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Author: Toby Musgrave,Ruth Chivers

Publisher: Phaidon Press

ISBN: 9780714874159

Category: Gardening

Page: 472

View: 6335

The inspirational resource for garden designers and garden-lovers - now available in a compelling compact format. The ultimate garden book - both a collection of gardens from around the world and a resource for those seeking inspiration on garden design and planting. Featuring over 250 permanent gardens by leading garden designers, horticulturalists and landscape architects, from the 14th century to the present day, and covering all key types and styles of garden, this well-illustrated compendium combines images, text, key information and captions for each of the featured gardens, appealing to both amateur and professional gardeners, as well as garden designers.
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Author: N.A

Publisher: Phaidon Press

ISBN: 9780714867472

Category: Gardening

Page: 480

View: 7154

The ultimate garden book – both a collection of gardens from around the world and a resource for those seeking inspiration on garden design and planting. Featuring over 250 permanent gardens by leading garden designers, horticulturalists and landscape architects, from the 14th century to the present day, and covering all key types and styles of garden, this well‐illustrated compendium combines images, text, key information and captions for each of the featured gardens, appealing to both amateur and professional gardeners, as well as garden designers.
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Author: Karel Capek

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications

ISBN: 0486817245

Category: Gardening

Page: 112

View: 9741

A lighthearted mock-treatise reflects upon the pains and rewards of tending a small garden plot. "This very entertaining volume with its delightfully humorous pictures should be read by all gardeners." — Nature.
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What the New Science of Child Development Tells Us About the Relationship Between Parents and Children

Author: Alison Gopnik

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 0374229708

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 320

View: 6150

"Alison Gopnik, a leading developmental psychologist, illuminates the paradoxes of parenthood from a scientific perspective"--
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Age-old Advice and Tips for the Garden

Author: Diana Craig

Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books

ISBN: 9781843179573

Category: Gardening

Page: 160

View: 2006

A back-to-basics guide to gardening that every novice gardener needs when embarking on a new project. Containing practical tips, advice, quotes, sayings, gardening history and some old-fashioned gardening recipes for keeping the pests at bay and your flowers blooming. From tips on how to grow your own and making homemade bird boxes, to planning your new garden and getting those pesky weeds under control. The perfect gift for the green-fingered friend or family member - over 16,000 copies sold of the first edition worldwide.
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Author: Denny McKeown

Publisher: Cool Springs Press

ISBN: 9781591860471

Category: Gardening

Page: 272

View: 997

Gardening is now the favorite leisure pastime in America. Homeowners are realizing the health benefits derived from gardening, and the resulting increase in their home's property value. The Gardener's Guide series provides credible information on the plants that perform best in specific states. Gardeners will find information they can trust and use successfully in their own gardens.
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Fine Painting as Inspiration for Garden Design

Author: Gordon Hayward

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

ISBN: 1423602455

Category: Gardening

Page: 176

View: 9542

In Art and the Gardener, Gordon Hayward's tenth book on garden design, he makes a radical departure from his earlier approaches in order to explore elements of visual language across two artistic disciplines-fine painting and garden design-in hopes that the remarkable crosscurrents will help reveal how to design or simply appreciate your garden with greater acuity.
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Paint Your Garden with 100 Extraordinary Flower Choices

Author: Tom Fischer

Publisher: Timber Press

ISBN: 1604690844

Category: Gardening

Page: 236

View: 6406

Looks at one hundred flowering plants arranged by color offering information on their care, condition requirements, companion plants, size, bloom time, and growing zones.
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How to Garden Wiser as You Grow Older

Author: Sydney Eddison

Publisher: Timber Press

ISBN: 1604692529

Category: Gardening

Page: 208

View: 693

From the winner of the National Garden Club's Award of Excellence Although the garden may beckon as strongly as ever, the tasks involved—pulling weeds, pushing wheelbarrows, digging holes, moving heavy pots—become increasingly difficult, or even impossible, with advancing age. But the idea of giving it up is unthinkable for most gardeners. So what’s the alternative? In Gardening for a Lifetime, Sydney Eddison draws on her own forty years of gardening to provide a practical and encouraging roadmap for scaling back while keeping up with the gardening activities that each gardener loves most. Like replacing demanding plants like delphiniums with sturdy, relatively carefree perennials like sedums, rudbeckias, and daylilies. Or taking the leap and hiring help—another pair of hands, even for a few hours a week, goes a long way toward getting a big job done. This new edition features an additional chapter describing how Sydney’s struggles with hip and back problems forced her to walk the walk. As a friend of hers says, “Last summer you wrote the book. Now, I’m happy to see that you’ve read it.” Gentle, personable, and practical, Gardening for a Lifetime will be welcomed by all gardeners looking to transform gardening from a list of daunting chores into the gratifying, joyful activity it was meant to be.
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Author: Russell Page

Publisher: New York Review of Books

ISBN: 9781590172315

Category: Architecture

Page: 381

View: 5522

Russell Page, one of the legendary gardeners and landscapers of the twentieth century, designed gardens great and small for clients throughout the world. His memoirs, born of a lifetime of sketching, designing, and working on site, are a mixture of engaging personal reminiscence, keen critical intelligence, and practical know-how. They are not only essential reading for today’s gardeners, but a master’s compelling reflection on the deep sources and informing principles of his art. The Education of a Gardener offers charming, sometimes pointed anecdotes about patrons, colleagues, and, of course, gardens, together with lucid advice for the gardener. Page discusses how to plan a garden that draws on the energies of the surrounding landscape, determine which plants will do best in which setting, plant for the seasons, handle color, and combine trees, shrubs, and water features to rich and enduring effect. To read The Education of a Gardener is to wander happily through a variety of gardens in the company of a wise, witty, and knowledgeable friend. It will provide pleasure and insight not only to the dedicated gardener, but to anyone with an interest in abiding questions of design and aesthetics, or who simply enjoys an unusually well-written and thoughtful book.
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My Life in the World's Grandest Garden

Author: Alain Baraton

Publisher: Rizzoli Publications

ISBN: 0847842703

Category: Gardening

Page: 296

View: 9643

INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards -- 2014 Finalist For gardening aficionados and Francophiles, a love letter to the Versailles Palace and grounds, from the man who knows them best. In Alain Baraton's Versailles, every grove tells a story. As the gardener-in-chief, Baraton lives on its grounds, and since 1982 he has devoted his life to the gardens, orchards, and fields that were loved by France's kings and queens as much as the palace itself. His memoir captures the essence of the connection between gardeners and the earth they tend, no matter how humble or grand. With the charm of a natural storyteller, Baraton weaves his own path as a gardener with the life of the Versailles grounds, and his role overseeing its team of eighty gardeners tending to 350,000 trees and thirty miles of walkways on 2,100 acres. He richly evokes this legendary place and the history it has witnessed but also its quieter side that he feels privileged to know. The same gardens that hosted the lavish lawn parties of Louis XIV and the momentous meeting between Marie Antoinette and the Cardinal de Rohan remain enchanted, private places where visitors try to get themselves locked in at night, lovers go looking for secluded hideaways, and elegant grandmothers secretly make cuttings to take back to their own gardens. A tremendous best seller in France, The Gardener of Versailles gives an unprecedentedly intimate view of one of the grandest places on earth. From the Hardcover edition.
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A Writer in the Garden

Author: Eleanor Perenyi

Publisher: Modern Library

ISBN: 0307769666

Category: Gardening

Page: 320

View: 4615

A classic in the literature of the garden, Green Thoughts is a beautifully written and highly original collection of seventy-two essays, alphabetically arranged, on topics ranging from “Annuals” and “Artichokes” to “Weeds” and “Wildflowers.” An amateur gardener for over thirty years, Eleanor Perényi draws upon her wide-ranging knowledge of gardening lore to create a delightful, witty blend of how-to advice, informed opinion, historical insight, and philosophical musing. There are entries in praise of earthworms and in protest of rock gardens, a treatise on the sexual politics of tending plants, and a paean to the salubrious effect of gardening (see “Longevity”). Twenty years after its initial publication, Green Thoughts remains as much a joy to read as ever.
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Author: William A. Shear,Roger Foley

Publisher: Taunton Press

ISBN: 9781561585601

Category: Gardening

Page: 169

View: 9639

A 40-year veteran of iris growing shares his expertise in choosing, planting, growing, and dividing the most exquisite irises. 163 color photos.
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Handmade Accessories for Your Tiny Living World

Author: Janit Calvo

Publisher: Timber Press

ISBN: 1604698098

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 248

View: 9027

A not-so-mini trend The Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop is the next big thing for the crafters and gardeners already captivated by gardening small. Organized by playful themes—including gardens around the world, holidays, and fantasy gardens—it’s a fun-filled guide to creating one-of-a-kind gardens and the accessories that make them shine. Thirty-seven projects are included with fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions. For a Japanese garden, you will learn how to create a miniature sand garden. For a Halloween garden, you'll learn how to make a flying ghost and zombie. And for a space garden, you'll learn how to make a tiny space ship and alien. The Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop is for anyone enchanted by the whimsy of creating a tiny world.
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The 100 Best Paddles, Barrels, Columns, and Globes

Author: Scott Calhoun

Publisher: Timber Press

ISBN: 1604692006

Category: Gardening

Page: 227

View: 7385

At last: a book that shows readers just how easy, hardy, and rewarding cactus can be for everyone Ñ not just specialists. Succulent plant expert Scott Calhoun picks 100 of the best cactus available and shows how they can make striking additions to your garden or serve as dazzling container specimens. Whether you want striking form, gorgeous flowers, or a low-maintenance plant for a spot that needs little or no supplementary water, you'll find it in this friendly, informative, eye-catching guide. Detailed descriptions of the 100 best cactus for gardens Stunning photos Expert advice on planting and care How to show cactus Tips for growing cactus in containers Best tools and planting media How to identify and avoid pests Helpful lists of spineless, culinary, and scented cactus
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Author: The New York Botanical Garden

Publisher: Clarkson Potter

ISBN: 1524759074


Page: 240

View: 4220

This waterproof log book is the perfect place for recording your work in the garden. Use this journal throughout the seasons, from building catalog wish lists early in the year, to noting the first signs of spring, to recording what vegetable crops you planted and their yield, to organizing yourself for bulb planting in fall, to, finally, putting the garden to bed for the winter. A five year grid at the beginning of each month offers space to note annual garden cycles over time, and journal entry pages are lined for notes or graphed for diagramming plantings. Whether you tend a window box, a cutting garden, or many raised vegetable beds, this is the perfect write-in companion to your gardening. This weatherproof five-year log book includes the following features- aaaASturdy waterproof cover to protect pages from rain and muddy soil aaaALined pages and gridded paper for plotting beds aaaAFive years of 12-month bloom and harvest grids for recording what you planted and when aaaAAuthoritative appendices on composting, pruning, pest and disease control, and container gardening aaaAUseful reminders by season on fertilizing, mulching, and transplanting aaaASpace for listing your favorite sources and suppliers.
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Author: Tanya L. K. Denckla

Publisher: Storey Publishing

ISBN: 9781580173704

Category: Gardening

Page: 485

View: 584

A single-volume reference for organic food gardening is arranged in an A-to-Z format that covers planting, watering, fertilizing, harvesting, storing, working in a greenhouse, and preventing and combating plant diseases and garden pests. Original.
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Earth-safe Controls

Author: Barbara Pleasant

Publisher: Storey Publishing

ISBN: 0882669214

Category: Gardening

Page: 201

View: 7125

Beginning and expert gardeners will learn how to identify and control weeds using earth-safe methods.
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The Bounty of the Garden Meets the Sizzle of the Grill

Author: Karen Adler,Judith Fertig

Publisher: Running Press

ISBN: 0762444991

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

View: 2392

From garden to grill to fork, nothing tastes better than freshly harvested vegetables grilled to perfection alongside savory meats and plump grilled fruits. The Gardener & the Grill is the grilling guide for gardeners, seasonal eaters, and “flexitarians” everywhere, and anyone enamored of the powers of the grill—not just during the summer months, but all year long. Keep the grill hot long after summer’s finished with Planked Butternut Squash with Sage and Brie; Grilled Gazpacho; a Blackened Fish Po’Boy with Grilled Green Onion Mayonnaise; Pizza Primavera; Wood-Grilled Shrimp and Yellow Peppers; Tandoori Turkey Burgers; and Grill-Baked Apples with Cinnamon Nut Stuffing. With seasonal recipes, tips on grilling for preserving, a burgeoning “griller’s pantry” of rubs and versatile sauces, and more than 100 vegetarian recipes, The Gardener & the Grill is the must-have resource for eager and experienced grillers and gardeners alike.
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Author: Andrew Lawson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781910258026

Category: Gardening

Page: 232

View: 4091

Distinguished garden photographer and writer Andrew Lawson shines a new light on using colour in the garden.
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