A Study of Wayang Kulit with Performance Scripts and Puppet Designs

Author: Beth Osnes

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786457929

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 204

View: 543

This comprehensive book explores the Malaysian form of shadow puppet theatre, highlighting its unique nature within the context of Southeast Asian and Asian shadow puppet theatre traditions. Intended for a Western audience not familiar with Asian performance and practices, the text serves as a bridge to this highly imaginative form. An in-depth examination of the Malaysian puppet tradition is provided, as well as performance scripts, designs for puppet characters, instructions for creating a shadow screen, and easy directions for performance. Another section then considers the practical, pedagogical, and ethical issues that arise in the teaching of this art.
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150 Page Lined Notebook/Diary

Author: Cool Image

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781539521259


Page: N.A

View: 1381

A life worth living is worth recording, and what better place than this journal? These lined pages crave your scribbled notes, thoughts, ideas, experiences, and notions. Fill the lines, remember your life, don't lose your ideas, and keep reaching higher to live the best life you can. It all starts here, folks, but you'll need your own pen or pencil. Write on!
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Author: Mujiyat,Koko Sondari

Publisher: Direktorat Jenderal Kebudayaan



Page: 88

View: 3585

Buku ini membahas tentang salah satu budaya bangsa, untuk meningkatkan penyebarluasan informasi mengenai budaya bangsa melalui Album Seni Wayang Banjar kepada masyarakat, khususnya generasi penerus. Oleh karena itu kami sangat gembira dengan terbitnya album hasil kegiatan Proyek Pemanfaatan Kebudayaan ini sebagai salah satu upaya memperluas cakrawala budaya.
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Author: Gea O.F Parikesit,Indraswari Kusumaningtyas

Publisher: UGM PRESS

ISBN: 6023862675

Category: Art

Page: 172

View: 2814

This book is divided into three main parts and an epilogue. The first part of the book provides a context for the readers to understand the underlying background of our work. Chapter 1 gives a brief overview about wayang kulit, whereas second chapter introduces the field of digital humanities that has particularly touched the art of wayang kulit. The second part of the book is focused on the engineering design in wayang kulit, particularly related to the methods we developed to display 3D shadow images. The third chapter qualitatively explains the phenomenon of colour-based stereoscopic shadows, which form the basis of 3D shadow images. In the fourth chapter we start to describe quantitatively the optical methods to synthesize the 3D shadow images. In the fifth chapter, we share our experiences from two art exhibitions, i.e. the Jogja ArtWeeks in 2015 and the 'Wayang and New Technology' in Tembi Rumah Budaya in 2016. The sixth chapter explores the quantitative methods to digitally synthesize the 3D shadow images, which opens up new possibilities in art performances, where dhalangs can combine real and virtual 3D shadow images. The third part of the book is focused on the engineering analysis in wayang kulit. In the seventh chapter, we start with the analysis of the puppet shapes. Afterwards, in the eighth chapter we use the 3D shadow images described in Chapters 3–6 to quantitatively measure the pose of the puppets. The same method can also be extended to analyse the puppet movements, which is explained in the ninth chapter. This quantitative analysis of the puppet movements is a continuation of the research pioneered by Prof. Roger A. Long in 1979, on the puppet movements in the Ngayogyakarta wayang kulit. Meanwhile, in the tenth chapter, we analyse the audiovisual patterns in wayang kulit performances. These patterns may become relevant, not only for engineers who are interested in developing interactive artworks, but also for scholars in the field of digital humanities who are interested to investigate the change of wayang kulit performances over space and time. [UGM Press, UGM, Gadjah Mada University Press]
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Coloring Pages for Kids and Kids at Heart

Author: Hands-On Art History

Publisher: Hands-On Art History

ISBN: 9781948344296

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 54

View: 7439

Wayang kulit is a form of puppet theater art developed over centuries in Indonesia, Java, Bali, and in other areas of Southeast Asia. In these dramatic performances, shadows are cast with the puppets themselves. Kids of all ages will love to decorate these 25 coloring pages of shadow puppets with markers, crayons, or colored pencils.
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die phantastische Welt des indonesischen Figurentheaters

Author: Walter Angst

Publisher: N.A


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 272

View: 5127

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An International Encyclopedia

Author: Beth Osnes,Sam Gill

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0874367956

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 439

View: 8437

A groundbreaking, cross-cultural reference work exploring the diversity of expression found in rituals, festivals, and performances, uncovering acting techniques and practices from around the world. * A–Z entries span every region of the world and cover diverse topics from Ireland's Abbey Theatre to China's Zhang Mu (rod-puppet theater) * Beautiful illustrations include masks used in classical Greek dramas, an advertisement for a performance of Punch and Judy, the humorous puppet characters, and photographs of actors, performances, and ceremonies from Monty Python to young Balinese dancers performing the Legong dance
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Mythos und Provokation im indonesischen Schattentheater

Author: Iris Dittrich

Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften

ISBN: 9783631348758

Category: Shadow shows

Page: 195

View: 4244

Das javanische Schattentheater wayang kulit gilt als der Inbegriff javanischer Kunst und Ethik. Anhand einer historischen Analyse der wayang kulit Rezeptionsgeschichte kann jedoch gezeigt werden, dass der Stellenwert des wayang kulit als -klassische- Theaterform zum grossen Teil Produkt der in der Kolonialzeit entstandenen und von der kolonialen Elite weiterentwickelten Interpretationen ist. Wayang kulit wird in einen historischen und sozio-politischen Rahmen gestellt, um zu analysieren, wie die wissenschaftlichen Kategorien Europas das heutige Verstandnis vom wayang kulit gepragt und verandert haben."
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Göttliche Schatten

Author: Thomas Moog

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783950321470

Category: Java (Indonesia)

Page: 301

View: 9845

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Author: Stephen Backshall

Publisher: Rough Guides

ISBN: 9781858289915

Category: Travel

Page: 1113

View: 9193

This newly designed edition includes a full-colour section at the front of the guide featuring the authors'' selected highlights of the country. Throughout there is in-depth coverage of all the sights from Bali''s stunning white beaches and temples tothe enigmatic ruins of Java and the jungles of Sumatra. There are first-hand recommendations of the best places to surf, dive and trek and comprehensive listings of the best-value accommodation and eateries for all budgets. A detailed contexts section provides the reader with informed background on Indonesia''s history, religions and music.
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A Performance Collection of Wayang Kulit at the Museum of International Folk Art

Author: Felicia Katz-Harris

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: 9780295990743

Category: Architecture

Page: 200

View: 3046

Indonesianwayang kulit(shadow puppet) performance is one of the oldest and greatest storytelling traditions in the world and lies close to the heart of Javanese culture. These flat puppets, made from water buffalo hide, are elaborately decorated and perforated to cast spectacular shadows when used in performances that are usually based on classical literature with contemporary issues incorporated into particular scenes, and are always accompanied by a gamelon orchestra. An art of and for the people,wayang kulitremains a popular and significant form of cultural expression to this day. This book describes a collection of gold and bronze leaf Surakarta-style wayang kulit including over 200 wayang characters, which are identified by name and briefly introduced, providing a glimpse inside the puppet box. Felicia Katz-Harrisis the curator of Asian and Middle Eastern folk art at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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Author: James R. BRANDON

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674875876

Category: Social Science

Page: 370

View: 3920

An astonishing variety of theatrical performances may be seen today in the eight countries of Southeast Asiaâe"Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. James Brandon spent more than three years observing and interviewing troup members in these countries. He describes twenty-five of the most important theatrical forms, grouping them according to their origins as folk, court, popular, or Western theatre. He considers the theatre from four perspectives: its origins, its art, its role as a social institution, and its function as a medium of communication and propaganda. Brandon's wide-ranging and lively discussion points out interesting similarities and differences among the countries, and many of his superb photographs are included here.
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