How the World's Worst Violence is Ignored

Author: Virgil Hawkins

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754675068

Category: Political Science

Page: 234

View: 2864

Many of the world's deadliest conflicts are largely ignored - becoming off-the-radar 'stealth conflicts'. Virgil Hawkins reveals and explains the highly distorted and assimilated responses to foreign conflicts by major actors in the world. He examines the
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Mexico's Foreign and Security Policy Post-September 11th

Author: Loretta Bondi

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 9780975332535

Category: Political Science

Page: 118

View: 4137

"Beyond the Border and Across the Atlantic" chronicles crucial choices and defining moments of Mexicos unique experiment in the international foreign and security arena, and describes President Foxs fascinating rollercoaster of successes and failures.
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Author: World Economic Forum

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199770999

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 696

View: 9006

The annual Global Competitiveness Report is widely recognized as the world's leading cross-country comparison of data and information relating to economic competitiveness and growth. Over the years, the Report has become the most authoritative and comprehensive assessment of the comparative strengths and weaknesses of national economies throughout the world. The World Economic Forum continues its tradition of excellence with The Global Competitiveness Report 2002-2003, which provides the most updated and recent data, rankings and analysis of 75 industrialized and emerging economies and the latest thinking and research from prominent academics and international institution leaders on global competitiveness. This year's report begins by presenting the widely quoted global competitive index that really comprises two indices-one for growth and one for productivity. It then provides global and regional analyses, with examinations of the competitive landscapes of Africa., Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America. Essays on a wide range of special topics follow, including national innovative capacity, governance, foreign direct investment, and trade performance. The Report concludes with detailed country profiles, data presentation and an exhaustive survey of senior business executives that touches on business conditions, infrastructure, the character of the regulatory regime, the quality of government, organized labor, corruption and tax evasion. The Global Competitiveness Report 2002-2003 provides essential information for business leaders, government decision-makers and for academics to examine the critical challenges facing a multitude of the world's economies.
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Events of 2001, November 2000-November 2001

Author: Human Rights Watch (Organization),Human Rights Watch Staff

Publisher: Human Rights Watch

ISBN: 9781564322678

Category: Civil rights

Page: 670

View: 5913

Human Rights Watch is increasingly recognized as the world's leader in building a stronger human rights culture, and their annual World Report-the most probing annual review of human rights developments available anywhere-will now be published by Seven Stories Press and available in the trade for the first time. The backbone of the report consists of a series of concise overviews of the most pressing human rights issues in countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, with particular focus on the role-positive or negative-played in each country by key domestic and international actors. The report is written in straightforward, nontechnical language and prioritizes events in the most affected countries during the year. Release of the report each year in January is a major news event covered heavily by newspapers of record in the United States and around the world. These news stories and mention of the World Report continue throughout the year.
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Toward a Mine-free World

Author: N.A

Publisher: Human Rights Watch

ISBN: 9781564322876

Category: Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction

Page: 826

View: 7193

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Author: Human Rights Watch

Publisher: Human Rights Watch

ISBN: 9781564322852

Category: Civil rights

Page: 558

View: 4002

The papers in this volume cover a wide range of social, economic and ideological aspects of the culture of early Anglo-Saxon England, from an interdisciplinary perspective. The status of Anglo-Saxondom and Englishness as cultural and ethnic categories are a recurrent theme, while other topics include social and political structures, farming in medieval England, the spiritual world of the Anglo-Saxons, and the reconstruction of settlement.
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A Contested Arena

Author: Verena Beittinger-Lee

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135247609

Category: Political Science

Page: 298

View: 4391

(Un) Civil Society and Political Change in Indonesia provides critical analysis of Indonesia’s civil society and its impact on the country’s democratization efforts that does not only take the classical, pro-democratic actors of civil society into account but also portrays uncivil groups and their growing influence on political processes. Beittinger-Lee offers a revised categorization of civil society, including a model to define the sphere of ‘uncivil society’ more closely and to identify several subcategories of uncivil society. This is the first book to portrays various uncivil groups in Indonesia, ranging from vigilantes, militias, paramilitaries, youth groups, civil security task forces and militant Islamic (and other religious) groups, ethnonationalist groups to terrorist organizations and groups belonging to organized crime. Moreover, it provides the reader with an overview of Indonesia’s history, its political developments after the democratic opening, main improvements under the various presidents since Suharto’s fall, constitutional amendments and key reforms in human rights legislation. This book will be of interest to upper level undergraduates, postgraduates and academics in political science and Southeast Asian studies.
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Towards an Equitable Information Society

Author: Soumitra Dutta,Bruno Lanvin,Fiona Paua

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195173611

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 308

View: 5304

The Global information Technology is published by the World Economics Forum where it is a special project within the framework of the Global Competitiveness Programme. The GITR is the result of a collaboration between the World Economics Forum, infoDev and INSEAD. Firs published in 2001, The global Information Technology Report has become the most authoritative and comprehensive assessment of the networked readiness of national economies araund the world. The Report has since expanded its coverage this year to 102 countries, The Report, which captures new insights and best serve as a tollo for policymakers and business leaders. The overall goal of the Reports is to establish a process whereby key stakeholders con evaluate progress on a continual basis.
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Historical and Comparative Perspectives

Author: Milton J. Lewis,Kerrie L. MacPherson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134240554

Category: History

Page: 304

View: 8064

The Asia-Pacific region has not only the greatest concentration of population but is, arguably, the future economic centre of the world. Epidemiological transition in the region is occurring much faster than it did in the West and many countries face the emerging problem of chronic diseases at the same time as they continue to grapple with communicable diseases. This book explores how disease patterns and health problems in Asia and the Pacific, and collective responses to them, have been shaped over time by cultural, economic, social, demographic, environmental and political factors. With fourteen chapters, each devoted to a country in the region, the authors take a comparative and historical approach to the evolution of public health and preventive medicine, and offer a broader understanding of the links in a globalizing world between health on the one hand and culture, economy, polity and society on the other. Public Health in Asia and the Pacific presents the importance of the non-medical context in the history of human disease, as well as the significance of disease in the larger histories of the region. It will appeal to scholars and policy makers in the fields of public health, the history of medicine, and those with a wider interest in the Asia-Pacific region.
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How Much is theprivate Sector Affected?

Author: Christoph Trebesch

Publisher: International Monetary Fund

ISBN: 1451916124

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 37

View: 8785

This paper proposes a new empirical measure of cooperative versus conflictual crisis resolution following sovereign default and debt distress. The index of government coerciveness is presented as a proxy for excusable versus inexcusable default behaviour and used to evaluate the costs of default for the domestic private sector, in particular its access to international debt markets. Our findings indicate that unilateral, aggressive sovereign debt policies lead to a strong decline in corporate access to external finance (loans and bond issuance). We conclude that coercive government actions towards external creditors can have strong signalling effects with negative spillovers on domestic firms. "Good faith" debt renegotiations may be crucial to minimize the domestic costs of sovereign defaults.
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Author: Diana Vinding

Publisher: IWGIA

ISBN: 8790730747

Category: Political Science

Page: 448

View: 3338

This book stands alone in its comprehensive presentation of current information affecting indigenous peoples in different regions throughout the world. With contributions from both indigenous as well as non-indigenous scholars and activists, it provides an overview of recent developments that have impacted indigenous peoples in North America, Central America, South America, Australia and the Pacific, Asia, Africa, and elsewhere. The Indigenous World 2002-2003 contains the most recent information available on international human rights efforts in addition to movements and changes in the indigenous organizational landscape. This book serves as an update on the state of affairs of indigenous peoples around the world by region and country. It also updates the human rights processes and other international processes such as the african Commision on Human and People's Rights. Diana Vinding is an anthropologist and project coordinator at the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA).
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The Ford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller Foundations in the Rise of American Power

Author: Inderjeet Parmar

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231517939

Category: Political Science

Page: 368

View: 9545

Inderjeet Parmar reveals the complex interrelations, shared mindsets, and collaborative efforts of influential public and private organizations in the building of American hegemony. Focusing on the involvement of the Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie foundations in U.S. foreign affairs, Parmar traces the transformation of America from an "isolationist" nation into the world's only superpower, all in the name of benevolent stewardship. Parmar begins in the 1920s with the establishment of these foundations and their system of top-down, elitist, scientific giving, which focused more on managing social, political, and economic change than on solving modern society's structural problems. Consulting rare documents and other archival materials, he recounts how the American intellectuals, academics, and policy makers affiliated with these organizations institutionalized such elitism, which then bled into the machinery of U.S. foreign policy and became regarded as the essence of modernity. America hoped to replace Britain in the role of global hegemon and created the necessary political, ideological, military, and institutional capacity to do so, yet far from being objective, the Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie foundations often advanced U.S. interests at the expense of other nations. Incorporating case studies of American philanthropy in Nigeria, Chile, and Indonesia, Parmar boldly exposes the knowledge networks underwriting American dominance in the twentieth century.
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The Biennial Report On Freshwater Resources

Author: Peter H. Gleick,William C.G. Burns,Elizabeth L. Chalecki,Michael Cohen,Katherine Kao Cushing,Amar S. Mann,Rachel Reyes,Gary H. Wolff,Arlene K. Wong

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 9781597262798

Category: Nature

Page: 310

View: 8446

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Weltinnenpolitik und die Realität von Bürgerkriegen

Author: Tobias Debiel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783801203337

Category: Civil war

Page: 309

View: 1951

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An Introduction for Students and Health Professionals

Author: Penny Webb,Chris Bain,Sandi Pirozzo

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521546614

Category: Medical

Page: 355

View: 5605

This is an accessible, easily readable, and modern introduction to epidemiology for students of medicine and public health. It combines a strong public health perspective and rationale with modern methodological insights in a coherent and straight forward way. It emphasises the fundamental principles common to all areas of epidemiology and, unlike many other texts, integrates both public health and clinical epidemiology and the study of infectious and chronic diseases. It aims to give health professionals a good understanding of the methods and potential problems underlying epidemiological data and reports but also provides a thorough introduction for would-be epidemiologists. The 'nuts and bolts' of epidemiology are embedded in the wider health perspective and the concluding chapter explores future possibilities and emphasises the integration of the various strands of the discipline. The basic messages are reinforced through numerous examples and questions, with answers provided.
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Author: World Health Organization

Publisher: WHO Regional Office Europe

ISBN: 9789241595261

Category: Medical

Page: 82

View: 4615

There has been international concern over the association of kava products and serious hepatotoxicity. Regulatory action banning these products in Europe has been controversial. The objective of this report is to investigate the possibility of hepatotoxicity with kava. It contains a description of kava and provides safety information as well as information on regulatory issues, conclusions and recommendations by the Committee appointed to handle this enquiry.
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