The Best Resource for Practicing PowerScore's Famous Logic Games Methods!

Author: David M. Killoran

Publisher: Powerscore LSAT Bible

ISBN: 9780991299218

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 318

View: 4459

The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Workbook™ is the ideal companion to the PowerScore Logic Games Bible™, providing an array of tools to help you master LSAT games. First, the book presents multiple drills to reinforce the concepts and approaches learned in the Logic Games Bible, developing your ability to quickly recognize and understand various game rules, situations, and concepts. Next, the Workbook challenges you with a variety of real LSAT Logic Games, including a discussion of the optimal setup for each game, with every rule and important logical inference discussed and diagrammed, and all of the questions answered and explained. (note: to avoid any redundancy, none of the games or drills in this book overlap with any of those that appear in the Logic Games Bible)
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A Comprehensive System for Attacking the Logic Games Section of the LSAT

Author: David M. Killoran


ISBN: 9780988758667

Category: Study Aids

Page: 630

View: 8118

A study guide to the analytical reasoning section of the LSAT offers test-taking strategies, practice drills, and thirty logic games with analysis.
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A Comprehensive System for Attacking the Reading Comprehension Section of the LSAT

Author: David M. Killoran,Jon M. Denning,Steven G. M. Stein

Publisher: Powerscore Pub

ISBN: 9780991299232

Category: Study Aids

Page: 402

View: 9756

This 3 volume set provide a complete and cohesive system for attacking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Each volume contains a variety of drills, explanations and practice exercises.
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The October 2004 LSAT

Author: David M. Killoran,Steven G. Stein

Publisher: Powerscore Pub.

ISBN: 9780972129688


Page: 183

View: 2799

This book includes the October 2004 LSAT, practice score sheets, and complete explanations for each question, including the optimum logic games setups. General LSAT tips are also included.
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