Author: Jessica McHugh

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781943720064


Page: 346

View: 7234

CHERRYWOOD LODGE IS HAUNTED, AND THANK FUCK FOR ITS GHOSTS . . . Rebecca Malone has problems. Not just the alcohol. Not just her husband's inane attempts at writing a bestselling novel, their teenage daughter's promiscuity, or her certifiable mother. Not even her lover, who wants to take her husband's place in Cherrywood Lodge, the famous estate she now calls home. Her biggest issues start the moment she discovers a chest of ancient mahjong tiles in the basement of her new house, causing her life to spin out of control with hallucinations, sexual deviances, and grisly murders. Is the mahjong game haunted? Or are Rebecca's problems part of a different game, started before she was born?
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Author: Michael Kravitz

Publisher: Book Venture Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1640693416

Category: Fiction

Page: 112

View: 2341

IN LIFE WE all meet people who bring unnecessary drama. It’s easy to complain and blame everything on others. Dealing with evil is not easy. It is to this end that I wish to dedicate this book to my brother, Barry. He recently lost his wife. They were both blessed with two sons. One son was born with multiple problems. With so many problems, many parents would give up that child and make him a ward of the state. My brother’s wife stayed home and spent day and night caring for her son. She herself developed many medical problems. With trust in God and herself, she cared for her ill son. Her son lived many years past what the doctors gave her. He finally succumbed in his twenties. My brother’s wife passed away spring of 2015. Soon after the funeral, I informed my brother that I was writing this novel. My brother’s will to go on has inspired me to finish my novel. He read each section and edited several grammatical errors. His wife was a writer, and she helped too. Through this novel I am reaching out to all for humanity and hope.
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Author: Dennis Lehane

Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG

ISBN: 3257609175

Category: Fiction

Page: 528

View: 2400

Rachel Childs hat alles, was man sich erträumt: ein Leben ohne finanzielle Sorgen, einen gutaussehenden, liebevollen Ehemann. Doch im Bruchteil einer Sekunde macht ausgerechnet dieser Mann ihr Leben zu einer Farce aus Betrug, Verrat und Gefahr. Nichts ist mehr, wie es scheint, und Rachel muss sich entscheiden: Wird sie kämpfen für das, was sie liebt, oder im Strudel einer unglaublichen Verschwörung untergehen?
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Author: Edgar A. Haine

Publisher: Associated University Presses

ISBN: 9780845348444

Category: Transportation

Page: 235

View: 1851

"This book recounts the most serious railroad accidents worldwide from 1853 to the present time. Relevant specifics of these disasters have been researched and summary narratives written. The central purpose of this volume is to record the horrendous details surrounding railroad calamities and, more importantly, to investigate, analyze, and derive beneficial knowledge about wreck causes and deduce corrective courses of action, setting forth successful principles of accident prevention that might be useful and applicable in rail operations everywhere. The ultimate purpose therefore has been to determine universal railroad safety doctrines, the application of which will lessen the frequency and severity of future rail accidents and thereby reduce death tolls, passenger and employee injuries, and the attendant financial and material losses." "Covered herein in concise form are the accounts of 70 major rail disasters in the United States and 111 train catastrophes in various foreign countries. Included for quick reference are two tabulations showing pertinent particulars for all the railroad disasters treated in this volume. The reader, if he peruses this long list of wreck narratives, will acquire a unique understanding of the widespread incident of rail accidents and, perhaps, arrive at a personal judgment on how to best further the noble cause of accident prevention. Certainly, he will gain an eye-opening view of the dreadful scope of the long-term operational misfortunes that have plagued the mighty "Iron Horse."" "More than one hundred photographs taken at the scenes of the accidents illustrate this volume." "A substantial introduction elucidates the history of railroading in relation to death-dealing mishaps, operating safeguards, railroad personnel, the human factor, the grade crossing dilemma, rail unions and worker discipline, safety research efforts, code of railroad working rules, alcohol and drug problems, the Harriman safety awards, the legendary rail cabooses, and accident prevention guidelines." "The eleven-part appendix includes a historical/statistical review of safety on the United States railroads and reports on the horrendous Louisville & Nashville Railroad hazardous materials spillage at Crestview, Florida, on 8 April 1970. Also summarized are the rail accident prevention philosophies practiced on four foreign railway systems."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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Author: Anthony J. Bianculli

Publisher: University of Delaware Press

ISBN: 0874137306

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 256

View: 5329

Volume 2 of 'Trains and Technology' is devoted to railroad cars of nineteenth-century America. Since the variety of cars used during the nineteenth century was huge, the book is divided into three sections- passenger, freight, and non-revenue cars. The easily understood, jargon-free discussions and explanations throughout the book are accompanied by over 225 illustrations and accurate scale drawings of the various equipment.
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Author: Henry P. Mitchell

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595235220

Category: Fiction

Page: 148

View: 5427

On the tenth anniversary of 911, America celebrated its security. It had taken a decade to fight terrorism and build the Fortress at tremendous cost and sacrifice, but America was now secure in its belief that there would never be another September 11, 2001 - ever again. The American Federation succeeded in implementing a strategy for survival, and its people would be safe and secure. But it came at a great price. The losses would have major historical ramifications. This is no longer the USA and there is no turning back. This is a retrospective looking back on 911 as a historical landmark that created a point of departure and change for the world as we knew it. This was not about a single incident or a regional war. It was the culmination of many years of hate and rage that exploded into an era of global terrorism that ultimately had to be confronted. 911 was the “wake up call”. America responded and the world would never be the same again. This is a work of fiction. It was based on a variety of factual information, events and historical figures. However, it also includes speculation, opinion and imagination. The book provides a realistic and objective perspective on global terrorism and explores the implications and possible outcomes. Its assertions and scenarios are controversial, but not necessarily desired or correct. However, they are possibilities. Much of it did happen and more of it could – but it doesn’t have to.
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Author: Craig Sanders

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253342164

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 276

View: 403

The passenger train has long held a special place in the imagination of Americans, and Indiana was once a bustling passenger train crossroads. Limiteds, Locals, and Expresses in Indiana, 1838–1971 brings to life the countless locals, accommodation trains, and secondary expresses that Hoosiers patronized during the Golden Age of the passenger train. Craig Sanders gives us a comprehensive history of intercity passenger service in Indiana, from the time railroads began to develop in the state in the mid-19th century through May 1, 1971, when Amtrak began operations. Each chapter summarizes the history and development of one railroad, discusses the factors that shaped that railroad's passenger service—such as prolonged financial difficulties, competition, and the influence of a strong leader—and concludes with a detailed account of its passenger operations in Indiana. Sixteen maps, 87 photographs, and other evocative illustrations supplement Sanders's text.
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Author: Katy Madison

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 0373297874

Category: Fiction

Page: 283

View: 6896

27-year-old fur trader seeks wife and helpmate." Expecting a plain, dependable woman to reply to his advert, what Jack Trudeau actually gets is pampered fashion plate Olivia Hansson. There's no denying she's pretty, but patently ill-equipped for life in his simple log cabin—with its one bed—in the wild Rocky Mountains. Olivia must make a success of her new life. But how to convince her skeptical husband that she is capable? She doesn't cook and only knows how to grow flowers, not practical vegetables! Undaunted, Olivia sets out to win his grudging admiration—and his closely protected heart. Wild West Weddings Mail-order brides for three hard-working, hard-living men!
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The Story of the Rebirth of

Author: Lee Pace

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 1469607913

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 336

View: 5675

One of the finest golf courses in America in the early 1900s was the revered Pinehurst No. 2, designed by the legendary Donald Ross and first opened in 1907. Physically and mentally demanding, the course gave players options on every hole and required them to envision and execute recovery shots from the sandy perimeters and the pine forests as well as think creatively around the intricate greens. As a result, No. 2 became a favorite of the nation's top amateurs and professionals. Unfortunately, a modernization of the course over the last four decades stripped it of much of its character. In The Golden Age of Pinehurst, Lee Pace chronicles the breathtaking restoration of No. 2 from its recent slick and monochromatic presentation back to a natural potpourri of hardpan sand, wire grass, and Sandhills pine needles. The restored No. 2--accessible for amateur play, yet challenging enough for the professional--once again stands apart for its beauty, strategic appeal, and Old World flavor.
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Author: Colson Whitehead

Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG

ISBN: 3446257748

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 8989

Cora ist nur eine von unzähligen Schwarzen, die auf den Baumwollplantagen Georgias schlimmer als Tiere behandelt werden. Alle träumen von der Flucht – doch wie und wohin? Da hört Cora von der Underground Railroad, einem geheimen Fluchtnetzwerk für Sklaven. Über eine Falltür gelangt sie in den Untergrund und es beginnt eine atemberaubende Reise, auf der sie Leichendieben, Kopfgeldjägern, obskuren Ärzten, aber auch heldenhaften Bahnhofswärtern begegnet. Jeder Staat, den sie durchquert, hat andere Gesetze, andere Gefahren. Wartet am Ende wirklich die Freiheit? Colson Whiteheads Roman ist eine virtuose Abrechnung damit, was es bedeutete und immer noch bedeutet, schwarz zu sein in Amerika.
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The Epic Story of the American Railroad

Author: Christian Wolmar

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd

ISBN: 0857897799

Category: History

Page: 300

View: 712

In the 1830s, The United States underwent a second revolution. The opening of the Baltimore & Ohio line, the first American railroad, set in motion a process which, by the end of the century, would enmesh the vast country in a latticework of railroad lines, small-town stations and magisterial termini, built and controlled the biggest corporations in America. By the middle of the twentieth century, however, as the automobile and the aeroplane came to dominate American journey-making, the historic importance of the railroads began to be erased from America's hearts and minds. In The Great Railway Revolution, Christian Wolmar tells us the extraordinary one-hundred-and-eighty-year story of the rise, fall and ultimate shattering of the greatest of all American endeavours, of technological triumph and human tragedy, of visionary pioneers and venal and rapacious railway barons. He also argues that while America has largely disowned this heritage, now is the time to celebrate, reclaim and reinstate it. The growth of the US railroads was much more than just a revolution in mode, speed and convenience. They united the far-flung components of a vast and disparate country and supercharged the economic development that fuelled its rise to world-power status. America was created by its railroads and the massive expansion of trade, industry and freedom of communication that they engendered came to be an integral part of the American dream itself.
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Author: Rachel Rosenfield Lafo,Nicholas J. Capasso,Jennifer Uhrhane,DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park

Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press

ISBN: 1558493646

Category: Art

Page: 264

View: 7644

The art of Boston from the last half of the twentieth centuries is surveyed in a beautifully illustrated overview, featuring extensive illustrations from some of the best artists in Boston. (Fine Arts)
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Author: Frank Cheney,Anthony Mitchell Sammarco

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 143962741X

Category: Transportation

Page: 128

View: 2434

The Boston Elevated Railway broke ground in 1899 for a new transit service that opened in 1901, providing a seven-mile elevated railway that connected Dudley Street Station in Roxbury and Sullivan Square Station in Charlestown, two huge multilevel terminals. When the EL, as it was popularly known, opened for service, it provided an unencumbered route high above the surging traffic of Boston, until it went underground through the city. The new trains of the EL were elegant coaches of African mahogany, bronze hardware, plush upholstered seats, plate glass windows, and exteriors of aurora red with silver gilt striping and slate grey roofs. They stopped at ten equally distinguished train stations, designed by the noted architect Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow. All of this elegance, let alone convenience, could be had for the price of a five-cent ticket. The popularity of the EL was instantaneous. The railway continued to provide transportation service high above Boston’s streets until 1987, when it was unfortunately ended after 86 years of elevated operation. Today, the squealing wheels of the Elevated trains, the rocking coaches, the fascinating views, and the fanciful copper-roofed stations of the line are a missing part of the character of Boston, when one could ride high above the city for a nickel.
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Author: Bruce Nash,Allan Zullo

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0671687662

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 196

View: 6329

A compilation of baseball's most embarrassing moments records the most outrageous blunders made by players, owners, managers, umpires, and fans
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Author: Various Authors

Publisher: Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing

ISBN: 9781943720163


Page: 104

View: 9680

Issue #24 contains Horror Stories by Sarah Szabo, Gordon White, Jonathan Balog, Adrian Ludens, Shannon Lawrence, Matt Andrew, and Joshua D. Moyes With Columns by George Lea and Jay Wilburn And an excerpt from "The Train Derails in Boston" by Jessica McHugh!
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Author: Kristopher Triana

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781940250250

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 4888

Art comes in many forms. The human body is a canvas, and as an undertaker, Harold considers himself an artist. His expertise is bringing the appearance of life back to the dead for their wakes. But when his ex-lovers start arriving in body bags, Harold believes he's receiving a message to create a new masterpiece. Rutger and Kandi also make their art with flesh. The duo found fame in the golden age of pornography, releasing huge hits in the '80s and living extravagant lives. Now under the pressure of a new market, one that craves more vile and taboo movies, Rutger hires Kandi once again. This time the job is to create the most shocking porno imaginable. They even draw in two curious teenagers, Toby and Jessica, whose cabin vacation has landed them in the wrong place at the wrong time. Attracted by all of these creations, a mysterious red dust surrounds these unique artists, bringing their worlds together. "I never knew something so twisted could turn me on so much!" -Tim Morse of Anal Cunt "Triana's words drip with grisly elegance. Even when he turned my stomach, I couldn't help craving more." -Jessica McHugh, author of The Train Derails in Boston "Triana delivers a glorious combination of sex, guts, and unexplainable supernatural strangeness." -Chad Stroup, author of Secrets of the Weird
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Wirklich wissenschaftliche Antworten auf absurde hypothetische Fragen

Author: Randall Munroe

Publisher: Albrecht Knaus Verlag

ISBN: 364114311X

Category: Nature

Page: 368

View: 6211

Endlich erfindet wieder jemand das Pop-Science-Erklärbuch neu! Wenn einen neuen Science Cartoon postet, vibriert das Internet. Sein Blog What if, auf dem der Physiker Randall Munroe jede Woche scheinbar unsinnige Fragen mit exakter Wissenschaft und genialen Strichmännchen beantwortet, ist Kult. Wie lange würde es dauern, bis wir merken würden, dass sich der Erdumfang verändert? Was wäre, wenn der gesamte Niederschlag in einem – quasi omnidirektionalen - Überschall-Regentropfen fiele? Endlich auch als Buch und endlich auf Deutsch!
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Author: Dianne Day

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 0307417980

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 1547

Autumn 1908 finds Caroline Fremont Jones and her partner in love and work, Michael Kossoff, traveling incognito, riding the rails from San Francisco to Boston. The railroad hired the sleuthing couple to investigate a series of accidents. But before they can solve the mystery, they become victims of the worst mishap yet when their train blows up near Salt Lake City. Was it a callous act of vandalism-or something even more sinister? Michael isn't about to let his injuries slow down his search for answers...or for Fremont, who has not been seen since the accident-dead or alive. Fortunately, the badly injured Fremont was rescued from the train's wreckage. But her unlikely savior, the leader of a breakaway Mormon sect, has hidden her away in his remote wilderness community. It seems that Melancthon Pratt has big plans for Fremont...not the least of which is for her to become his sixth wife. Now Fremont's only hope is that her genius for artifice will help her devise an escape. That is, unless Michael, shadowed by an old nemesis and a mysterious stranger, can find her before a heartless killer claims both their lives. From the Paperback edition.
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