't expect to fall for tiny Oaks Crossing…or its most charming bachelor farmer. But when Josh Kinley saves her niece from a near-tragic accident, he becomes more than her hero. Josh never thought he'd fall in love again—and most assuredly not with another city woman. But he can't resist the two adorable Fitzgerald females. Now if Josh can only convince Heather to put down roots and make a home with him…
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The Wedgwood Baptist Shootings

Author: Dan R. Crawford

Publisher: Waterbrook Press

ISBN: 9780877885856

Category: Religion

Page: 383

View: 2440

On September 15, 1999, a lone gunman entered a church youth rally, shot several rounds of ammunition, and killed seven people before killing himself. This book is the official record of the tragedies and victories of that night and the days that followed - a story of how the One who is the Light turned tragedy into triumph.
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Author: Michelle Valdez

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1438919352

Category: Fiction

Page: 128

View: 8210

This story tells of a young woman who grew up in a loving home with two parents who adored her. One tragic night changed the course of her life forever. Alone in the world, Amanda enters into a relationship of lies, deception and heart-break. Only after she has a child of her own, does she have the determination to leave the relationship to provide a better life for herself and her young daughter, Bella. Through her journey she overcomes insurmountable odds but struggles to find love. However, when it comes to matters of the heart, love prevails. Mother and daughter finally find what they both so desperately wanted, but at a bitter-sweet cost that sets off a course of events that will test the magic of true everlasting love.
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A Global History of Concentration Camps

Author: Andrea Pitzer

Publisher: Little, Brown

ISBN: 0316303585

Category: History

Page: 480

View: 8478

"Masterly" -- The New Yorker A Smithsonian Magazine Best History Book of the Year A groundbreaking, haunting, and profoundly moving history of modernity's greatest tragedy: concentration camps For over 100 years, at least one concentration camp has existed somewhere on Earth. First used as battlefield strategy, camps have evolved with each passing decade, in the scope of their effects and the savage practicality with which governments have employed them. Even in the twenty-first century, as we continue to reckon with the magnitude and horror of the Holocaust, history tells us we have broken our own solemn promise of "never again." In this harrowing work based on archival records and interviews during travel to four continents, Andrea Pitzer reveals for the first time the chronological and geopolitical history of concentration camps. Beginning with 1890s Cuba, she pinpoints concentration camps around the world and across decades. From the Philippines and Southern Africa in the early twentieth century to the Soviet Gulag and detention camps in China and North Korea during the Cold War, camp systems have been used as tools for civilian relocation and political repression. Often justified as a measure to protect a nation, or even the interned groups themselves, camps have instead served as brutal and dehumanizing sites that have claimed the lives of millions. Drawing from exclusive testimony, landmark historical scholarship, and stunning research, Andrea Pitzer unearths the roots of this appalling phenomenon, exploring and exposing the staggering toll of the camps: our greatest atrocities, the extraordinary survivors, and even the intimate, quiet moments that have also been part of camp life during the past century.
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A Novel

Author: Courtney Summers

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 9781429948104

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 224

View: 3263

In this young adult novel debut, the story of a girl too smart for her own good who, after one tragic night, decides to reject the popular life in exchange for one of solitude. Perfect Parker Fadley isn't so perfect anymore. She's quit the cheerleading squad, she's dumped her perfect boyfriend, and she's failing school. Her parents are on a constant suicide watch and her counselors think she's playing games...but what they don't know, the real reason for this whole mess, isn't something she can say out loud. It isn't even something she can say to herself. A horrible thing has happened and it just might be her fault. If she can just remove herself from everybody--be totally alone--then everything will be okay...The problem is, nobody will let her. “Cracked Up To Be gives you Parker, her world, her friends, straight up, no chaser. You won't forget her.” —Kathe Koja author of Kissing The Bee
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A Memoir of Friendship, Sex, and Murder

Author: Carolyn Murnick

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451625812

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

View: 5823

Subtitle in pre-publication: A memoir of friendship, sex, and murder in the Hollywood Hills.
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