Author: Bart Steib

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595338534

Category: Self-Help

Page: 140

View: 3462

We live in a self-evident age where the issue of the day is whether life has any meaning. RELEASE is about the works in our natures. Are these works self-evident or revealed to us? Can you play the game of golf with a self-evident nature known only to the senses or do you need a test to know you are truly playing? Do you need to be free to pass the test? RELEASE explores the passion in the game of golf which drives the player forward. It's a passion which will compel you to wonder whether you are really striking the ball at all. Is the game of golf and life itself originating in your soul? Are you passing the tests of life because you are free and therefore can see the abundance you need to drive out all excuses? So much of life and golf is the abundance you need to drive out all excuses. Is that possible? My book says data can never be the absolute answer to striking the ball in the game of life. There is another answer which eliminates all excuses and that answer is the meaning of RELEASE, a meaning that will surely not leave you alone on your journey inside being.Quotes"Golf swing is so simple we can't do it.""Golf swing is a motion we try to perfect but can't feel.""There are no parts to the golf swing, it's all one motion.""When the club is released, there is no fear." All quotes are attributed to Mike Wynn, PGA Pro
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Produktive Umgebungen effizient konfigurieren, optimieren und verwalten

Author: Johannes Ahrends

Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH

ISBN: 9783827326805

Category: Database management

Page: 996

View: 2134

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Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Wildlife management

Page: N.A

View: 2894

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Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations

Author: Ronn Torossian,Karen Kelly

Publisher: BenBella Books

ISBN: 1936661160

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 276

View: 9098

It is essential that businesses know how to communicate quickly, often preemptively, and effectively to survive. "For Immediate Release" reveals how public relations can do just that--while also defining brands, helping companies and individuals court the press or avoid it, growing business without alienating loyal customers, resolving crises quickly, and improving first-page results on the most powerful search engine in the world (Google).
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The History of the British Euthanasia Movement

Author: N. D. A. Kemp

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719061240

Category: History

Page: 242

View: 5480

"Merciful Release" provides the first comprehensive study of the British euthanasia movement from its inception in the philosophic debates of the late 19th Century, to the storm-center of contemporary medical, legal, and ethical debate concerning physician-assisted suicide. Drawing upon a wealth of hitherto unexplored archival material and periodical literature, the book traces the delicate interplay of medicine, politics, philosophical debate, public opinion, and the fluctuating fortunes of the euthanasia movement.
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Author: Karolin Hoppe

Publisher: Diplomica Verlag

ISBN: 3842817142

Category: Social Science

Page: 120

View: 9947

Ausgangspunkt der vorliegenden Untersuchung ist die zunehmende Verbreitung und Nutzung des Internets als Informationsmedium im Wettbewerb zu den herkömmlichen Print-, Hörfunk- und TV-Medien. Diese Konkurrenz der Medien untereinander macht es erforderlich, die spezifischen Modalitäten des Internets auch bei der Presse- und Medienarbeit zu berücksichtigen. Die Autorin untersucht daher, inwieweit die Online-Medien Einfluss auf die Funktion, Gestaltung und Inhalte klassischer Pressemeldung als Kernelement von PR haben. Ausgangspunkt sind dabei die Wechselwirkungen zwischen Online-Journalismus und PR. Die Untersuchung möchte herausfinden, welche Erwartungen und Anforderungen (Online-)Journalisten an Pressemitteilungen im digitalen Multimedia-Zeitalter stellen und welche Funktionen auf das Internet zugeschnittene Pressemitteilungen - hier für den Marktführer "news aktuell GmbH" - erfüllen müssen. Basierend auf neun Experteninterviews mit Online-Journalisten und -Experten sowie Spezialisten der dpa-Tochter entwickelt die Autorin ein Muster für Multimedia News Releases von news aktuell. Die Untersuchung ordnet das Thema zunächst in die bestehenden Ansätze zum Verhältnis von PR und Journalismus ein, beschreibt neue Formen der Internetveröffentlichungen, definiert die klassische Pressemitteilung, um darauf aufbauend schließlich Übereinstimmungen und Unterschiede zwischen klassischen und Online-Pressemitteilungen herauszuarbeiten und diese abschließend in ihrer Funktionalität bzw. ihrem Potenzial für PR zu würdigen. Dies mündet in Vorschlägen für die Gestaltung, Umsetzung und Vermarktung der Multimedia News Releases.
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Author: Kent L. Lawrence

Publisher: SDC Publications

ISBN: 1585037540

Category: Computers

Page: 291

View: 5952

The exercises in ANSYS Workbench Tutorial Release 14 introduce you to effective engineering problem solving through the use of this powerful modeling, simulation and optimization software suite. Topics that are covered include solid modeling, stress analysis, conduction/convection heat transfer, thermal stress, vibration, elastic buckling and geometric/material nonlinearities. It is designed for practicing and student engineers alike and is suitable for use with an organized course of instruction or for self-study. The compact presentation includes just over 100 end-of-chapter problems covering all aspects of the tutorials.
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Author: V. Babrauskas

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780419161004

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 644

View: 3556

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Author: Jane Johnson

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 073607712X

Category: Medical

Page: 163

View: 1175

Soft Tissue Release is a clear, concise, and practical book that guides you in understanding and applying the three types of soft tissue release (STR): passive (clients do not help), active assisted (clients and therapists work together), and active (clients do it on their own). Rather than focus on the specific purposes of soft tissue release, this text provides basic information about the therapy and prepares readers to perform the techniques. The result is a text that professionals and students in massage therapy, physiotherapy, and osteopathy will find invaluable. Soft Tissue Releasethoroughly explains the differences between the three types of STR by providing step-by-step descriptions on performing each type along with the key holds, moves, and stances for various muscles. The descriptions are accompanied by handy reference charts indicating the types of clients and situations in which each technique is particularly useful. Complete instructions explain how to apply STR to various parts of the body—the trunk, the lower limbs, and the upper limbs—and detail the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. Numerous full-color photos depict the locks and stretches. The book also explains how to use alternative options—such as massage tools and forearms, fists, and elbows—to protect the hands and thumbs from overuse. Tips sidebars provide short, practical comments on applying the techniques, while Client Talk boxes share the author's experiences and provide insight on situations that a therapist is likely to encounter. Each chapter ends with Quick Questions to test knowledge of the information, and answers are provided at the end of the book. A quick-reference photo index allows readers to look up techniques based on the client's position—prone, supine, sitting, or side lying—and find the page number for the complete instructions for that technique. Finally, Soft Tissue Release shows how to incorporate the proper techniques into a treatment program. The book guides readers through the consultation process and provides examples of initial questions to ask clients and various assessment forms that therapists can use in identifying clients' needs. Using case studies and comparisons, the book shows how the data gleaned from clients can guide the design of an effective treatment program. Soft Tissue Releasewill help the STR techniques come alive through its clear, detailed instruction and the numerous photos showing the techniques being applied by professionals. Whether you are a student or a professional, Soft Tissue Release will help you gain proficiency and confidence in these techniques.
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Release 14

Author: Kent L. Lawrence

Publisher: SDC Publications

ISBN: 1585037613

Category: Computers

Page: 178

View: 2935

The eight lessons in this book introduce the reader to effective finite element problem solving by demonstrating the use of the comprehensive ANSYS FEM Release 14 software in a series of step-by-step tutorials. The tutorials are suitable for either professional or student use. The lessons discuss linear static response for problems involving truss, plane stress, plane strain, axisymmetric, solid, beam, and plate structural elements. Example problems in heat transfer, thermal stress, mesh creation and transferring models from CAD solid modelers to ANSYS are also included. The tutorials progress from simple to complex. Each lesson can be mastered in a short period of time, and lessons 1 through 7 should all be completed to obtain a thorough understanding of basic ANSYS structural analysis. The concise treatment includes examples of truss, beam and shell elements completely updated for use with ANSYS APDL 14.
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A Novel

Author: Jagdish Prasad Singh

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9788171891931

Category: India

Page: 197

View: 3565

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Author: Ellen Fischer


ISBN: 9783833815515

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 128

View: 9369

Millionen von Menschen leiden unter Schmerzen und Verspannungen am ganzen Körper. Die Auslöser sind Haltungsfehler, Organerkrankungen oder emotionale Spannungen. Um die damit verbundene Dysbalance der Muskeln zu beheben, hat die Münchner Fachärztin für Physikalische und Rehabilitative Medizin Dr. Ellen Fischer auf der Basis der Osteopathie eine neuartige Selbsthilfemethode, die Release-Methode, entwickelt. Diese Methode bringt die Muskulatur wieder in Balance, indem sie systematisch Techniken für die Lösung der verspannten Muskeln mit Kräftigungsübungen für die zu schwachen Muskeln kombiniert. Helfen kann die Methode sowohl bei akuten und chronischen Rücken-, Nacken- und Schulterschmerzen als auch bei verschiedensten organischen Beschwerden sowie bei psychosomatischen Problemen. Die Übungen sind überall gut durchführbar, nicht anstrengend und schließen sonst vernachlässigte Muskelgruppen mit ein. Der beiliegende Folder enthält Übungen mit den wichtigsten Positional Release Techniken.
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Author: Richard Cozzens

Publisher: SDC Publications

ISBN: 1585035440

Category: Computers

Page: 512

View: 8451

This workbook is an introduction to the main Workbench functions CATIA V5 has to offer. The book's objective is to instruct anyone who wants to learn CATIA V5 Release 19 through organized, graphically rich, step-by-step instructions on the software's basic processes and tools. This book is not intended to be a reference guide. The lessons in this workbook present basic real life design problems along with the workbenches, toolbars, and tools required to solve these problems. Each lesson is presented with sep-by-step instructions. Although most of the steps are detailed for the beginner, the steps and processes are numbered and bolded so the more experienced user can go directly to the subject area of interest. Each lesson consists of an introduction, objectives, an introduction to the workbench and toolbars used in the lesson, step-by-step instructions, and concludes with a summary. Review questions and additional practice exercises are at the end of each lesson. Table of Contents 1. Introduction to CATIA V5 2. Navigating the CATIA V5 Environment 3. Sketcher Workbench 4. Part Design Workbench 5. Drafting Workbench 6. Drafting Workbench 7. Complex Parts & Multiple Sketch Parts 8. Assembly Design Workbench 9. Generative Shape Design Workbench 10. Generative Shape Design Workbench 11. DMU Navigator 12. Rendering Workbench 13. Parametric Design
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Für Beweglichkeit, Stabilität und Schmerzfreiheit

Author: Thomas Myers,James Earls

Publisher: Riva Verlag

ISBN: 3864139988

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 288

View: 7628

James Earls und Thomas Myers kombinieren in diesem Buch Techniken der manuellen Behandlung mit der Methode der Strukturellen Integration, die auf neuesten Erkenntnissen zu den Eigenschaften des menschlichen Bindegewebes gründet. Dieses Gewebe, die Faszien, spielen eine bedeutende Rolle für Halt, Stabilität und Beweglichkeit des Körpers. Durch fachkundige Diagnose und gezielte Manipulation des myofaszialen Gewebes können Therapeuten bei ihren Patienten viele chronische Verspannungen lösen und Bewegungseinschränkungen und Schmerzen dauerhaft beheben. Das Buch wendet sich an alle, die in der Körperarbeit tätig sind und die manuelle Behandlungsformen anbieten. Es zeigt Physiotherapeuten, Osteopathen, Chiropraktikern und Massagetherapeuten, wie sie die Körperhaltung ihrer Klienten professionell analysieren und einen gezielten Therapieplan entwerfen können. Es bietet eine Einführung in die Anatomie des myofaszialen Gewebes und dessen Rolle für Körperhaltung und Motorik sowie einfach anzuwendende Release-Techniken für alle Körperregionen.
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Grundlagen und Workshops für Profis ; [Bonuskapitel zu Character-Modeling und Video-Workshops zur Programmierung]/ Arndt von Koenigsmarck

Author: Arndt von Koenigsmarck

Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH

ISBN: 9783827327109

Category: Cinema 4D XL.

Page: 584

View: 3071

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Author: William Sears

Publisher: Baha'i Publishing Trust

ISBN: 9781931847094

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 323

View: 1215

Cover subtitle: the story of the Bab, the prophet-herald of the Bahai faith, and the extraordinary time in which he lived.
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A Model with Data to Predict Aerosol Rainout in Accidental Releases

Author: David W. Johnson,John L. Woodward

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470935162

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 188

View: 6287

This book documents CCPS's Aerosol Research Program to develop a model to predict liquid rainout from release of a pressurized, liquefied gas--and, hence the residual amount of material in a vapor cloud, which may be greater than the amount calculated from an enthalpy chart. RELEASE predicts the rate of fluid discharge, the depressurization, flashing and formation of liquid drops, the entrainment of drops into the vapor cloud, the subsequent spreading of the jet, and rate of liquid rainout to a pool on the ground. Designed in a modular fashion to permit adjustment and corrections as new data become available, its multi-layered approach contains sub-models that include the complexities of many variables, including the effect of liquid superheat, rate of bubble growth, criterion for bubble formation, and heat transfer from the liquid to the growing vapor bubble. To validate RELEASE, CCPS conducted small- and large-scale experiments using superheated water, heated liquefied chlorine, methylamine, and cyclohexane that produced valuable data in an area where data are scarce. This book gives complete access, in text and on CD-ROM, to the model and the test data, giving users an informed ability to apply the model to their own work.
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Sarvajñātman's Pañcaprakriyā

Author: Ivan Kocmarek

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.

ISBN: 9788120800045

Category: Philosophy

Page: 147

View: 5780

We find here a translation for the first time of the sanskrit philosophical work entitled Pancaprakriya which belongs to the relatively early Advaita Vedanta thinker Sarvajnatman and a thematic analysis of the contents of that work. The Pancaprakriya is a menual of Advaita Vedanta philosophy of language which for Sarcajnatman is reduced to the discernment of the proper meaning of certain great Upanisadic statements or mahavakyss such as Iam Brahman and That thou art. Through the approprition of such a proper understanding which resorts to the secondary of implied usafe of language the qualifies striver after enlghtenment obtains release from bondage int he world.
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