Author: Rachel Carson

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1453214798

Category: Nature

Page: 111

View: 1460

An inspiring meditation on the outdoors, with color photographs, by the legendary nature writer and New York Times–bestselling author of Silent Spring. Rachel Carson shares her prescription for developing a lifelong respect for nature in this deeply personal essay, lavishly expanded and paced by Nick Kelsh’s vibrant photography in this posthumously published edition. Using her personal adventures with her young nephew Roger as examples, Carson urges parents to let their children’s natural excitement thrive as together they discover the wonders that lie outdoors, from the scuttling of a crab across the cool night sand to a spongy carpet of lichen in a forest. Originally published as a magazine piece, this essay showcases Carson’s core belief that a childlike excitement for beauty, for the new and unknown, and for the process of discovery is a gift to be nurtured—a gift that will sustain humanity and the health of the planet on which it depends. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Rachel Carson including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University.
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Author: John Malcolm Brinnin,Florida Center for the Book

Publisher: N.A


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 22

View: 7885

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Samuel R. Delany, Race, Identity, and Difference

Author: Jeffrey A. Tucker

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 9780819566898

Category: Fiction

Page: 344

View: 7893

In-depth study places a major American writer in the African-American tradition.
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What Happened to the Sense of Wonder I Felt as a Child?

Author: Osho

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 9781429977432

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 208

View: 7250

The Osho Life Essentials series focuses on the most important questions in the life of the individual. Each volume contains timeless and always-contemporary investigations and discussions into questions vital to our personal search for meaning and purpose. The Osho Life Essentials series focuses on questions specific to our inner life and quality of existence, for example: Is it possible to have an authentic spirituality without a belief in God? What is meditation and how does it work? What can I do as an individual to make the world a better place? The third title in this dynamic and exciting series, Innocence, Knowledge, and Wonder, looks to each person's last state of innocence--childhood--to recover the ability to truly be curious. Osho discusses why it is important to look to our "inner child" and how it can help you understand the person you have become. Each title in the Osho Life Essential series is accompanied by a DVD of Osho speaking about the questions addressed in the book. This visual component enables the reader to experience the direct wisdom and humor of Osho straight from the source. Each book and DVD in the OSHO Life Essentials series offers truly unique and transformative responses to essential and timeless questions that we can use as stepping stones to a greater understanding of who we are and why we are here.
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A Life in Comic Fandom : a Personal Memoir of Fandom's Golden Age

Author: Bill Schelly

Publisher: TwoMorrows Publishing

ISBN: 9781893905122

Category: Comic books, strips, etc

Page: 213

View: 2486

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Connecting Kids with Nature Through the Seasons

Author: Rick Van Noy

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820338605

Category: Philosophy

Page: 152

View: 1898

The technology boom of recent years has given kids numerous reasons to stay inside and play, while parents' increasing safety concerns make it tempting to keep children close to home. But what is being lost as fewer kids spend their free time outdoors? Deprived of meaningful contact with nature, children often fail to develop a significant relationship with the natural world, much less a sense of reverence and respect for the world outside their doors. A Natural Sense of Wonder is one father's attempt to seek alternatives to the "flickering waves of TV and the electrifying boing of video games" and get kids outside and into nature. In the spirit of Rachel Carson's The Sense of Wonder, Rick Van Noy journeys out of his suburban home with his children and describes the pleasures of walking in a creek, digging for salamanders, and learning to appreciate vultures. Through these and other "walks to school," the Van Noys discover what lives nearby, what nature has to teach, and why this matters. From the backyard to the hiking trail, in a tide pool and a tree house, in the wild and in town, these narrative essays explore the terrain of childhood threatened by the lure of computers and television, by fear and the loss of play habitat, showing how kids thrive in their special places. In chronicling one parent's determination (and at times frustration) to get his kids outside, A Natural Sense of Wonder suggests ways kids both young and old can experience the wonder found only in the natural world.
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Restoring the Sense of Wonder

Author: Harry Willson

Publisher: Amador Pub

ISBN: 9780938513339

Category: Atheism.

Page: 213

View: 7840

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Healing the Planet through Belonging

Author: Haydn Washington

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429956320

Category: Nature

Page: 232

View: 4975

Environmental scientist and writer Haydn Washington argues that we will not solve the environmental crisis unless we change our worldview and ethics, and to do so we must rejuvenate our sense of wonder at nature. This book focuses on humanity’s relation with nature, and the sense of wonder and belonging common to indigenous cultures and children everywhere. Drawing on events in the author’s own five decades working to protect wild places, and the current literature on wonder, it examines what a sense of wonder is, what it has been called in different cultures and our high points of wonder at nature. It also looks at the ‘Great Divide’ in worldview between anthropocentrism and eco-centrism, and considers the problem of anthropocentric theory in academia, arguing that the focus should instead be on harmony with nature. The book concludes with an examination of why wonder has become buried in Western society and considers ways in which it can be revived, including rituals and education. It also considers how wonder helps humanity to become ‘whole’. The final chapter presents the road back to wonder and how wonder at nature can be restored in Western society. This book will be of great interest to environmental scientists, conservation biologists, environmental philosophers and ecological ethicists, as well as environmentalists, educators, eco-psychologists and students looking at sustainability, deep ecology and environmental philosophy and ethics.
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epistemological variations

Author: Bernard Joseph Verkamp

Publisher: Univ of Scranton Pr


Category: Religion

Page: 125

View: 4458

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New Findings in Sanskrit Alaṅkāraśāstra

Author: A. V. Subramanian

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishe

ISBN: 9788120804449

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 222

View: 6982

This little work has been done on the aesthetics of wonder; the writers on Sanskrit poetics have had little to say about this most attractive sensation. This work examines, in great depth, the excitants of the sense of wonder and the various purposes for which poets harness it and presents the concepts, for the first time in the history of Sanskrit aesthetics, embellished with ddlectable examples drawn from the whole of Sanskrit literature. The crowning achievement of the author is the startlingly new discovery about the nature and the role played by wonder which will revolutionize the existing concept of the sensation. The most attractive and unusual feature of the book is the high readability achieved through a scintillating style of presentation distinguished by sparkling wit and humour. An epoch-making book which scholars and lay lovers of literature alike would love to read.
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A Short Introduction to Drama in Education

Author: Ted O'Regan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781904148623

Category: Education

Page: 111

View: 2367

"A Sense of Wonder is another of Ted O'Regan's legacies. It incorporates much of what he learned over 50 years of teaching drama to young people. Based on a series of classes given at St. Brigid's Family and Resource Centre in Waterford, the book is aimed at drama teachers, care workers, youth arts workers and others who want to learn how drama can be used to facilitate better self-awareness and self-expression by students."--BOOK JACKET.
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Author: Raquel J. Palacio

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783446241756


Page: 384

View: 4519

Obwohl der 10-jährige August schon 27 Operationen hinter sich hat, ist sein Gesicht durch Gendefekte immer noch schwer entstellt. Nun soll er erstmals eine Schule besuchen und trifft dort nicht nur auf wohlgesonnene Mitschüler. Ab 12.
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Author: Ann Patchett

Publisher: ebook Berlin Verlag

ISBN: 3827075106

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 4722

Als der Biologe Anders Eckman auf der Suche nach Dr. Swenson im brasilianischen Regenwald verschwindet, soll Swensons ehemalige Studentin Marina Singh dem Fall nachgehen und die eigenwillige Forscherin aufspüren, die sich seit Jahren weigert, Berichte an ihr Institut zu liefern. Marina folgt Eckmans Spuren und wagt sich auf eine gefährliche Reise ins dunkle Herz des Amazonas, um zu klären, was es mit Swensons geheimnisvollen Studien über die Fruchtbarkeit der Ureinwohner auf sich hat. Doch je näher sie ihrem Ziel auf dem Rio Negro entgegenreist, desto klarer wird ihr, dass sie sich nicht nur den Gefahren des Urwalds, sondern auch ihren eigenen Ängsten stellen muss ... Fluss der Wunder ist ein intelligenter Abenteuerroman mit einer faszinierenden Heldin, ein packendes Stück Literatur über Wissenschaft und Moral, den Schrecken der Natur und das Grauen im Herzen eines jeden, der Grenzen überschreitet, an denen kein Mensch jemals rühren sollte.
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Encouraging a Sense of Wonder

Author: William C. Ritz

Publisher: NSTA Press

ISBN: 1933531673

Category: Education

Page: 344

View: 968

Because the activities have been field-tested by more than a thousand Head Start teachers over 10 years, you’ll find this collection unusually easy to use in a variety of settings, including elementary schools, pre-K programs, and day care. Each activity ends with a reproducible Family Science Connection—in both English and Spanish.
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The Sense of Wonder and Nineteenth-century American Travel Writing

Author: Paul Q. Kucera

Publisher: N.A


Category: American prose literature

Page: N.A

View: 2127

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Author: Julianna Baggott

Publisher: btb Verlag

ISBN: 3641180961

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 6946

Harriet Wolf, eine gefeierte Bestsellerautorin, veröffentlichte einst sechs Bücher, die die Welt verschlang. Nach ihrem Tod wird gemunkelt, dass ein geheimes siebtes Manuskript existiert, das die in den sechs Romanen erzählte Liebesgeschichte zu einem romantischen Ende bringe. Erzählt von Enkelin Tilton, ihrer ungleichen Schwester Ruth sowie Eleanor, der Mutter der Mädchen, eröffnet sich dem Leser eine außergewöhnliche Familiengeschichte dreier Generationen von Frauen. Das Herz ist die Lebensgeschichte der Großmutter Harriet, die in den Romanen ihre eigene große tragische Liebe verarbeitete. Wird Tilton das Manuskript des verschollenen letzten Romans aufzuspüren und damit das Geheimnis um ihren unbekannten Großvater lösen?
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Teaching Children about the Environment with Picture Books

Author: Daniel A. Kriesberg

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

ISBN: 9781563085659

Category: Education

Page: 145

View: 3019

Describes children's books on nature and our relationship to the environment, and provides instructions for hands-on activities and projects, in areas such as life cycles, animals, climate, habitat, and protecting the environment.
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Author: Carlo Rovelli

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644000751

Category: Science

Page: 192

View: 1543

Leben wir in der Zeit oder lebt die Zeit vielleicht nur in uns? Alle theoretischen Physiker von Weltrang, die den großen und kleinen Kräften des Universums nachspüren, beschäftigen sich immer wieder mit der entscheidenden Frage, was Zeit ist. Wenn ihre großen Modelle die Zeit zur Erklärung des Elementaren nicht mehr brauchen, wie kommt es dann, dass sie für unser Leben so wichtig ist? Geht es wirklich ohne sie? Carlo Rovelli gibt in diesem Buch überraschende Antworten. Er nimmt uns mit auf eine Reise durch unsere Vorstellungen der von der Zeit und spürt ihren Regeln und Rätseln nach. Ein großes, packend geschriebenes Lese-Abenteuer, ein würdiger Nachfolger des Welt-Bestsellers "Sieben kurze Lektionen über Physik".
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